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Banner and a blog

Chyeah...I made a banner for myself but it's not that great cuz I used paintshop :P Not the best tool out there. And the stupid tabs are there too, I hate them. But I put some of my favorite things on it, Katamari, Bleach, Nirvana, FF, and the main character from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3.

Anyway, my two volumes of Bleach that I ordered came in! When we went to pick them up, the lady who brought them out got all confused and thought they were defective cuz it's the kind you read right to left. so the cover's on the other side. :lol:

I've been doing alot of yard work too, and I got some tank-top so I can get rid of this "gamertan" :P (pasty-white from being in dark rooms playing games all day.) I got more games out of the library too, Tony Hawk's Project 8, which is a pile of crap, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, which is "meh" and lastly, Shin Megami Tensei Person 3: FES, which is and excellent game!

My dad's been buying inner tubes for his bike tire, and he just blew it up for the third time, yes, blew as in ka-boom. :shock: The last time, it blew itself up tho, it was just sitting there, and boom! And every time, our neighbor is right there and laughs. :lol:

Yeah, I want to buy a PSP, but I'm thinking of waiting till the Blue Madden bundle comes out, plus I don't have much money right now. :P I also want the new Offspring CD, it sounds awsome, plus it's in my budget. :D I picked up an awsome Dead Kennedys hat at Five Below too, for 5 bucks! I guess that's all for now, cya!