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What I've been up to

Not much really. lol I've been playing the games I got out of the library more than the ones I just bought. Mainly cuz I only have then for 7 days. But R&C is surprisingly good, I thought it would be some kiddie game but it's not. lol It's annoying tho, that if you die, you have to go back to the start of the level, not really any checkpoints. MGS3:S is awsome, it's hard to but, really fun, I'm stuck on the boss fight against The Fear. My sister likes her 'Cars' game, and my other sister hates her Barbie game, yeah it's pretty bad, even worse when little girls don't even like it. :P :lol: I went back to playing SCII tho and just been playing arcade because the Weapon Master is tough, lots of WTF?!? and Why don't you die?!?!? moments. :P

Also, I've been looking into the Silent Hill series (Any good?) and I think to much, cuz I had a dream about it. :P I was in a somewhat normal version of the town and I was going around shooting the inhabitant because I figured if I didn't, they'd turn evil later. :P Then my friend showed up and was like, WTF are you doing?!?! :lol:

And lately we've been breaking lots of dishes for some reason here, I dunno why, we just keep dropping them for some strange reason. :| Kinda weird. And the house seems to be swarming with flying ants now, something stirred them up, and my mom's going balistic and grossed out. :lol: