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WOW! It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I logged onto Gamespot, but decided to drop in and say whats up to everyone.

Let's start off by saying that only reason why I haven't logged in was due to some jerk off at work *which he was a manager btw (decided to look at p**n) while at work. In the end they did a HUGE block on alot sites which includes..yup all gaming sites. Kinda stupid, but yeah no more gameage at work.

I thought out logging on at home, but no need cause I just go to sleep when I get home.

I got a couple new babies for my system

Far Cry 2 (360)

Socom Confrontation bundle

Call of Duty WaW BETA

So that was fun to play. Gotta say that Far Cry 2 is amazing, I was stunned by everything. Just hate that A.I. when they blast you with that deadly shotgun haha.

What else...thats pretty much it. I've been playing my 360 more cause of the new game and tried out that latest demo of Tomb Raider Underworld (thumbs up I might add), so I can't wait for that one. Gears of War 2 is just around the corner, probably be picking up CoD WaW now since it's the same damn thing just like CoD 4.

Hope everyone is doing cool on this site and hope you guys have a good halloween.

Take care everyone


After 5 years, I cheated on my wife....

I can't believe what I have done. I never thought I would do something like this, but it was time to finally give in.

With Kim Kardashian :lol:

Nah, I didn't cheat on her. Today Kim Kardashian is on "Dancing with the stars" I already got this bad boy on Tivo.

Hopefully she got some moves to shake that badunkadunka *wink wink*.

Oh this is for Goblin :P


"It's all the way LIVE!!"

Thats how Coolio would say it in just like in one of his songs, but enough of this fella. Lets talk about me.

As you know or some of you know, I finally got my 360 (Used to have a launch, but came back to the "light side" or "MS family") whatever you wanna call it. Since I finally came back to 360 and Xbox Live, I wanted to test out some demos cause I've missed alot of games since I had the old 360. I believe the last game I played on live was (don't laugh) was NBA 2K6/Fight Night Round 3. WOW!!

Realistic would know all about Fight Night Round 3 since he is having a blast knocking cats heads off *haha, yeah I saw you playing it :lol: )

I didn't want to recover my old gamer tag (which would of been Prisoner 1137 BTW), so my new Gamer Tag for Live is....

"Thyme 2 Kill U"

and thats what I plan to do once I get better at Halo 3 (got smashed hardcore, but managed to pick up alot of kills aswell). I only have a few games right now "Alone in the Dark" and "Halo 3". Tomorrow I plan to meet up with this one dude so I could get Crackdown off him for $5 bucks, to me that is a really good deal cause used it's like 13-15 bucks, so I'm happy about this price. I had a blast playing the demo, so I had to scoop it up.

Just wanna thank the homie Bioshockownz for that lovely message he sent me on live (haha), so I had to return a favor back (:D)

I plan to get a couple of games later like..

Gears of War 2

Tomb Raider Underworld (I was going to get it on PS3, but changed my mind)

Left 4 Dead

Thoses are the main ones right now, I'll probably look more into it, but yeah just a starter.

I haven't gave that much love to PS3 for the pass couple of days (sorry baby, I still use you for Blu Ray movies and also my son gives you the love playing PAIN, Legos, and R&C).

I'm mainly waiting for Socom Confrontation to hit the store, once it does SAY HELLO TO MY LIL' FRIEND!!

Well thats the end of my blog, I gotta go back to work and eat a sandwich.

Sorta like this one

minus the mayo :D


Vin Diesel is BACK!! But this time....

Vin Diesel in Socom Confrontation.

That's right folks! This is what my guy looks like in Socom Confrontation BETA. I thought I would share it cause it almost looks like him. I tried to go for that "A Man Apart" look (this is the look I went for)

Share your pics of your BETA guy or tell me what you think of mine. Shoot just tell me anyways if you don't have beta or not :P


5 years in the making...


What a special day it is today. Today marks the 5th year that my Wife and I have been together. WOW it just seems like yesterday that we just met, it's crazy when you've been together with someone young and grew up together. You learn alot of things about eachother and never once I thought about anyone else. She is the love of my life, no one could come between us and break us apart.

I'm so happy that we've grown up together since 9/5/03. Got our place together, have a wonderful 3 going on 4 year old son. I just wanted to share with everyone how I feel about my special partner. I'm not sure if anyone on here has a special person, but if you do express your feelings or if you that "playa" type it's all good. You need that lovin' too haha

I'm just happy today cause its our day. Not only that, but I have to figure out where to take her out too haha. Talked about a few places to eat like eating at some place near the beach, I'm still looking into it. Friday is such a good day, you know why? Well I pretty much told you the main dish haha

Special Friday:

5th year with the beautiful wife

-Socom Confrontation Beta (had to mention it lol)

-Selling my Nintendo Wii (for Xbox 360)

-Selling GTA 4 (some dude on craigslist)

-Close PSN friend finally gets Mercs 2

-Bangkok Dangerous (it's a movie, not a dirty one okay Realistic haha)

Well that's pretty much it from me, I just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am with her. :)

Thanks for looking at my blog everyone


Babylon A.D.

Well it's been awhile since my last blog post, but I thought I would share it with everyone.

Over the weekend this movie came out "Babylon A.D.", so being a pretty huge action pack kinda dude not to mention Vin Diesel fan aswell. I said "hey lets go watch this" I asked my homie if he wanted to roll with me, I got to the movies around 5pm to watch it. Him and I said "probably not alot of people will watch this", but I was a lil shocked when I came and saw a pretty packed room. Not bad I said to myself, so I went into the middle and took my seat getting ready to enjoy the movie.

My homie finally came to meet up with me (PSN buddy) and we talked over about games, women, and just life. Finally the previews kick on nothing really good just junk previews, CEPT for Fast and Furious teaser trailer now that was off the hook. I can't wait for that movie it looks dope as hell. Now the movie is about to start we just chillin leaning back in the nice chairs and out comes some "gangsta" music with Vin Diesel walking all slow in the start of the movie. I was like "YEAH THERE IS THE MAN" haha alot of people looked at me when I said it, but who cares right? I won't go into huge detail about this movie, but lets just say it was alright.

Alot of cheesey acting, Vin Diesel had a line that was so bad I began to shake my head and laugh. He got tapped or shot and he was like "OOOOOOUCH" all cheesey, but maybe it was ment of a laugh, I dunno, but I found it pretty whack. Action was dope, I'll give it a huge credit right there. This movie reminds me of a mix between XXX and Riddick, which both sweet IMO. If you got some spare money to blow, I would say it's worth checking out, BUT beware the ENDING WAS SERIOUSLY bad. Like for reals it felt rushed like the director said "Okay Vin we got like a couple of mins to spare, think of something so we could wrap this up. I'm tired, I wanna see my kids, and I'm hungry."

For reals people, alot of people inside said "IS THAT IT? OOOOOH MAN" My friend was like "HOW IN THE HELL IS THAT A ENDING" boy it was stupid. At least the action was pretty cool, loads of gun fire, but overall not bad.

7 out of 10 IMO

Lets see what else I did for the weekend, I bought my son LEGO Star Wars on PS2 cause he wanted a new game, but today on ebay I ended up buying LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga off ebay for $25 bucks, so I was happy about that.

Picked up my copy of Mercs 2 (pretty dope with the right friend). I played with my other close buddy that I always trade PSN games, he was sorta bossy, I kept telling him "You ain't the boss *beep beep beep*" yeah you get what I'm saying haha Don't tell me what to do and everything will be all good.

Uh the babe made some bomb tacos for dinner. She packed me some for late dinner since I work graveyard (Chicken Tacos) the ones I ate at home were Beef. Uh that's all folks

Thanks for looking at the blog


I love you Domino's Pizza...

Well awhile back when I used to work there (Driver/Asst. Manager), I got this thing in the mail about some months ago saying that "Domino's is getting sued". Ermmmm well it didn't say it like that, but you get the point. They wanted to know if I got under paid or was missing time on my card while working there. Did I take breaks when needed too, and so forth. I saw that if Domino's lost against the person that "sued" them that I would get a cut of the money and Domino's would have to pay me. I said screw it why not...

*filled it out* They already told me how much I would get back, so sure why not get some money out of that company. Now that I moved onto better things in my life, I decided to check the mail today and GUESS WHAT??

CHA-CHING!! Domino's sent me a letter in the mail about what happened, then I unfolded the letter and there was my BEA--U-TIFUL (Bruce Almighty) Check. It was for 4 bills just incase you don't know the slang, I got 400 bones..oh still don't know the slang? $400 dollars haha, Better? Okay good!

So, I cashed that mug and headed on over to Gamestop and pays me off my Socom Confrontation bundle and put like 50 dollars on Mercs 2. Which I'll be paying off next week, so what did I do with the rest of my money? Got some leapster game for my son and stuff for my home, then took my wife and son to dinner. :D Hey it's the least I could do since I treated myself.

Thought I would share it with you guys.

Thanks for reading the blog, PEAAAACE!!


The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Well I decided to see this movie over the weekend simpley because I liked the other ones. Now with adding Jet Li to the cast, I wonder how this movie was going to turn out.

I gotta hand it off to Brendan Fraser cause he pulled it off big time like the rest of The Mummy movies. Not only that, but he was well in shape looked like he did most of the stunts. The start of the movie was a little boring like it was sorta good how they told the story, but they were missing something? Hmmm what was it? OH YES! Rachel Weisz the main piece of the movie, I mean the girl that played her did a okay job, but NOTHING like Rachel Weisz that was the only thing that made this movie alright.

The action was very good *shoot Jet Li is in it and a 2 second part by the man also known as Wu Jin*, CG stuff was pretty good and it had some parts that made you giggle. I'm just trying to keep this short and sweet, overall this movie wasn't that bad even though I saw it for free *movie passes for my b'day woot woot* it was still fun to watch. I would watch it again if someone asked me to go, but like I said the start of the movie was slow, then picks up to action, slow, action, laughing, action, it just keeps on switching. It's not like a bad thing, so just look it at that way always something different in each scene.

Fraser vs Li fight was pretty cool aswell, it might of not lasted long I believe the fight was a good 5 mins (could be wrong). If you liked the other Mummy movies then just go see it and tell me what you think.

That's it from my side, Enjoy


New Sig...

What do you think of it? I thought it was pretty funny, I dunno I thought it was time for an change, but let me know what you think.


Today is my Barf Day!!

Yup, I'm 25 today. I guess you could say I was born on Dark Knight day WOOT WOOT. I so can't wait to see that movie.

I'm currently at work right now, so I haven't checked out what I got. Maybe a Dual Shock 3 controller from my bro, but we'll see on Saturday when I head down over there to visit them.

Just wanted to let the whole GS crew know.

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