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Prince_Denspion Blog

Asura's Wrath!

Been watching Asura's wrath since it launched and had been really interested in it. Today I finally picked it up for the Playstation 3. I'm only a few episodes in and so far I'm loving it! I don't mind that its a heavy cinematic QTE style game. Its still really immersive.

So Asura is one of the 8 demi god generals who are fighting their evil counterparts, the Gohma. In a twist Asura is framed for the assassination of their emperor and is left for dead but finds himself still among the living and seeking vengence. So Asura finds his strength from his anger. The more rage he feels the stronger he becomes.

As said I'm not that far into the game though I've heard its only like 6 or 7 hours long, however there is DLC already available which expands on it.

PROS: Immersive story, amazing graphics and art style, the mythology behind the game.

CONS: on the short side being only 6 or 7 hours long.

Other thoughts: If you're a fan of Anime then this game is for you! Demos available on PSN store and Xbox live.

Kinda a short little blog but hey I wanted to get the word out on this game. Its fantastic!

Finally got me another PS3!

I was once the proud owner of the post launch 60GB model PS3 and sadly had to give it up due to financial reasons, now I have recently purchased my PS3 slim, oh how i've missed gaming on that system. Quckly rebuilding me a nice library of games to:

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Gran Turismo 5

Mortal Kombat Kollector's Edition

Final Fantasy VIII (downloadable PSone game)

Mortal Kombat II (downloadable PSN game)

with plans to keep adding often. With that said, Damn its good to be back!

PSN: Sun_Wukong

Goodbye my wii

I finally sold my 2nd wii, I tried to give it another chance but I just didn't play it, even after Galaxy came out i didn't bother getting it after playing it at gamespot and getting tired of it, there were only a few games I really wanted but fear they will flop anyways, so it went on Ebay and as of monday shipped it off to its new home. For now I'll focus on my PS3 which had always been my main console, I have nothing against the wii, its just that I rarely played it and it was better off getting money for it. i sold it with Metroid 3, Super Paper Mario, Zelda, Super Mario bros 1 and 3 (VC) and metroid (VC) for 400 bucks. I'll see how Nintendo does on its next gen system but for now the wii isn't for me.

Gone HD finally!!!

Thats right, after so long of playing my PS3 on SDtv are now at an end, went to BB this weekend and got a new Samsung Slimfit 30" 1080i tv. Its so much better to play in HD, now I gotta build a library of blu-ray movies to fully enjoy my system. Its nice that I don't have to worry about response time and contrast ratio with this tv, only its so damn heavy (119 lbs) that was fun getting up stairs.

thats all for now!!!

my gaming experiences

I gotta be honest here, I started out with the Nintendo wii, it wasn't a bad system or anything but as more games came out for this system and the PS3 I was beginning to become disapointed with it. I mean the wiimote and nunchuck controllers are awesome but I needed more. I wanted a "Next GEN" system. So I sold my Wii with the classic controller, Zelda, DBZ, Marvel, and SM64(VC), Sonic(VC) on ebay and took the cash and bought my 60GB PS3, I have resistance fall of man, Genji, Virtua fighter 5, God of War(PS2), DBZ(PS2) and i'm loving it. Although I don't have a HDtv i'm very impressed with the graphics. I do however have component cables running.

thats all I got for now.

UPDATE: 6-26-07

I'm still enjoying my PS3 but I missed my wii. So I went out and got lucky this last sunday and found a Circuit city which had 2 as of opening. I grabbed one with Zelda and Super Paper Mario. Now i'm enjoying my PSwii. So far my PS3 is taking a little break as my SDtv only has one set of component inputs.

Update 10-27-07

I know its only been 4 months since I re bought the wii but after getting bored with it and not playingany of my games its time to let it go this time for good,I hate to admit it but I guess I out grew Nintendo long ago and just realized it today. So I put it up on Ebay and gonna use the money toward my first HDtv so that I can get themost out of my PS3, yes thats rightI have a PS3and play it on SDtv. lol. I know a lot of good games are coming out but all the good games that have been coming out havent appealed to me. I have Zelda,Metroid, and Super Paper mario, have had then since day one of their releases and I havent even got to 50% of any of them. The only game I really wanted the wii for was Mario Galaxy and after playing the demo today at gamespot I found it wasn't what I was expecting. Even my wife said, "it looks like akids game" that really made an impact on me and I had to agree. I have nothing against the wii or Nintendo but its time for me to move on. Maybe one day they'll releasesomething that I can call my"system." not myside console,I"ve alwaysconsidered my PS3 my main system and its time I focus on it and build mylibrary on it. I just got Eye of Judgement and this game I like.

Thats my update for now., stay tuned.

Update! as of 11/12/07

came to my senses and kept my wii, and also just updated to HD finally for the 1st time, I got me a Samsung SlimFit 30" 1080i tv. Its awesome, so much better than playing PS3 on SDtv. Got me some HDMI cables coming soon, right now i'm playing with component cables with both the PS3 and the wii, only the PS3 supporst HDMI though which is fine because its appearently better than component.

Thats it for now!