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Hey look, I'm back

Hey eveyone, I've been gone for what, almost 3 years? I pop on here occasionally to see what's up and realized I left alot of cool people behind. Sorry guys.

But, I've returned and intend to be on here a bit more now that summer's almost here.

So what have you guys been up to?

Taking a break

Hey guys, I'm not going to be on here for a while, mostly because I have to get stuff ready for school and I'll be really busy. I won't be on here much so I apoligize in advance if I don't respond to any PM's I get. Cya

What's up Dark Knights and Shoplifters?

So what's up with all you guys? I haven't been on here a lot lately, been doing alot of things and summer's almost over...

I've been working an earning money and what not, buying some games like Oni, THPS4, Metroid Prime, and GH3. I've also been skateboarding alot with my friends, I live like, across the street from a skatepark. There haven't been many goings-on around here accept for the shoplifter at the supermarket I live behind. So, me, my brother, and my two friends were walking back to my house from the park, and some kid shoots out across the field with two guys form the supermarket yelling at him, so me and my friends went after him too, but he dropped the bag so we gave up. There was another one, but he gave up in the store. Also, I saw The Dark Knight with a friend, pretty frikin' awsome movie, and I'm no critic, but I know a good movie when I see one. Heath was awsome, too bad he died, now he can't be in a sequal. It's kinda dumb tho, since they killed Two-Face too, that there are like, no other villans to bring into the next movie. (If they make one) So I wonder who they'll use if they make another... Anyway, I'm out. Cya

Camp had leeches.

So, yeah, camp had leeches, but I had fun...damit...Why does it always work that way? You fight it, but end up having fun and don't want to leave. I feel bad about dissing the camp right before I left, cuz it was fun, sorry JBS. :( I met a bunch of interesting people, but I'll do another blog about them later. :D

Going to a camp.

So, yeah, I have to go to a camp...with my dad and younger bro. :evil: I already went to it once, and I don't want to go again. And yeah, yeah, you make new friends that you never see again and have a good time, so what? I'd rather waste time at home, I'm sure anyone would if you knew what it was, which I'll tell you. :P It's the John Birch Society's camp, it's like, "constitution camp" as in the USA constitution. Yeah, like, all government stuff, with regular camp stuff in between. So, I won't be on here for like, a week, so, cya everybody. :(

Banner and a blog

Chyeah...I made a banner for myself but it's not that great cuz I used paintshop :P Not the best tool out there. And the stupid tabs are there too, I hate them. But I put some of my favorite things on it, Katamari, Bleach, Nirvana, FF, and the main character from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3.

Anyway, my two volumes of Bleach that I ordered came in! When we went to pick them up, the lady who brought them out got all confused and thought they were defective cuz it's the kind you read right to left. so the cover's on the other side. :lol:

I've been doing alot of yard work too, and I got some tank-top so I can get rid of this "gamertan" :P (pasty-white from being in dark rooms playing games all day.) I got more games out of the library too, Tony Hawk's Project 8, which is a pile of crap, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, which is "meh" and lastly, Shin Megami Tensei Person 3: FES, which is and excellent game!

My dad's been buying inner tubes for his bike tire, and he just blew it up for the third time, yes, blew as in ka-boom. :shock: The last time, it blew itself up tho, it was just sitting there, and boom! And every time, our neighbor is right there and laughs. :lol:

Yeah, I want to buy a PSP, but I'm thinking of waiting till the Blue Madden bundle comes out, plus I don't have much money right now. :P I also want the new Offspring CD, it sounds awsome, plus it's in my budget. :D I picked up an awsome Dead Kennedys hat at Five Below too, for 5 bucks! I guess that's all for now, cya!


So, I guess I got tagged...again, by doubleajunkie...sigh, and this time it's 10 facts or whatever.

1. Uhhh...like alot of people on here, I have to sort all my games and music alphabetically. And everything has to be straight, or I feel awkward.

2. Besides gaming, my other biggest intrest is music, I like everything from Led Zeppelin and System of a Down, to Fall Out Boy and Fergie.

3. I'm cheap. I go to thrift stores for clothes sometimes. I like Wal-Mart the most tho. :P

4. The first game I ever played was either Duck Hunt Super Mario Bros. I can't remember which.

5. I've always been involved in politics, mostly because my dad has run for offices a number of times.

6. I don't have a particular style and I don't label myself anything. I wear slim pants, plaid shorts, leather jackets, pins on my jackets and anything else that sets me apart from everyone else.

7. I like to unlock everything in my games, I'm not satisfied with beating it once, I beat it multiple times to find everything, secret characters, items, you know...

8. Movies. I can count the number of times I've gone to the movies on one hand. Besides the the fact that most new stuff is crap, I like older movies and comedies. My favorites are ones like, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the "Dirty Harry" series.

9. My last name is Italian, and if you translate it into English, it means "Little smack."

10. Uhhh....last one...umm...I have long eyelashes, and I don't see why people want them.

So, if anyone besides doubleajunkie sees this, I tag patriots2871 and Diabeticdood

My dream. O_o

Yes, this is my dream, I've had even stranger tho, enjoy...

It started with me as Leon from Resident Evil 4, wandering through to some village only to find real people, not zombies, I was kinda relived, but then the boss of the Los Illuminados came out and I had to fight him, with...a garden hose? (And we were suddenly in my backyard, dreams tend to change locations instantly. lol) So I was like, wtf? I'm not fighting. So I ran far away and ended up somewhere else, in some manga I got from the library, "Bleach." I don't remember that part, but after it, The three Stooges where racing on the kinda sleds they have in the arctics. And they were fighting over Johnny Noxville as one of the Dukes of Hazzard, cuz whoever had him at the end of the race got something. I was just running people's feet over in a car following them...Then I was in a room with a car covered in junk that I was taking off, my brother was there too helping me and he was keeping all the stuff I pulled off the car. In the junk, we found some body wrapped in blankets. Now, if you've been able to follow this far, get ready for this. :P Next, I was in the Queen of England's castle of whatever, and she was eating at a side table and someone else was King and Queen, I asked her why and she said their son died (And he was the guy my brother and I found wrapped up in the car) and that made them the new rulers. I asked if she could just take them to court, but she said the were the ones in charge now and could overrule her. I also asked if they killed their son so they could rule, but they said they loved him and that it was the guy's brother who killed him, but it later turned out to be the butler who killed the guy.

And that's it, not much of an end, cuz I woke up, but that's as normal as most of my dreams get. 8)

More games from the library!

Got more games from the library! :D My siblings and I got:

Resident Evil 4 (GC) I want to try the PS2 version also, but it was checked out.

Jak 3

Destroy all Humans! 2 (Which doesn't work because the disc is all crudded up! :evil: )

My siblings got:

Car Mater-National (Again :roll: )

Bee Movie

I also got some CDs: Alice in Chains, David Bowie, 30 Sec. to Mars, The Shins, Franz Ferdinand, and The Clash. (Yes, I have awsome taste :P) I got some EGM mags too. :D This library has alot of good stuff! lol

I beat Soul Calibur II also, there just so much stuff to unlock tho! I'm the kinda person who likes to 100% the game. I think they call people like that... "Achievement whores" :P That's one of the reason why I don't want and Xbox360. :P (And I still can't beat my little sister at SCII. :cry: )

What I've been up to

Not much really. lol I've been playing the games I got out of the library more than the ones I just bought. Mainly cuz I only have then for 7 days. But R&C is surprisingly good, I thought it would be some kiddie game but it's not. lol It's annoying tho, that if you die, you have to go back to the start of the level, not really any checkpoints. MGS3:S is awsome, it's hard to but, really fun, I'm stuck on the boss fight against The Fear. My sister likes her 'Cars' game, and my other sister hates her Barbie game, yeah it's pretty bad, even worse when little girls don't even like it. :P :lol: I went back to playing SCII tho and just been playing arcade because the Weapon Master is tough, lots of WTF?!? and Why don't you die?!?!? moments. :P

Also, I've been looking into the Silent Hill series (Any good?) and I think to much, cuz I had a dream about it. :P I was in a somewhat normal version of the town and I was going around shooting the inhabitant because I figured if I didn't, they'd turn evil later. :P Then my friend showed up and was like, WTF are you doing?!?! :lol:

And lately we've been breaking lots of dishes for some reason here, I dunno why, we just keep dropping them for some strange reason. :| Kinda weird. And the house seems to be swarming with flying ants now, something stirred them up, and my mom's going balistic and grossed out. :lol:

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