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inFamous 3- What I Want

This is just gonna be a list of things I want to see in the next InFamous title (which IS confirmed, by the way).

- Different voiceactors depending on karmic state (Infamous 1 voiceactor for Evil karma, because of raspy voice, Infamous 2 voiceactor for Good karma). I know this will not happen, however, because it's already been stated that the voiceactor from Infamous 2 will be reprising his role as Cole MacGrath in Infamous 3.

- A neutral karmic state. Electricity can be yellow? Civilians don't hate you nor love you.

- MULTIPLAYER. Yes, you heard me. Like TDM or Free-for-all in maps such as Flood Town, Downtown Empire City, etc. As you level up, you gain new powers, outfits for Cole, etc.

- Deeper UGC creation kit.

- Perks gained by retrieving blast cores. Along with blast shards, let's say there are an additional 35 blast cores to be found in the game. Once you have acquired one (via mission, exploring, etc.) you absorb it's energy and can pick a perk. A perk can be something like letting Cole survive in water longer, granting Cole 15% more health, or speeding up the electric drain process by 75%.

- Powers that involve water. Not actually controlling water, but incorporating it. For example, imagine Cole using a method similar to that of grinding power lines, on water! Now he can travel in the water like a jetski for fast transportation.

Leave a comment PLEASE if you have any SUGGESTIONS or CRITICISMS (I hope not) for any of the ideas above. Peace!