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Fanboyism is like a disease

It's understandable that we all have things that we know and love. Everyone has different tastes and differing opinions, and that's absolutely fine. One's taste of gaming may differ from other tastes. It's also understandable that human nature is competition, and we constantly crave only the best things, and if it's NOT the best, we can't accept it. We have become very critical over types of media, one including games.

But Fanboyism has spread like wildfire since the beginning of this generation. We may have become very accepting over PS2 and perhaps other consoles(because they were less expensive than they were now), but competition has risen, and so, we separate to different consoles altogether. A fraction goes to PS3, another fraction goes to 360, and another fraction goes to Wii. The problem with this separation is that it got the better of many of us, and it's now taking over our life and how we view other games, and even other people. Many of us are convinced that the console we own is the best and the others just don't offer as much. There are also those who feel the games they favorite are only the best.

Don't get me wrong, it's GREAT to have differences, and it's perfectly normal. How would consoles be this generation without competition? Much worse, you can imagine, especially the Sony giant. Yet we are allowing our bias take control over our decisions and feelings towards something. It's okay to have favorite games and a favorite console, but we are allowing our opinions to take control over how we feel towards other material.

And the disease can get even worse. In some groups, if you do not own a Wii, then you may not be accepted by your peers. Also, in one scenario where you don't own a 360 and your friends do, then your friends may not accept you(and this has happened once with one of my friends, but luckily, it was resolved, so we are friends today). We have become too judgemental over others who own different consoles or play different games, resorting to calling others names like "cows", "lemmings", "hermits", "sheep", "xbots", and more. Yes, these are supposed to be FANBOY names, but even owners of a console can be called that. Sometimes, someone buys a console because it appeals more to them, but their opinion is accused as "biased" and "fanboyish". If he bashes on the other console(and alot of us do), then he is being a fanboy.

It's also widely believed that if you own more than one console, you are not biased, and not a fanboy. This is wrong, however. Although owning different consoles will help limit our bias in different games, there's still favoritism over consoles, and even a 360 owner may still bash on the PS3's lineup and Wii and still think the 360 games are the only good games. Saying one console sucks when you haven't played it is insincerity. The same goes for games that look unappealing to some while it's pleasing to others.

Then there's hype. Of course, we'd all love to believe that hype=best, but what about the games that aren't hyped because they are barely known or not favorited by everyone else? Try different games from the crowd, and if you are one who's indifferent towards the hype, try playing the game that everyone's hyping. You may just follow the hype as well. If you don't enjoy it, do not disregard it as "stupid", but just that you don't enjoy the game. Yes, I know companies have ways to lure people to their games, but don't disregard them as stupid, but "misinformed". Propaganda can be very persuasive and a huge influence over others.

If you or someone you know happens to show some signs of fanboyism, or already admit you're a fanboy(or know it), do not panic or feel shame. Alot of us are in that situation, and while there is no easy cure for it, there are ways to limit it or get rid of it altogether.

The key to curing "fanboyism" rests in changing our habits. We have to become more accepting, less critical, and less bashing.

Here are some ways to help fight the disease:

-If you only own one console, and you are convinced it's the best and try to justify that opinion, you may want to "walk a mile in another person's shoes" and see what the other consoles have to offer. Play their games, and discover every aspect of the consoles. Try to be fair to each one too, as if you don't try to enjoy it, you're still not going to like it, and conquering the disease will be even more difficult.

-If you own all consoles, but continue to bash on the others and justify your opinions, (for example, you favorite the PS3 and bash on all the others because of "no good games"), then you may want to try to play more games on the other consoles that you continue to bash. If you still can't enjoy them, that's okay, but don't try to justify your opinions. Acknowledge that other opinions' are important too.

-If you are the type of person who is convinced his games are the best and can't take bashing of his favorite games, remember that these are just games, and not you personally. Everyone has the right to enjoy what games they choose. If you can only enjoy a certain type of games, you may want to try out other games. For example, if you only like shooters or only RPGs, try some platformers, racers, and several other genres of games. You may find more that appeal to you.

-If you are a very critical, judgemental person, then you may want to lighten your expectations. High expectations for everything may lead to disappointment. Also, not enjoying the game for one reason may mean you are too frustrated with that reason. Just try to lighten up and overlook that area. For example, if a shooter's aiming is causing you not to enjoy the game, then try to overlook it. You may enjoy it more if you overlook problems like this. A game also doesn't need beautiful graphics to be pleasing. Also, try not to judge too much and just allow yourself to enjoy the games, if possible. Also, try not to think that your opinions are the best, or that people who enjoy relatively simple games are simple-minded or dumb.

-It's alright to compare, but if it becomes a habit, this would become a problem. Try to not compare as much, and just enjoy the games for what they are. If you write reviews, just judge every game as if it were the only one like it.

Fighting off this disease will be difficult, but it's not impossible. We just have to let go of how we feel towards other things. Again, don't be afraid to admit that you have the disease. Regretting to admit to yourself this problem may be a regret and slowly take away from your life.

Yay, it's March Break!

Yay!!! It finally March Break (or Spring Break as some of you call it). Yes just 3 more months of school left, time flies.

For March Break, I'm just going to be a video game nerd and just game all day long, then hang out with friends.Yup, that's it, I fail lol.


Should I get COD:WaW on 360 or PC?

Im still decideing and I need your help. I will be playing multiplayer a lot when I get this game, but I don't have Live Gold, just a bunch of 48 hour trials that I can put in. Wether for the PC, I can play online for no cost (excluding Internet bill lol). I do enjoy playing on the 360 more though. Help me pick, I cant decide.


Haven't made a blog in awile...

Yeah, its been 2 months and I havent made a blog, thats because I am busy with homework and stuff....but here are my recent sigs


I have just been playing Assassins Creed on the 360, amazing.

3 sigs to choose from.

Hi all, I have 3 signatures to choose from. There are for the forums, and I would like your opinion on which one to choose for it.



3.  Or should I keep this one which im using now?


BTW, I got Burnout Paradise for the 360, its so awesome! I love crashing into cars and going to the Showtime lol

September 11, 2001

On Tuesday Morning, September 11th, 2001, there was a horrendous terrorist attack on America which can only be described as an act of war. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center's Twin Towers in New York City, another into the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and a fourth in Pennsylvania. American Airlines Flight 11, UNITED Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 77, and UNITED Airlines Flight 93 were hijacked by terrorists and flown into symbols of America in what most compare to Kamikaze tactics. This caused the World Trade Center's Twin Towers to collapse and crushed a portion of the Pentagon. It is believed that the plane that went down in Pennsylvania was headed for the White House.


My Signatures

Hey! Right now i'm going to post most of my signatures here. So enjoy!

P.S. I mostly use "S.W.A.T" as my name on forums, but S.W.A.T was already taken here so I just named myself "PlzDuntBanMe" lol. Just in case you are thinking that I ripped these XD

Spiderman Sig

My GS forum sig

A sig (forgot the character)

Assassins Creed sig

Old animated Lamborghini Reventon sig

Mazda RX7

Nissan Silva sig

Nissan 350z sig

F-22 Raptor sig

Army of Two sig

Full Auto sig

Killzone sig

Another Killzone sig

Counter Strike sig

B/W pop up Spiderman sig

F-22 Raptor sig (Youtube account)

Lamborghini Gallardo sig

Chrysler sig

Thanks for your time!

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