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Jennifer's Body...Fail...

Lets face it, when you saw the adds for "Jennifer's Body" you thought to yourself "Oh My God...Megan Fox is in it, so it's defiantly going to be a sexy good movie". You must have felt like i did walking out of theatre...wanting my $12 back. this was absolutely one of the worst movies i have ever seen, I mean the story line was hard to follow, and nothing was explained like "why did the character Jennifer barf out prickly oil?" and the other character "Needy" don't even get me started. First off why is she even named explanation for it at all, and secondly why did she start making out with Jennifer after she almost killed her. Wow just wow is all i can say. Diablo Cody should stick to the movies she goo at writing the ones like Juno. Consider this her last screenplay, she just messed up her career. so aside from Megan Fox being hot (and also possibly messing up her career to) and the other chick, who is only hot when she's not wearing the 80's hippy meets nerd glasses, this movie is NOT worth going to see, unless you some how mute the sound.

I Give This Movie 1/2 A Star Out Of 5


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Its Called GUITARHero for a Reason...

I'm completely certain someone else may have already writ en this, but its my first ever blog post so if you don't like it the back button on your Internet browsers is always there. Now back in the day Guitar Hero games were obviously the games to buy when it came to musical games. After their 4 game i believe EA and Harmonix came together to create the ultimate kick ass music game ever...Rock Band. Me being a guitarist wanted to experience what it would feel like to have an entire band of people playing fake instruments, rather then just guitar and bass. The genius people at Activition ah actually been presented with the idea of a "full band" version of the game, but dismissed it automatically. Now that they saw how many people were buying Rock Band and how their sales had drastically dropped, did they realize they, not only wanted a band game, but needed it to stay in the competitors circle. And on the 8th dayGod said let there be Guitar Hero World Tour, it was created, but damn it was not even close to being good. The game so so over hyped, everyone said to me to sell my newly purchased Rock Band 2 and get GHWT instead. Me, not being stupid, didn't sell my beloved Rock Band 2, but instead i compared the sexy Rock Band drums to those of the hideous, bulky, and square shaped drums of GHWT. These drums were supposed to have been designed my actual drummers to make it "more realistic". I guess the idea's the real drummers made were tossed out a window and the designs that were kept was by some blind 4 year old, and yes that may have been so mean, but how else does one get a point through, plus i love over exaggerating. Now the game play...what can i say, not much, not much at all. little thought was put into Band game play in GHWT, i mean everyone has the same star power???? Whats up with that!not only that but if one person fails there's no chance to same them the games over! So it seems we get to the guitar...the only good thing about it and the only different thing about it is the, from what i have been told, "kick ass slider bar" which for some reason only like 6 songs in the entire game use it, waste of money much? The only reason why i own the game is for single player that's all its good for. Now i don't own Guitar Hero Metallica but i really do hope that they fixed the star power thing and the failing thing as well.