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I haven't been here in so long. In that time, i have opened and closed a myspace account, crashed and burned in an attempt to get a girlfriend, and made a complete fool of myself on numerous occasions. So just a typical closing to a year. I'm fine, how are you?

I wish someone would comment.

Well, today has really been bad. I had to quit my myspace (where people actually comment about you) and then be bored with coming back to here and finding no comments. Yeah, fun huh? On the plus side I'm level 4 now.

Dragostea Din Tei

The best song i have ever heard. If you want to hear it type numa (space) numa (space) .com in on you'll find lots of web sites. If you ABSOLUTLY HATE IT at first, keep listening, it'll grow on you.

Filmmaker at Heart

With my high-tech software, I can create anything from music videos to productions that rival some of the crap on SciFi channel. My only problem is I don't have a website. I'm going to email Keaton of Keatons World to find out how to create a site like his...

By the way, visit !

I did it! All of the Hoenn 200!

I cannot believe it! With the evolution of my Feebas came the next stage in my pokemon journey! I chose Cyndaquil as my new pokemon from Birch, and now, I'm ready for anything!

I cannot wait til Oct. 5th, XD is the next step on my journey!

I don't deny friend requests!

Ok? Got it.

Emerald tip: save your master ball for latias, heres why. You can save before Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza, and if you run out of balls, you just turn the game off/on. Latias, you get one ball, then it runs away. Plus, you can't save before him, because you don't know when he (i shouln't say he, mine was a she!) is gonna show up. So save the master ball, put it in your PC if you can't fight the temptation.

Go for it!

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