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My dream. O_o

Yes, this is my dream, I've had even stranger tho, enjoy...

It started with me as Leon from Resident Evil 4, wandering through to some village only to find real people, not zombies, I was kinda relived, but then the boss of the Los Illuminados came out and I had to fight him, with...a garden hose? (And we were suddenly in my backyard, dreams tend to change locations instantly. lol) So I was like, wtf? I'm not fighting. So I ran far away and ended up somewhere else, in some manga I got from the library, "Bleach." I don't remember that part, but after it, The three Stooges where racing on the kinda sleds they have in the arctics. And they were fighting over Johnny Noxville as one of the Dukes of Hazzard, cuz whoever had him at the end of the race got something. I was just running people's feet over in a car following them...Then I was in a room with a car covered in junk that I was taking off, my brother was there too helping me and he was keeping all the stuff I pulled off the car. In the junk, we found some body wrapped in blankets. Now, if you've been able to follow this far, get ready for this. :P Next, I was in the Queen of England's castle of whatever, and she was eating at a side table and someone else was King and Queen, I asked her why and she said their son died (And he was the guy my brother and I found wrapped up in the car) and that made them the new rulers. I asked if she could just take them to court, but she said the were the ones in charge now and could overrule her. I also asked if they killed their son so they could rule, but they said they loved him and that it was the guy's brother who killed him, but it later turned out to be the butler who killed the guy.

And that's it, not much of an end, cuz I woke up, but that's as normal as most of my dreams get. 8)