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Got some games from the library

Yep, got some games from the library! My brother and 2 little sisters got some too. :P

We got:

Lego Star Wars II

Cars: Maternational

Barbie princess something or other (I'll be rating it as '1' later)

Ratchet and Clank: Up your arsenal :P lol love that title.

And MGS3: Subsistence. :D (For me)

My little sister owned me.

My little sister owned me at Soul Calibur II, yes, sadness. I tried the multiplayer with her and I could not beat her for the life of me, she like, 8, and she was just button mushing combos and creaming me!! :evil: I couldn't even get her at the break in the combos!!! She got me like, 22-1 or something. :cry: But then I played my 13 year old brother, and killed him. lol :lol: So, I'll have to play her again today and see if I can beat her now. lol I kinda know how to play now, that's the only thing I don't like about SCII is that the control's are hard to learn, there's no X, O, triangle, or square, it's A, B, G, and K. Yeah, :P

New games!

Yeah, got some new games today. Got:

Katamari Damacy for 10 bucks new, it was 50% off at EBGames today :D

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, really good so far, :D

And Soul Calibur II, it said used but it's in pretty much new condition. :D

My mom watched me play Katamari and got weirded out. :lol: I told her she should be glad I'm buying it instead of some more 'shooting games' :P :roll:

And at the Goodwill (thrift store) near me, I saw some games (PC) for 5 bucks, so even tho this PC's kinda dead, I bought 2 games, Universe at War and C & C 3: Kane's Wrath. UaW was unopened, but KW was,. so I'm not so sure about the CD key working... But you can't beat 5 bucks for $30-$40 games. :D They had some expansion packs for some other games too, but I don't have 'em. :P

And on GS, I got 1,000 tags (before doubleajunkie, for the record :P) and my tagging badge STILL isn't updated!! :evil: Also, I've been tracking down all the games I've played so far in my life and been rating them. I'm surprised at how many I've played, not sure about the good/bad average tho, prob more stupid games than good ones. lol :P

1-lb burger for dinner. =P

I ate a 1-pound cheeseburger for dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger. My dad did too, I'm finally able to hang with the big dog! lol :P I'm surprised I don't feel to sick! :lol:


This week is off to a fun start! So, I finished some of the the siding on the house with my dad, we now have a totally green house! Only one in the hood. And this Sunday, it was my younger bros birthday, we got him a used gamecube. :P And we were on the roof that day, and someone had a dirt pile in their backyard that a 100-pound bear was going through! :shock: It left and ran across the street into the woods, but most of the neigborhood was outside looking for it, or inside being scared. :P I mean, I live in the suburbs, so you don't really expect a bear to turn up there. It's only Tuesday, so I have to wait till the week is done to see if it gets any better. :D

Oh, yeah, and my aunt's house might be haunted! :o My uncle saw someone walk by who wasn't my aunt or the dog. And somehow the dog tags on the dog's collar got switched, and it's kinda hard to do. The house is and old victorian, so it could be haunted. :|

I met Joe Pesci...Sorta...

I met Joe Pesci today! Errr....Kinda...Actually, the guy I met is Joe Pesci's third cousin. And he said all the Pescis are Joes. lol My dad started talking to him when we were at the golf range. (It's a weekly thing now! ^^) But, it was fun. Not everyday you meet a relative of a actor. So, the rest of the day so far is eh, just watching TV, CSI Miami (Crime Stuff In: Miami) The orginal Terminator, and some old Superman movie. (Corny with a capital C. lol )

One of the greatest days of my life...not.

Today was pretty fun tho. First, there was nothing to eat in the house, literally, my lunch was a small turkey burger-thing I made in a pan, with A-1 sauce, and a rum-runner. (Without the rum. lol ^^ I don't drink, cuz I don't want to.) Then I went to the driving range with my dad and brother, and my brother managed to hit himself in the back with the ball rotfl And then our car broke down at the church we were at...but we had pizza for dinner and saw 2 gay guys in town. lol :P Another exciting day in the life of Joe.


Ugh, I hate allergies. I can't breathe, I sneeze 50 time a minute and my eyes feel like they're swelling shut. :cry: And I'm really slow too, feel like crap right now...:P

In unrelated nonsense, I think I'm figuring out my 2-year old brother's music tastes. :P So far he likes KoRn, Nirvana, and the "Still Alive" song from Portal, he made me dance to it. :lol:


So, on Saturday, my dad took me and my brother to the driving range! I did pretty good, aside from richotceting the ball around the pavilion place we were in. :P But I did well, I got to at least the 150 mark...cuz I hit the sign...good way to tell. lol I also went to Circut City and bought Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I tried to do the thing where you bring in the competition's ad and ask them to beat it, so I had the Best Buy ad and they had DVD's for like, 6 bucks, and the guy said they do that, but when I brought it to the cashier, they would only let me get it on one of the DVD's in the ad...but when I did the same thing at Best Buy, with CD's tho, they let me use it on ANY CD's not the advertised ones. But the DVD had 20 bucks for a price but they only charged me 15, so I guess it's ok. lol Best Buy is better tho, but my mom won't let me go there anymore...long story but if anyone wants to know, It'll have to be a serperate blog. lol My mom watched the movie with me, but she wasn't able to follow it at all. lol Every 5 seconds, I told her it was over and she believed me. lol It's really interesting, but easy to make fun of, so I'll probably do another blog with the plot outline. lol


Well, today was fun for me! lol Turns out the smell in our house was a gas leak! ^^ My dad and I built an addition onto the house during the summer, and we got a gas fireplace put in and the guys did something wrong, so gas was leaking out, and there was a funny smell in the house. And my mom kinda made us all stay out of the house for the day till the guy came and checked it, so I couldn't make any lunch (not that there was any food to eat, seriously, empty cupboards today) so I had to walk to MacDonald's with my brother. We don't go there often cuz it's basically a feast of death. :P But we had to get enought for my mom and other siblings too, so we go in and order 10 chicken sandwiches. lol And the cashier kinda didn't belive us at first, it was 2 kids, and she was like, "Are you guys really hungry or something?" but we had enough money soo... And when she yelled the order to the back, she said "Ten chicken sandwhiches; I'm not kidding." So, after that we ate them, but they actually tasted like REAL chicken. lol But I still felt sick. lol Thus, another day in the life of Joe. ^^
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