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Modern Warfare 2 booklet

This is just ridiculus, they sell over 4 million copies and to save money they give you a smallass booklet that is like 6 pages and isnt even in color. Not that I ever neededthe booklet or would use it, but withall the preorders you think they could have given out a decent booklet with the standard edition of the game. In the end the book was pitiful

Midwest Gaming Classic

Ahh how fun that was. Me and my buddy luke are dying with the anticipation of the next one. This year we will be much more prepared in terms of having a room for the weekend, bringing lots of beer, and most of all sitting back and enjoying it. Last year we felt the need to rush through everthing in order to see all there was to offer. After i won the PS3 raffel we left and did we regret it. Next year here is our plan wake up early the morning of the opening. Get a big breakfest and some coffee to take and get in line(if there is one) Then once we get inside its all buisness for the first 3 hours, buying video games and trying to get the rarer ones before there picked through. Then we wll coast around and enjoy the rest of the show. I dont know of any other videogame conventions that are as exstravagent as this, especially near where i live(Wisconsin) It should be a fun time, the only enemy here is time.

So Little Super Famicom

So through my searches ive discovered that famicom games in general are hard to come by, at least where i live(Wisconsin U.S.A) Ive posted on the legacy forum and i didnt get one response, i actually got moderated for trying so hard. Ive looked on google through searches like "the top ten super famicom" or "the best super famicom games". My results have proved meager. So if any body reads this and has any knowledge on Super famicom games that were only avaiable in japan, LET ME KNOW it would be greatly appreciated in my search. I also went to a few secound hand video game stores and they all said they had never even had the opportunity to purchase famicom games via people coming in. I purchased gundam wing endless duel not to long ago and it was one of thetop 2d fighters from that generation. In general im looking for games that only came out in japan and are little hidden gems. But in the end it was to no evail.

Why all the hate?

There is one thing that I have noticed over the years. A biased stereotype of gamers. This usually includes being seen as either very skinny or obiese, nerdy, virgin, quite, unhealthy, and antisocial. Now I do recognise this is true for some, but not all including myself. I myself have faced much prejudice for my of videogames. Butwhere do this stereotype stem from. All of my friends are majorly into videogames and none of them fit those above qualities, or any that i had forgot. So in theend why cant playing videogames be ascool as other sports and activities. I love and play alot of sports but I dont enjoy any of them as much as playing videogames.

gameinformer rates everthing hyped up really high

itseems that every timea highlyanticipated game comes out that gameinformer givesit ahigh score. Most recently its been RE5which got a 9.5. Cmon really? it definitly wasnt that good. Or what about halo wars which got a 9.0 in gameinformer and a 6.5 here on gamespot. I personally see this as annoying trend in that magazine. butam i the only one that feels this way?