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Psyched for Dead Island

Dead Island looks like it's gonna be one of the best zombie games of this generation. Dead Island will focus on gory, realistic melee combat. There are guns in the game, but they will be very scarce and ammo will be hard to find. This already excites me. Finally, a zombie game where you have to literally fight for survival.

The game also features some RPG elements including skill trees and upgradeable weapons, as well as open world, non-linear gameplay. I can't even imagine how beautiful the island (a fictional island called Banoi) will look. Hopefully it will be huge. I mean, look at Panau from Just Cause 2. Just Cause 2 came out in March 2010 (I may be wrong) and Panau was 440 sq. miles. That is EXTREMELY big. I want to at least 200 square miles, and lots of interactivity, flavor, variation, and beauty.

The game is coming out late 2011, presumably November or December (there is no definite release date).

I. Can't. Wait.