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Merry Christmas 2010 !

I want to wish all of my friends here on Gamespot a Merry Christmas ! I hope everyone enjoys spending Christmas with their family and friends and that we all do not get too fat from eating all of the good food our family and friends cooked. I enjoyed opening up the presents that Santa Claus:wink: brought me, I feel weird saying that because I am 23 but I spent a night last night at my moms because we have to travel to my Uncle's to open up presents and eat good food. So far I have gotten, Red Dead Redemption, The Office Season 3, and a few books. What did y'all get for Christmas ?

Ornament Scavenger Hunt

GameSpot's Holiday Scavenger Hunt has pretty much started a long time ago and I finally got done, and according to the rules .I have to post a GS blog for my list. Also according to the rules, I'm allowed to share any hints I have here.

Clue 1. Van Nguyen (Van):

Clue 2. Jody Robinson (JodyR):

Clue 3. Guy Cocker (guy_cocker):

Clue 4. Matthew Gravish (mgravish):

Clue 5. Chris Watters (Chris_Watters):

Clue 6. Kevin VanOrd (Kevin-V):

Clue 7. Aaron Sampson (AirDog80):

Clue 8. Alex Sassoon Coby (sebFlyte):

Clue 9. Werner Goff (wornstar):

Clue 10. Jan Heir (Jan_Meja_Heir):

Clue 11. Randolph Ramsay (RandolphRam):

Clue 12. Andrew Park (AndrewP):

Clue 13. Mark Walton (markypants):

Clue 14. Justin Calvert (JusticeCovert):

Clue 15. Sophia Tong (Sophia):

Clue 16. Kurtis Seid (Yarvem):

Clue 17. Giancarlo Varanini (Giancarlo):

Clue 18. Justin Porter (jporter313):

Clue 19. Ryan MacDonald (RyanM):

Clue 20. Tyler Winegarner (TylerW):

Clue 21. Maxwell McGee (Maxwell):

Clue 22. James Kozanecki (kozaneki):

Clue 23. Frank Adams (frank7731):

Clue 24. Sarju Shah (SarjuS):

Clue 25. Shaun McInnis:

Clue 26. Ricarrdo Torres (RicardoT):

Clue 27. Tom Magrino (TomM_GScom):

Clue 28. Dan Chiappini (Chippa7):

Clue 29. Homer Rabara (gshomer):

Clue 30. Takeshi Hiraoka (Takeshi-GS):

Clue 31. Tor Thorsen (thorsen-ink):

Clue 32. Jim Maybury (jmaybury):

Clue 33. Carolyn Petit (carolynmichelle):

Clue 34. Tom McShea (TomMcShea):

Clue 35. Dan Mihoreck (neur0sis):

Clue 36. Jane Douglas (janedouglas):

Clue 37. Brendan Sinclair (Polybren):

Clue 38. Laura Parker (Lozzica):

A Blog About Me : Sports Edition

Sports has always been a major part of my life, even at an early age. If all I could do for the rest of my life was to play sports or watch them, it would be a good life. Baseball is my favorite sport of all, to play and to watch. I can watch a baseball game from the first pitch and all the way to the last pitch thrown. I have taught myself sports because my father showed very little interest in it. I actually taught my father a lot of what he knows about sports. Here is a list of my favorite sports teams :

NCAA : Notre Dame
MLB: Boston Red Sox
NBA: Boston Celtics
NFL: New England Patriots
NHL: Boston Bruins

Poem of the Day : Alone by Edgar Allan Poe

Alone by Edgar Allan Poe

From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were -- I have not seen
As others saw -- I could not bring
My passions from a common spring --
From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow -- I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone --
And all I lov'd -- I lov'd alone --
Then -- in my childhood -- in the dawn
Of a most stormy life -- was drawn
From ev'ry depth of good and ill
The mystery which binds me still --
From the torrent, or the fountain --
From the red cliff of the mountain --
From the sun that 'round me roll'd
In its autumn tint of gold --
From the lightning in the sky
As it pass'd me flying by --
From the thunder, and the storm --
And the cloud that took the form
(When the rest of Heaven was blue)
Of a demon in my view --

Christmas is creeping ever closer !

Today is December 12th and Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and I have yet to finish my Christmas shopping.:o

Normally I try to finish my shopping before December so this is the first year I am trying the last minute shopping thing and most likely the last time I will do this. I have been very lazy this Christmas season for some reason but hopefully I will get done with my shopping soon.

Problem solved

I ended up ending my relationship with my girlfriend. After I talked to her about some of the thing that was bothering me and she said that she did not see anything changing anytime soon so my response to that was I guess it was over then because I do not want to waste my time with her.

My head is going to explode !

As of right now my mind is just going crazy, I have so many thoughts floating around in it it is starting to make me go crazy. A lot of what is bothering me is my current relationship with my girlfriend. Me and this girl have been dating since July and everything was going good until September came around. That month was the beginning of the decline of the relationship but it was in a way neither one of faults for this happening. We never fight or anything negative. What happened was she started working a crazy schedule at work due to her being the store manager of this gas station and her owner not letting her give overtime and also too she had to fire her assistant manager due to her assistant manager making some major mistakes. So basically she works 24/7 and barely has any time for me because of this.So it has become hard on me not being able to see her so it has been depressing me and I am just tired of not being happy. So I have been thinking about breaking up with her but in a way I would feel bad if I would since this is my only problem with the relationship. So would this be a major enough reason to break up with her or should I wait on her ?

I want a Nintendo Wii but something is stopping me

I have been looking at getting a Wii since it's launch but I have yet to get one since it looks like for the most part it is designed as a party console to where it would only be fun to play if I would have friends over to play the Wii with me. Well recently Nintendo has released the 25 yr. Anniversary Wii and it is very tempting for me to buy because it comes with the New Super Mario game for the Wii and its red, which is one of my favorite colors. So I was hoping to turn to Gamespot for some advice, can I enjoy the Wii without having to have friends over to play it with me to enjoy it ?