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It's been a while/How do I use MAME?

Obviously, I took an unexpected break a long time back. Now I have returned to recieve help. I would like to know how to use MAME. I've tried and tried, but every time I try to play a game, it claims some ROM or CHD or CMD files are missing. I've looked up walkthroughs on how to use it, but everyone uses MAME Plus, which somehow became impossible to find. If you could walk me through on how to use MAME or send me a download link for MAME Plus and tell me how to use that, that would be fantastic. Please help me.

No One Cares What I Have To Say... D*: (pLeAsE cOmMeNt!)

I'm sorry, for a while I was gone and for even longer I couldn't access my account. I had some stuff to say and I didn't get a chance to say it. Here we go.

-My Thoughts on the Wii U-

Let me be honest here, I think the Wii U is going to be freakin AWESOME! I know it's gimmicky and weird, but Nintendo now has tremendous third party support. They never had that with the Wii. On top of that, we're getting a new Smash Bros. game not just for the Wii U, but for the 3DS too! Oh yeah, and Wii U buyers are getting games like Darksiders 2 and Ninja Gaiden F*cking 3! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!

-Predictions for the next Smash Bros. Game-

I think that there will be a better stage editor and more vibrant and colorful characters and stages. They've already said that you will be able to use your Miis to fight. That will be hilarious! What if you could to the voicework for your own Mii? That would be epic, though I'm sure it would end up being hideously profane for many people. I can picture it, a third of the time I do a smash attack I hear "F*CK OFF!" I can already list a few characters that I'd love to see in it. I'd like to see in the game. Saki from Sin and Punishment would be freakin awesome! I was disappointed when he just appeared as an item. it's time to correct that mistake. Make him playable! Mega Man would also be fantastic! And he was there in the NES era, so there's no excuse for Capcom not to allow Nintendo to make use of him, except for the fact that Keiji Inafune left. I'm just saying, Mega Man would be one of the best combatants in the game. I'd also love to see Simon or Richter Belmont from Castlevania. We already have one Konami character, why not add another? Everyone knows Simon, and Richter was the only one to defeat Dracula and sit in his chair! Might as well have broken into the count's wine cellar and screwed all of his vampire maids. One of them can be an alternate color because they both look very alike. Expecially looking at Simon's Super Castlevania IV sprites and comparing them with Richter's Dracula X sprites, or looking at Simon's concept art from Chronicles and comparing them to Richter's SotN concept art. You know who Nintendo should bring back after nearly 20 F*CKIN YEARS? Someone from a game made with Squaresoft a long time ago? 90s-ish? You know? GENO FROM SUPER MARIO RPG! YEAH! Why not? He'd be great! They should also include awesome tracks from each character's respective games! I got stages for these guys too! Dracula's Castle for Simon/Richter, Wily's Castle for Mega Man, Tokyo from the first few levels of Sin and Punishment, and some location from Super Mario RPG for Geno. Okay, I haven't completely thought this through, but it'll be awesome!

-Crap I've been playing-

Games I've been playing include, but are not limited to: Brink, inFamous, Devil may Cry 3, Samurai Warriors 2, the No More Heroes games, MadWorld, and varying emulator games, mostly for Super Nintendo.

-Crap I've been watching-

Films and shows I've been watching include, but are not limited to: Silence of the Lambs, the original True Grit, Planet Terror, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Soul Eater, and whatever's on TV at the time.

What have you guys been doing? Again, PLEASE COMMENT! I LOVE WHAT YOU ALL HAVE TO SAY!

Birthday Beatings!

Yep, it's my birthday this week. On April 21st, 16 years ago Thursday, I emerged into this world that even after all this time still makes no sense! Now I'm going to do something silly for this occasion. I'm either going to work on completing certain games in my collection that I feel I should beat and you get to pick which one I work on the hardest, or I will try to kill as many players online as I possibly can, and I will count my kills. And YOU get to vote on this silly celebration which I should do!

Games I will try to beat:

Devil May Cry 3 (Mission 5, Much Grinding Necessary!)

Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Very Likely Because I'm Close To Beating It.)

Resident Evil 2 (Still In The Police Station)

Kingdom Hearts (No Clue Where To Go.)

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (I'm Not Close At All In This One.)

Super Castlevania IV (I'm In The Clock Tower, VERY CLOSE!)

Sin and Punishment (FINAL BOSS! VERY HARD!)

Borderlands (Most Likely Because I'm Playing It Now.)

Final Fantasy VII (Where The F*ck Do I Go? I Got Put In Prison!)

Ninja Gaiden Sigma (I'm Failing On The Second Alma Fight, Isn't That Sad?)

Games I will play to pwn as many people as possible:

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (I will get good at this game!)

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger (This one will give me kills more slowly.)

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Because MW2 has too many hackers.)

Lost Planet 2 (Cause I can)

Uncharted 2 (Cause It's Awesome)

Dead Rising 2 (I can either count the zombies or the players, which do you think?)

Team Fortress 2 (Because I like it better than CS:S)


Fun With Emulators!

Well, I've been messing around with emulators for the past week, and I've had my ups and downs with these things. Let's discuss what I've been through.

NES Emulator: Thankfully, I've had few issues with my NES Emulator. The one I use is called RockNES, and it works perfectly. Castlevania works fine, Contra works fine, Ninja Gaiden and Final Fantasy both work fine. It's all good with this one.

SNES Emulator: The emulator is called Snes9x. So far, it's worked great too. I have Final Fantasy II & III (or IV & VI) and III works fine. Haven't tried II yet. I have Star Fox and it works perfectly as well. Killer Instinct works fine, but I feel that I'd have an easier time playing on Super Nintendo while smashing the controller against my ass than playing with a keyboard. I also have a Japanese RPG called Tales of Phantasia, the first in Namco's prestigious Tales series. That one works great too.

GBA Emulator: This is where I've had some problems. I've tried the Megaman Zero games, and they work fine except that it's very difficult to play a fast-paced action game using a keyboard. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga didn't work. It just turned into a graphical glitchy mess of ass past the start screen. I got Metroid Fusion and that worked absolutely fine. Street Fighter Alpha 3 didn't work either. I got an F-Zero game that was only released in Japan. That one, surprisingly, works fine as well. And most of the text is in English, so I could easily navigate the menus. The music's awesome in that one too. I also tried Custom Robo GX, also a Japanese game, only I couldn't figure out how to save the game, and I couldn't understand the story becuase the whole game was in Japanese. Also, every character looked really creepy in that game. Lastly, and most importantly, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. At first, aside from some glitches with limbs on the bosses, the game seemed to work just fine, but after beating the Great Armor boss, I was supposed to get an item that allowed me to double jump. However, after trying to get the item, it flew away! This game is most definitely self-aware. It simply REFUSES to give me the item, and I've NEVER had that happen!

So, I've had quite an adventure involving emulators. Unfortunately, I never found a working Nintendo 64 or DS emulator. I tried a DS emulator called DeSmuMe, but I couldn't make it work. Anyone know how I can make that work? Maybe there are other emulators I can use? It's more difficult for me to find good emulators because I'm a Mac user. Any suggestions? What do you think of all this crap?

I Got To Try A 3DS!

Yep, someone at school brought in a 3DS and let me play it. It was FREAKIN AMAZING! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but really, the 3D effect works very well. The game I played was Super Street Fighter IV 3D. Yeah, a kickass Street Fighter game you can take on the go! Okay SFA3 on GBA was great too, but this kicks more ass! I only have two complaints, one about the console itself, and one about the game. My complaint about the 3DS, you can't see the effect unless you look at the screen straight on, which is fine if you're alone, but if you have people trying to watch over your shoulder, they're obviously not going to see the effect as well (It looks trippy from an angle.). My complaint about the game, you can map special moves to the touch screen. You're probably asking, "Why is this bad?" Well, I come from a generation where you need to get to know your character's moves and spend time getting to know how to use them. If you can just tap the screen and do a move, it takes away that whole experience. Just a personal thing. Otherwise, the game was sweet, and the console itself works very well.

Have any of you guys tried the 3DS yet? What do you think?

The Story So Far: Final Fantasy XIII

Well, it happened. I decided to rent Final Fantasy XIII. Let me begin by saying that it's really not that bad. There are some things that I really like about the game. That said, I do have a fair amount of complaints. So let's look at everything by category.

Story: The story is actually kind of interesting. Well, more or less. Apparently, all of the main characters about an hour into the game become cursed and become people with magic powers known as l'Cie. The game makes it very clear what's going on and what's what, so that's a positive thing. Overall: Positive.

Graphics: The game looks absolutely beautiful on the PS3. I am incredibly impressed with the visuals in this game. You can tell that the graphics were a major focus when they were making this game. To truly understand, you have to see it for yourself. Overall: Positive.

Characters: Oh boy, here we go. The main character in the story is a woman known as Lightning. Lightning is very outspoken, and really doesn't seem to value the lives of her teammates. I really don't think she cares whether or not they get owned. Lightning is a b!tch There's a guy in a trenchcoat named Snow. He's pretty cool so far, but he doesn't seem to pay any attention to what anybody is saying. He calls himself a hero, but I think he's overestimating himself. The guy with the afro, Sazh, is all right too. Now we get to Vanille. Vanille is a young girl, an AIRHEADED young girl. Vanille is an idiot and her voice kind of annoys me. Well, okay, she's an optimist. Every game needs an optimist. Now we get to the pus... er Hope. Hope is an emo and he's afraid of everything that comes within 50 feet of him. I hate him. So, personality-wise, I dislike 2/6 of the playable characters. I haven't met the last one yet. Overall: Negative (because of Hope).

Gameplay: Okay, the battle system is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too simple. You just pick a few moves and watch it go, that's it. I does remind me of FFVII, but even FFVII seems better compared to this. At least in FFVII you control all of the characters! And what happened to Limit Breaks? Huh? What the hell happened to those? The Paradigm Shift thing works fine. Having different roles gives you more ways to take on enemies, and that's always nice. The upgrade system is kind of weird. Can we just have talent points and pick new abilities. See, now I'm bringing up a good RPG when trying to talk about a mediocre one. I'm talking about World of Warcraft's levelling system. From level 10, you get talent points and pick a skill tree to go through. Why can't we do that? Overall: Meh

Final Fantasy XIII is just meh. I haven't gotten far into it, but it certainly isn't terrible. What do you guys think?

What Should I Buy? (READ ME!)

I'm interested in purchasing some used games off of amazon or eBay, so I have a few questions towards Gamecube and PS2 owners. I'm primarily interested in PS2 games at this point. Now let's discuss some different genres of games.

RPG: I'm not a huge RPG fan, mostly because pretty much all RPGs are "where the f*ck do I go" kind of games, but there are some that I'm interested in. I have some questions regarding Phantasy Star Universe, so listen up. Am I able to create my own character if I play offline? In most games, rather than playing as the douche that the game gives me, I like to create my own douche and customize him/her. If I can't create my own character, then I'm somewhat uninterested in this game. I can't play online either for two reasons. #1: The servers are down on PS2, so I'd have to join some private server or something. #2: Even if the servers weren't down, I would have to pay to play the game online every month, and that's no good. I've heard a few things about the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, most of them good. If I begin researching some of the games which one do you most recommend? I've heard the best things about Persona 4.

-Things I like about RPGs-

Voice Acting: I like it when games have well done voice acting, so I don't get annoyed every time a cutscene pops up. If there's not good VA in the game, there should be an English to Japanese option. And subtitles.

Epic Cutscenes: Enough said.

Large Variety of Usable Weapons/Large Movesets: I like it when games have a huge variety of weapons available for use. I'd also like access to most kinds of weapons from a relatively early part of the game. I don't really like it when there are characters that can only use one kind of weapon, but if they can use a large variety of abilities (not just magic) with that one kind of weapon, like Tales of Symphonia, then that's fine too.

Likable Characters: I want a guy who's in control and can typically take care of the situation. A no bullsh!t kind of guy. I don't want some emo dude, I don't want a whiny little b!tch and I don't want a complete douche with no value of human life whatsoever. You guys can understand that right?

Hack & Slash: I own Devil May Cry, I own God of War, and I own Ninja Gaiden Sigma. All great games. I love slicing enemies up! Any good hack and slash game you can recommend me, I will immediately find out what I can about it. I love those kind of games.

-Things I like in Hack & Slash games-

Guns and Swords: I like having a variety of melee weapons to combo and air juggle enemies into Oblivion, but I also like having a variety of ranged weapons for use when you just don't want to get too close to that hulking beast at the end of the room. I think that's not too much to ask, is it?

Huge Ass Bosses: This is what these kind of games are all about. Huge, challenging, creative boss fights. I don't want a boss that I can just hit over and over again until it dies. I want a boss that has a relatively large moveset, and maybe some puzzle or trick to killing it. That's always great.

Style Factor: While I'm all for realism, I like it when action games have some stylish moves in them. DMC and Ninja Gaiden are great examples. Consider the style factor of the game before recommending it to me.

Katanas: Be it an Uchigatana or Tachi or some other Japanese sword, I want one in the game I'm playing. I can make exceptions if the game is great overall, but I want a sword like that that I can get at some point in the game.

Shooters: Like most gamers, I like myself a good shooter. For the PS2, I've so far played Killzone, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Max Payne 2. I'll play first person or third person. I'd like to know if there are any great shooters I missed. Let me know, and I'll begin research.

-Things I like in Shooters-

Melee: Sometimes, you just want to go up to a guy and beat the living crap out of him. I want a shooter with an effective melee weapon of some sort. Be it a knife, or a sword, a baseball bat or even your bare hands. I just want an effective melee weapon.

Cover Mechanic: Just a luxury thing on my wish list, but I like being able to move up against a wall and shoot around it. I can just barge in and shoot everything in sight, but sometimes you just want to be tactical.

Realistic Weapons: I'm kind of a weapon's expert, so I pay close attention to every little detail. Ridiculously high magazine capacity, incorrect ammunition, inaccurate attachments (It happens, like with TS2's Soviet Rifle and CoD4's USP.). Maybe just recommend a game with fictional weapons. That'll work too.

Customizable Weapons: I like picking out various attachments to put on my gun, and I like putting some kind of camouflage or paint on my gun. Another luxury thing, but something I appreciate nonetheless. I also would prefer if there was no limit of attachments I could put on my gun. If I want an EOtech Holographic Sight, a sound suppressor, a foregrip for recoil, and an underbarrel shotgun on my rifle, I should be able to have all of that.

Now what would you guys recommend?


It's certainly odd that I'm making a post about criticism when I can be considered a critic myself. Have you ever seen a film that you liked that you later found out was not well liked by critics or the public in general? I can list at least three. Here's what's on my mind.

Movies I liked that everyone else hated:

Spider-Man 3: Seeing this film in the theatre, I had no idea that it would turn into one of those movies that everybody hated. I personally enjoyed it very much, just as much as I enjoyed the previous films. There are two main problems with this film that are the reason why everyone else hated it. Emo Peter Parker, and Venom. The thing about Venom is that he was originally not planned to be in the film, but they crammed him in the last 10 minutes of the movie. Now, I have to ask, couldn't they have just made another film after this and give Venom a main role, or were they certain that they wanted this to be the last movie? Now we'll discuss the other problem. After using the suit with the Venom symbiote attatched to it, Peter Parker goes emo. He becomes a complete **** hole He's dancing around in the streets like a dumb **** and beating up on his friends and co-workers. He eventually hurts Mary Jane, which causes him to want to destroy the suit. Now are these two small problems really enough to justify the audiences reactions? NO! F*CK NO! Did everyone just fall asleep during the good parts of the movie? What about when Spider-Man and the Sandman fight in the sewers? That was awesome! Overall, not great, but a film that deserves more credit than people give it.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Okay people, while I agree that this film is nowhere near as good as Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Last Crusade, you guys have gone WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too far with this one. I know, the gophers, the fridge, the monkies, the alien. But, really, all those wierd and out of place moments last only for a few seconds. Everything else (minus some of the acting.) was done very well. That's all I'm going to say about that one.

The Boondock Saints: This was a film that I first saw last year. I thought it was a very well done film and I genuinely enjoyed it overall. Later that year, I saw the sequel, I enjoyed that as well. Now, just yesterday, I looked up the films and found out that they were not well-recieved. This post is my response to what I saw. Considering none of you have ever seen this movie, I'll explain the plot. Two brothers, who live in Boston, end up getting into a bar fight with some guys who they later find out were connected with the Russian Mafia. Two of them go to their apartment to kill them, and the brothers very narrowly escape with their lives (considering one of them was staring down the barrel of a Desert Eagle and the other fell about five or six stories.). Following that, the two of them decide to go gunning after criminals in their city. They sell the mobster's guns to get their own guns and equipment. Meanwhile, one of their friends is being set up by the Italian Mafia and ends up running into the brothers after their first job. Now the three of them are taking basically the whole city. Maybe one of the reasons I liked this film is because I (to a certain degree) agree with the message it's trying to get across. I don't think vigilanteism is a good idea, It can get you arrested, killed, or worse. But people who kill, steal, rape, and commit other atrocities need to meet judgement. I'm not saying we need to kill all of them (though that just might make the world a better place.), just that they need to pay for what they've done. I thought that the film was well-written, I liked the action sequences, and the acting was also good, particularly Willem Dafoe. Willem Dafoe plays a special agent who just about goes insane trying to figure out who the killers are. Why everyone hates this film is way beyond me. I know a good movie from a bad one, and this certainly is not a bad movie. Are people just unable to watch an action film without sh!t blowing up every two seconds? Or without people diving through the air firing machine guns and somehow hitting people? I do have to say, this is one of the most realistic action films I've watched. Anyway, this film is great, and I encourage you guys to watch it. WARNING: CONTAINS M****IVE CONCENTRATED AMOUNTS OF F-BOMBS!

Now let's talk about video games, while I generally agree with Gametrailers and Gamespot's reviews, there are some that I think they're a bit harsh on. Here are some of those games.

The Warriors Series: Yeah, you guys know what I'm talking about. Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. I've only played Samurai Warriors 2 and Dynasty Warriors 6, but I've played enough to give my opinion. The main reason behind the criticism is because of the repetitive combat systems. I think that Samurai Warriors 2's combat system was fine, but DW6's was just ridiculously repetitive. Why such low scores for games with only a couple of flaws? I just don't get it.

Lost Planet 2: At the beginning of the year, last year, I thought this was going to be the big game for me this year. I thought, game of the year baby! Right here! Turns out, I was wrong. The game was not bad, but it did have one major flaw. The human character's AI. Your allies and your enemies are both incomprehensibly stupid. That doesn't make the game bad though, it just means the game shows it's true worth when played with friends. Ever try that Gamespot? Gametrailers? Playing with friends? Game Informer got that one right, they gave the game an 8 out of 10, which is probably what I would have given it. There is one more flaw, everything is unlocked through a F*CKING SLOT MACHINE! WHY CAN'T WE JUST HAVE A LITTLE SHOP WHERE YOU CAN SPEND YOUR POINTS ON WHATEVER YOU WANT? HUH? WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU CAPCOM? Ahem... overall a great game, despite it's flaws.

Gotcha Force: When I first bought this game, I knew nothing about it. I just knew that it had one hell of a silly title. So I played it, and I loved it. It's a spastic action shooter that's actually a surprising amount of fun. If you want more details on the game, you can read my review. You liked this one right Gamespot? No? Ha ha, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T LIKE THIS ONE? I mean really guys, a 5 out of 10? It deserves at the VERY LEAST a 7! Come on! Good lord guys! The reviewers on this site really need to be able to find more redeeming qualities in the games that they review.

What are some things that you liked that everyone else hated?

Notes About Me

Hey guys. Just thought I'd make a post since it's been nearly a month since the last one! O_o I was thinking that people on the internet act like they're going to get raped if they give out one bit of information about themselves, so I thought I'd give a little info about myself. Nothing major, I'm not going to tell anyone where I live or anything like that. So here's a few notes about me.

- As influenced by not only my membership on this site but also by the variety of games I've reviewed, I play all kinds of video games. I play games of varying genres and origins. I particularly love action games and fighting games. I can also well judge a good game from a bad one. I always like voicing my opinion and talking about random facts about games.

- I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. You'd never tell from looking at my house, it's always a freaking mess. However, my room is neat and tidy (aside from articles of clothing strewn about.). I always take care of my games, movies, and other personal items.

- I'm a big Rock/Metal fan. My favorite bands include: Atreyu, Disturbed, Dragonforce, Stratovarius, Linkin Park (Just the first two albums, Minutes to Midnight was okay.), Nightwish, and others I can't think of at this particualr moment. I also like Queen a lot. I'm generally open to different kinds of music, but I don't like Pop much and I strongly dislike Rap music. I also love Michael Jackson's music. I think my favorite MJ song is Billie Jean.

- I have three cats. Their names are Nibbles, Stormy and Ryu.

- I'm always open to suggestions and recommendations, as long as they're constructive.

- I'm kind of bi-curious, possibly from spending way too much time on the internet. Don't take that the wrong way, please. I know exactly what you're thinking when I say that. I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for saying this on a freakin internet blog. I guess I'm trying to say that I don't give a flying f*ck what anybody thinks about me. I still like girls though, so I'm not homosexual. However, all homophobic comments will be ignored.

- I am a weapons expert, show me a picture of any weapon and I can tell you exactly what it is and it's origin. I'm a particularly big fan of asian swords. Especially Japanese swords. I'm also an expert on firearms.

- In case you haven't noticed, my favorite curse word is ASS! My favorite non-curse word is dynamic.

- I'm 15 years old, my birthday's in April.

- My real name is Cameron

Why don't you guys tell me some stuff about yourselves? I'd like to know more about you guys.

Games, Music Videos, and Random B.S.

Well, it's the year 2011 and games are coming in boat loads. I think it's time for me to adress the games that interest me the most.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I love Capcom fighters, I love the Marvel characters, this is the perfect game for me. The character roster is rapidly giving me a larger and larger boner (Sorry for the image.). It was awesome enough that they put Dante and Deadpool in the game, but Albert Wesker was the icing on the cake. And icing is better than frosting dammit! There are a few characters that I'm still hoping for that haven't been confirmed or unconfirmed. Unfortunately, Vergil from DMC, the guys from Power Stone, Daredevil and the Punisher are all unconfirmed characters. Personally, I'd like to see Leon from Resident Evil and Carnage from Spider Man. Who do you want to see in this epic game?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I've yet to play a Deus Ex game, but it's always interesting when an old franchise is revived (e.g. Splatterhouse.). What I've seen of this game, I love. The game looks fantastic, the RPG and Stealth elements look awesome, the close range kills and sneak attacks (Such as using blades protruding from your elbows or punching through a wall and breaking a guy's neck.) look sweet. This is a game that I'm wanting to hear more about.

DmC. Like everyone else, I hated Dante's new look shown in the first trailer. However, unlike everyone else, I still have confidence in this game. Ninja Theory has made some great games, such as Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. I think that it's WAAAAAAAAY to early to have an opinion about this game. Come the f*ck on people! They've released one trailer damn it! And here's a note about the story, it takes place before Devil May Cry 3. Everyone is complaining about something that they know absolutely nothing about. Capcom actually knew that Dante's new look would be met with an overwhelmingly negative reception and they pressed forward anyway! What are they planning? Who knows?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII. While I'm not a big Final Fantasy fan (The only one I own is VII.), but many are hoping for this game to redeem the series after the disasters known as XIII and XIV. I always like an action RPG regardless of developer or premise. The creators of the game have said that the main character, Noctis, wasn't gonna end up being a disturbed emo kid like some of the series' past protagonists, but I still think he looks really emo. I want to know how the sword summoning thing will work in gameplay and how the story will pan out. Apparently, Noctis controls the last nation in the world that has a powerful crystal due to every other one being destroyed in war. He also happens to be the head of a family that controls the city. Doesn't that sound like the Mafia? Actually, the idea of the family controlling the city came from the Yakuza. If you don't know who they are, you need to do some research because I'm not telling you. I don't know what the future will hold for this game, so we'll have to wait and see.

Killzone 3. I'm always up for a good shooter, and the way I see it, Killzone 3 is shaping up to be the best FPS of 2011. The game looks great in every way. The graphics, the campaign, the multiplayer, the weapons. it all looks awesome. Futuristic alien warfare FTW.

Brink. On second thought, this may end up being the best shooter of 2011. Brink brings new dimension to first person shooters with the S.M.A.R.T. system. You can move across any random terrain with little difficulty. The customization features are what interest me the most out of everything I've seen from this game. You can create and customize your character, select his build to be light, medium or heavy whether you want more mobility or more guns; you can customize your guns, you can choose you perks depending on what class you are and you will gradually unlock more outfits and attachments and perks as you progress. Wow. Oh, and the shooting looks cool too.

If you want to hear someone else's predictions for the new year, check this out.

Another thing I've been thinking about is music videos. They add a lot of flashiness to the songs and sometimes even help you understand what message they're trying to get across. I don't care whether or not you like the music, just pay attention to the video and the lyrics.

Disturbed - Indestructible: Clearly, the lyrics tell of the advantages of being both physiclly indestructible and being incorruptible, as in unable to be swayed by the criminal element and terrorists, the video shows warriors across history demonstrating their destructive power. We see ancient tribal warriors, a knight riding through a burning town, two samurai dueling, WWII GI's and modern US Rangers. Simply epic.

Gorrilaz - Feel Good Inc.: No one seems to know exactly what the lyrics are to this song. People can only guess at what they are and what they mean. It seems that society has crumbled and the people have been dumbed down. Those standing in the video seem to be the ones who are beginning to free their mind. The one outside is free. It sounds like the book 1984 or the movie The Matrix. Let's also take a minute just to admire the animation and artwork in the video.

Michael Jackson - Beat It and Atreyu - Falling Down: The reason I've paired these two together is because both videos seem to demonstrate gang violence, though Atreyu's video seems to show it to a greater extent. Beat it's lyrics are telling you to get out before a huge fight starts. I still don't understand Falling Down's lyrics. Can you explain them to me?

Disturbed - Stricken and Atreyu - Right Side of the Bed: You can tell I like Disturbed and Atreyu a lot. Both songs tell of the horrible pain of heartbreak and being used. There are some horrible people out there, men and women, who will use you for one reason or another and leave you in horrible pain, driving you insane. That was really dark, but it's true.

I also saw a couple of movies recently that were pretty good. Here's my opinions.

Predators. Robert Rodriguez does a good job of bringing the Predator franchise into the 21st century. The dialogue and action sequences are good enough to keep you entertained, and the new predators are awesome. The premise is also pretty cool. The predators hunting Earth's greatest warriors as game. There are some flaws though, the amount of F-bombs in the film is ridiculous. It doesn't bother me, but it will bother some viewers. The body count also builds up too quickly. Danny Trejo is in the movie for about ten minutes before he gets offed. And, seriously, Adrien Brody as the Schwartzenegger character? Are you kidding me? Overall, a good film if you like action and horror.

Mission Impossible 2. I watched this film a long time ago and I scarcely remembered any of it, so I decided to watch it again. Also, pretty good. I was wondering before I watched it why there were so many insane stunts in the film, then I saw who directed the movie. Who directed it? Take a guess, seriously just take a guess. John Woo. John Woo directed this movie. It's actually surprising because most of the movie is them explaining the plot and developing the characters. He's actually able to hold off the big action sequences until near the end of the movie. Let me tell you something. This film takes the mano y mano cliche to a whole new level. The two guys are on motorcycles. They drive towards each other and LEAP OFF OF THE MOTORCYCLES! And ten broken bones later THEY CONTINUE FIGHTING. That is just ridiculous.

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