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  • Propitiated4 wrote a review of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse.
    User Rating 7
    GP Review is fair

    The GP review did pretty much nail it, it is certainly a step in the right direction but is missing some key elements. Namely the combat system which is a bit shallow and underdeveloped not to mention...

  • Propitiated4 wrote a review of South Park: The Stick of Truth.
    User Rating 10
    It Deserves a 10, Masterfully Crafted

    This game is a 10 by far, even if you are not a South Park fan, if you are, then it is an 11.For the non fan you have a hilarious game, an excellent RPG that is fun even for those who turn down RPG's...

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  • Propitiated4 wrote a review of Batman: Arkham Origins.
    User Rating 8
    Everyone Knows it's Fun

    First, the game is not as good as City BUT only because of the bugs. So, the annoying things first:CONSCamera can be annoying as you fight with it while in combat to move how you wantBugs Bugs Bugs, f...