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inFamous 3- What I Want

This is just gonna be a list of things I want to see in the next InFamous title (which IS confirmed, by the way).

- Different voiceactors depending on karmic state (Infamous 1 voiceactor for Evil karma, because of raspy voice, Infamous 2 voiceactor for Good karma). I know this will not happen, however, because it's already been stated that the voiceactor from Infamous 2 will be reprising his role as Cole MacGrath in Infamous 3.

- A neutral karmic state. Electricity can be yellow? Civilians don't hate you nor love you.

- MULTIPLAYER. Yes, you heard me. Like TDM or Free-for-all in maps such as Flood Town, Downtown Empire City, etc. As you level up, you gain new powers, outfits for Cole, etc.

- Deeper UGC creation kit.

- Perks gained by retrieving blast cores. Along with blast shards, let's say there are an additional 35 blast cores to be found in the game. Once you have acquired one (via mission, exploring, etc.) you absorb it's energy and can pick a perk. A perk can be something like letting Cole survive in water longer, granting Cole 15% more health, or speeding up the electric drain process by 75%.

- Powers that involve water. Not actually controlling water, but incorporating it. For example, imagine Cole using a method similar to that of grinding power lines, on water! Now he can travel in the water like a jetski for fast transportation.

Leave a comment PLEASE if you have any SUGGESTIONS or CRITICISMS (I hope not) for any of the ideas above. Peace!

I am BACK!

To all of my Gamespot buddies whom I hold dear in my heart, I am sorry for leaving you for so long. Reviews that were promised will be put up soon, along with new ones. I will become more active in some of the clubs I belong in. I haven't been on in like 4 months, and I apologize. I don't know what happened. It's like I completely forgot about my computer :O

Anyways, I am back, and staying, for the months to come. And I hope you will read and enjoy my new reviews:

Infamous 2

L.A. Noire

Dragon Age: Origins

:) Peace

Ps3winz (follow me on Twitter, sub me on Youtube :))

Coming Soon: Reviews

Expect to see reviews on these games this week:

Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Psyched for Dead Island

Dead Island looks like it's gonna be one of the best zombie games of this generation. Dead Island will focus on gory, realistic melee combat. There are guns in the game, but they will be very scarce and ammo will be hard to find. This already excites me. Finally, a zombie game where you have to literally fight for survival.

The game also features some RPG elements including skill trees and upgradeable weapons, as well as open world, non-linear gameplay. I can't even imagine how beautiful the island (a fictional island called Banoi) will look. Hopefully it will be huge. I mean, look at Panau from Just Cause 2. Just Cause 2 came out in March 2010 (I may be wrong) and Panau was 440 sq. miles. That is EXTREMELY big. I want to at least 200 square miles, and lots of interactivity, flavor, variation, and beauty.

The game is coming out late 2011, presumably November or December (there is no definite release date).

I. Can't. Wait.

Battlefield 3!

I am sure most of you have seen the teaser trailer of Battlefield 3, which shows absolutely nothing in relation to the game other than its title. The game is coming out this fall for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 and will feature flying jets, going prone, and 64 player battles on the PC version. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will probably have 32 players MAX.

I am super exicited. Limited edition details are coming later this month. The brand-new Frostbite 2.0 engine will also be integrated in Battlefield 3. I'm hoping this engine will allow terrain deformation, more destruction possibilities, and bigger explosions. Animations and graphics will also be improved, and most of the online levels will take place in urban settings such as New York and Paris. You can now also drag downed teammates into safety with the new animation upgrade.

It seems like a nice improvement so far, but I would like to see more. I want to see 5 or 6 man squads, a squad captain who can give orders to the squad, weapon customization, and less overpowered tanks and helicopters. If all this can be done, I will definitely pick this one up on release day.

Thinking of Buying a DS!

Just received a PSP last Christmas so it's still pretty new to me. Now I am considering purchasing a Nintendo DS in the near future. The DS seems to have a huge library of titles, most of which are creative and fun, for example Scribblenauts. I am thinking of purchasing the DSi, not just because of the cameras, but because of other improvements I've heard of.

When I say the near future, I mean at least another good 8 or 10 months. I still want to play my PSP alot and buy lots of games. But here's the bad news: will I buy an NGP or a DS? Such a hard choice. Right now, I would probably go with the NGP if the price will be under $350. If not, I'll purchase a DSi, which will be around $120 then.

Will 2011 top 2010 in gaming? + Playstation 4 supposedly being tested in Japan?

So far, it looks like an extremely good year for 2011 in gaming. Better than 2010? I think so. I mean, look at all these goodies:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Nintendo 3DS

Batman: Arkham City

Prototype 2

Infamous 2


Portal 2



Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Crysis 2

Killzone 3

Gears of War 3

These are only a few of the fantastic games that are coming out this year. I am most excited for Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Crysis 2, Batman, Deus Ex, and Rage.


I saw somewhere (I forget where) that the Playstation 4 is currently being tested in Japan. This is confirmed. When the Playstation 3 first launched, Sony said the console would still be played for 10 years until something new comes out. Its been 5 1/2 years, so the Playstation 4 must be in itsvery very VERY early stages of development, probably still in design. The absolute earliest possible release would be 2015 if Sony sticks to their 10 year promise, but I can see the PS4 being announced as early as E3 2012.

Oh and by the way, it will be deadly expensive, we are talking anywhere from $800 to $1000 for the console itself, plus $70-$90 per game.

Battlefield: Zombies (Not a real project)

Call of Duty has zombies, why not Battlefield? The campaign has enough humor to balance it all out. And with better connections and more teamwork (medics throwing health, assault throwing ammo), and would sell ALOT. Start with 5 maps, make them smaller than the regular maps. Have a nice big building, with windows and destructible walls and such. Put some turrets and MAYBE small vehicles such quads. Add melee and new melee weapons (sickles, sledgehammers), and you have a complete package!

I am being serious. This may sound silly to some of you. But I would LOVE to see some kind of Battlefield: Zombies in the future! Make it cheap too, maybe $9.99 or $14.99 and then release new map packs containing new weapons and maps for $4.99. Cheap, glorious fun!

NGP- Next Generation Portable

I am sure most if not all of you have already noticed the buzz on Sony's next device in the Playstation family, the NGP, or next generation portable. This could just be a beta name, and may change to something that is logical, such as the PSP 2 or P3P (Playstation 3 Portable?).

The device is larger than the current PSP 3000, which I wasn't hoping for. But it's not a big deal, as long as it can still fit in my pocket, its all good. I also heard that it could be growing larger because of all the new motion sensing and high-def hardware crammed into the little device.

There are two versions, one that has 3G connectivity, and one without it. The 3G version will cost more than its non-3G counterpart, and will probably cost anywhere from $350-$400. I don't need 3G, so I will most likely purchase the regular version. I am guessing this version will cost around $350, but might hit $300.

I hope the price satisfies. If Sony decides to breach the $500 limit, all Hell will break loose. Don't let us down Sony.

Psp2! :D

Are you getting the PSP2? I know I am. The device is confirmed to have an OLED screen, as well as 3G connectivity and quick downloads of high-res images. The device will also have some touch panel functions. I am 85% sure that they are keeping the dual analog sticks, which is awesome.

Now all I want is longer battery life and HD graphics. Seriously, that's all I want. I would also like it to be smaller than the PSP 3000, but it doesn't matter too much.

Launch titles? Nobody knows for sure, but IGN and GameInformer have stated that Naughty Dog is currently developing an Uncharted title for the PSP. That would be sick. There are rumors that many developing companies are already making titles for the device. I would like to see at least 20 or so launch titles, and please, make them good.

If the system is under $300, I will purchase it. Anything over that is ridiculous unless it is a huge improvement over the Go and regular models.

The system will be released sometime later this year, I'm guessing around Q4.

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