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Fogey Status Obtained!

Well i'm 30 today, and as this decade of life passes a new one begins. My wife's due date is tomorrow, so little Alexander should be around soon.

On the video game front, I picked up Ninja Gaiden II last week. It's certainly more graphic than the first, and the action is non-stop. I've only gotten through the first couple of levels. I'll probably play those level over and over until I feel comfortable with those twitch skills before progressing.

I'm level 46 in WoW. I've been playing off and on since launch and this is by far the highest level character i've had. We'll see if i make it to 50 :P

On the non-video gaming front-it has been a munchkin frenzy as of late. i have 2 gaming couples i hang out with and we've been playing a lot of munchkin with both of them. It's a fun, light, help some and backstab others kind of game. It's ok with 2 or 6 people, but 4 seems to be the magic number.

I've been itching for a new CCG, so i finally started playing the World of Warcarft card game. I found a couple of auctions on ebay for abunch of commons and uncommons for cheap. I got 500 for $20, and stumbled on another aution for $1,300 for 21 with shipping! I like organizing the cards and stuff, but it's time consuming. With the little one on his way (hopefully) we'll see how long it takes to get that going.

I got passed over again for another promotion at work. :( I busted my ass to get into the offices, now i hear i need to go back into the warehouse to get "exposure" !? If I do my job right no one notices becuase everything runs smoothly. If i make a mistake however, all of the management folks will be ringing my neck. One mistake and 4 departments comprising 200 people will be standing around doing nothing. Well enough bellyaching:P Maybe i'll update this a few of you comment :)

Tagged I'm it

Let's see 5 things not many people know about me

1. I've always like the New York Giants even though i grew up in Northern Virginia which is definitely Redskin territory at the time. The even taught us "Hail to the Redskins" in elementary school. Everyone else in my family loves the deadskins. I guess seeing how they used to get upset when the Giants won made me a fan :P or maybe it was the blue. Now i live only 45 minutes from Giants Stadium :D

2. I had a strict bedtime of 9:00pm until i was 16 and working. That must have had an adverse affect on me becuase now i work night shift and start at 9:00 pm :P

3. i usually play devil's advocate when i have conversations with people. It's just my nature to look at opposing views of others. I don't try make them agree with me, but i try to at least have the look at the situatoin from another perspective.

4. for some reason whenever i poke smot i wake up(instead of fall asleep) and i am much more productive. I will clean around the house, get exercise, and do whatever i have to do. If i don't i usaly don't do anything but play video games. Seems a little backwards doesn't it?

5. I figured i'd throw in 1 embarassing one. I was the sweatpants kid in highschool until i was old enough to buy my own clothes. I said 1 time that i liked sweatpants more than jeans when i was in the 4th grade and my parents wouldn't buy me any jeans. :(

Well i think just about everyone i track has been tagged already, so no more tags from this post !!