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Psp2! :D

Are you getting the PSP2? I know I am. The device is confirmed to have an OLED screen, as well as 3G connectivity and quick downloads of high-res images. The device will also have some touch panel functions. I am 85% sure that they are keeping the dual analog sticks, which is awesome.

Now all I want is longer battery life and HD graphics. Seriously, that's all I want. I would also like it to be smaller than the PSP 3000, but it doesn't matter too much.

Launch titles? Nobody knows for sure, but IGN and GameInformer have stated that Naughty Dog is currently developing an Uncharted title for the PSP. That would be sick. There are rumors that many developing companies are already making titles for the device. I would like to see at least 20 or so launch titles, and please, make them good.

If the system is under $300, I will purchase it. Anything over that is ridiculous unless it is a huge improvement over the Go and regular models.

The system will be released sometime later this year, I'm guessing around Q4.