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So, I guess I got tagged...again, by doubleajunkie...sigh, and this time it's 10 facts or whatever.

1. Uhhh...like alot of people on here, I have to sort all my games and music alphabetically. And everything has to be straight, or I feel awkward.

2. Besides gaming, my other biggest intrest is music, I like everything from Led Zeppelin and System of a Down, to Fall Out Boy and Fergie.

3. I'm cheap. I go to thrift stores for clothes sometimes. I like Wal-Mart the most tho. :P

4. The first game I ever played was either Duck Hunt Super Mario Bros. I can't remember which.

5. I've always been involved in politics, mostly because my dad has run for offices a number of times.

6. I don't have a particular style and I don't label myself anything. I wear slim pants, plaid shorts, leather jackets, pins on my jackets and anything else that sets me apart from everyone else.

7. I like to unlock everything in my games, I'm not satisfied with beating it once, I beat it multiple times to find everything, secret characters, items, you know...

8. Movies. I can count the number of times I've gone to the movies on one hand. Besides the the fact that most new stuff is crap, I like older movies and comedies. My favorites are ones like, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the "Dirty Harry" series.

9. My last name is Italian, and if you translate it into English, it means "Little smack."

10. Uhhh....last one...umm...I have long eyelashes, and I don't see why people want them.

So, if anyone besides doubleajunkie sees this, I tag patriots2871 and Diabeticdood