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NGP- Next Generation Portable

I am sure most if not all of you have already noticed the buzz on Sony's next device in the Playstation family, the NGP, or next generation portable. This could just be a beta name, and may change to something that is logical, such as the PSP 2 or P3P (Playstation 3 Portable?).

The device is larger than the current PSP 3000, which I wasn't hoping for. But it's not a big deal, as long as it can still fit in my pocket, its all good. I also heard that it could be growing larger because of all the new motion sensing and high-def hardware crammed into the little device.

There are two versions, one that has 3G connectivity, and one without it. The 3G version will cost more than its non-3G counterpart, and will probably cost anywhere from $350-$400. I don't need 3G, so I will most likely purchase the regular version. I am guessing this version will cost around $350, but might hit $300.

I hope the price satisfies. If Sony decides to breach the $500 limit, all Hell will break loose. Don't let us down Sony.