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What's up Dark Knights and Shoplifters?

So what's up with all you guys? I haven't been on here a lot lately, been doing alot of things and summer's almost over...

I've been working an earning money and what not, buying some games like Oni, THPS4, Metroid Prime, and GH3. I've also been skateboarding alot with my friends, I live like, across the street from a skatepark. There haven't been many goings-on around here accept for the shoplifter at the supermarket I live behind. So, me, my brother, and my two friends were walking back to my house from the park, and some kid shoots out across the field with two guys form the supermarket yelling at him, so me and my friends went after him too, but he dropped the bag so we gave up. There was another one, but he gave up in the store. Also, I saw The Dark Knight with a friend, pretty frikin' awsome movie, and I'm no critic, but I know a good movie when I see one. Heath was awsome, too bad he died, now he can't be in a sequal. It's kinda dumb tho, since they killed Two-Face too, that there are like, no other villans to bring into the next movie. (If they make one) So I wonder who they'll use if they make another... Anyway, I'm out. Cya