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Tagged *Sigh*

Uh, Crzy_gurl tagged me sooo.....

1. My parents are from New York and New Jersey, so I have both accents, kinda mixed, and I get made fun of for it. Doubleajunkie's sister is the one who started it.

2. When I was, like 11 (? I forget) I almost killed myself when I hopped of a ledge with my hands in my pockets, onto a bed of ice in the winter, I didn't geta concushion (:P) or anything, but almost hit the back of my head on the ledge, thus almost dying! ^^ My dad saw it happen, but couldn't do anything, but I got "That's what you get" kinda help.

3. I'm 50% Polish, 25% Italian and the rest I'm like, Irish, lith-oo-wanian, German, and I forget what else.

4. I've been homeschooled since first grade...

5. Uh...I live in Suburbia, with low-income housing on one side, and 2-3 car garage houses on the other, a slice of everything! ^^

My blog! ^^

I figured I'd have to do a blog sometime, but there's not much that I want to talk about right now...I'm new here on Gamespot, but I like it alot already, I really enjoy reviewing games. I like the tagging system too, I'm usually competeing with Doubleajunkie to see who can get tho most. lol So, I guess that's it for now. lol Peace ^^
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