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MOre Reveiws Coming Soon!!

If you like my reviews, you're in luck, because by the end of two weeks, I will be reviewing Donkey Kong country2, Pokemon: Soulsilver version, SMG2 ( NOTE that Smg 2 review will come when I have ALL the stars...), The Sonic Classic Collection, whicth I will be 4 sonic games in one review, any pokemon game I missed that I've actually played before, New super Mario Bros Wii, and the last one I will be doing for sure is a surprise. Check back for actual release times of my reviews!

Sorry I 've been away for a while, but now i'll be back and BETTEr than ever!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

4 Videos

Hy evreyone. If you saw my you tube channel I already have 4 videos showing gameplay of wii sports Resort. That's really all I have to say except watch them, look for the next one and enjoy.

P.S. Also give me requests on what to do in my videos like give stamp information or give links to stamp information or cheats, because no one is and I want to know how I can make my videos better.

Sorry For the delay!

Hi Pokelovers! it's me Pokemaster4443 and I really have two things to post up here.

ONE: I finally uploaded my first video of Wii Sports Resort, after a few days of delay. I'm vrey sorry for that, but it's on and posted so check it out at my youtube acount watch it. It's my first video and it's called Wii Sports Resort 01-Down to Earth! Hope you like it!

TWO: If you've seen the two unions I 've joined, The Pokemon League Union and the Nintendo All stars union, The Nintendo All Stars Union is having a all out party at the Nintendo All Stars page on the 31st. Be sure to go there at seven!

FINAL NOTE: For my first video, check it at, and for the Nintendo All stars Union Party and for more information on them check out at there page and also check out there Leader mario_brawler at his page Until then, see you later Pokemasters!

Wii Sports Resort and my new you tube account.

Hy pokelovers! Did you check out Wii sports resort. It looks totally awsome, and I hope that evreyone will pick it up tomorow on it's release date:!: And when you pick it up, check out my new you tube account, Salametric, for gamplay videos on the 26.

More on my new you tube account:

You can check out my channel at

I havent hade any channel views yet because my first video will be on the 26:oops: I hope yal check it out becuase I'm also doing covrege of Heartgold and soul Silver when they come out in 2010. Ovoubously that won't come for a while. I'm also going to give covrge to the much intecapated Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario Bros.

So my final note to summeraze, check out my chanel on youtube,, check out wii sports Resort and my gamplay vidoes on the twenty sixth, and finally become a true pokemaster!

Hello, I'm Pokemaster4443

Hello. I'm Pokemaster4443. If you want friend codes, pokemon help, or anything related to pokemon, I'm here. I usually good with telling people where the best training spots are. That would beThe battleground in platinum and route 223/224 in diamond Pearl. For more pokemon help with levels or more pokemon info, go to or pokemon.marriland .com