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The Last Stand - 23 Days Later

This is unbelievable, well playing an online game called " The Last Stand ," my computer shut-down and restarted its self, the game is about surviving the last horde of zombie's for as many days as you can, finding survivors and repairing your barricade etc.. on day 23, my weapon of chose was a chainsaw, after about 5 minuts of cutting through hordes of zombie's - my computer shut-down and restarted!

(I warn you when playing this game) 

Some Rants

This really pisses me off, how only 9-10 people ever read my BLOG posts - come on people it take's like 10 minute's and anyways I visit all of your blogs everyday.. learn how to use live bookmarks people.  Another thing is the hotspot podcasts, there good and all but how come they don't make it in part's, like different chapter's so if you want to show a friend something you can just skip the other stuff and show that one chat to them?! the last thing is, I hate when teachers talk about student's behind there back, if you have something to say then tell me to my face - it's not like I can harm you anyways..

What's New?! 8 - The Extremely Late Edition

Yes, I am still alive for all of you who care to know - I just didn't write a " What's New " journal entry because I decided to do it monthly but anyway's on with what you have missed in my life!

- The Green Mile (old movie about a man with a gift to heal who is wrongly accused of killing to young girl's)

- Blades of Glory (the hilarious figure skating movie, everybody was talking about)

- Hot Fuzz (a movie about a top cop who is sent to a little town, and eventually solves a twenty year long crime)

- Happy Feet (an animated movie, good storyline and funny in some part's)

- Death-Note episode 27

- nothing really, just watch G4 tech tv all day.

- i've gained 15 lbs of muscle this year since i've started fitness.

- my math grade has gone up and will keep rising, hopefully.


p.s anybody request's that I haven't completely, sorry i've been a little bust lately and will get right to them this week.

The Real Desu-Noto Fan Quiz

Hello everybody, I have jsut finished creating the good copy version of my real Desu-Noto fan quiz, it has been tweaked and spell checked to perfection - please tell me your opinion and comment below:

The Real Desu-Noto Fan

(The quiz will judge you on your overrall knowledge of the Anime and Mangaka)

p.s look below for the clean-out topic


Hello, I am going through my friend's list and cleaning it out - if you are my friend, please leave a comment below.

Good Deal?!

I was wondering if you think this is a good deal:

- The original Ghost In The Shell movie (special edition)

- Ghost In The Shell: Innocence (special edition)

- Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Season 1 (full boxset) 

- Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Season 2 (full boxset) 

All brand new, perfect condition for $200 with tax. 

What's New?! 7 - plus 5 Movie Edition

Hello? how are you doing, life treating fair? ok enough of that, so this week was great; on Monday it was just the same old routine except my high school has a new libarain who is a complete push over and let's us do anything we want. Tuesday went the same as well, nothing really new but I got my math quiz back with 84.9% or 85% which really helped my current grade. Let's see on Wednesday my nose randomly started to bleed out of no were well I was lifting weights in the weight room and it eventually stopped but my friend made me laugh and a gush of blood came out of my nose and hit him in the face, :D and then Today I had another math quiz which I think I did very well on and a programming quiz also but don't even ask about that one. :P

- Blades of Glory was hilarious, 10/10 but the ending was stupid.
- GrindHouse // pending..

- Death-Note Episode 25 (this was the craziest episode, spoiler* L die's and Rem also if you watch this serie's spoiler*.

- Nothing until I get my Wii but I am not grounded anymore from playing my X-BOX.

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Movie Feature

Armored Core 4


Devil May Cry 4


Castle Crashers




Warhammer Online



Heavenly Sword

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


No More Heroes

p.s leave comment's if you view any of the above five with link's.

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