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Love Thy 3DS

Humor me Nintendo3DS Safety Manual

Maybe it's time to return that 3DS Buddy, you know, your friend's 3DS. You know what I'm saying.

Infinity Ward Hires Noted Glitchers to Test Out 'Modern Warfare 3'

"Though it might not discourage wily glitchers and hackers from giving it the old college try,Infinity Wardhas called in the assistance of noted glitchers in order to help keep theirModern Warfare 3multiplayer experience pure. That's right, much like security firmsconsult with hackers,Modern Warfare 3's developer is looking for a little outside input in order to keep exploits in their game to a minimum."

More here:

An Undying Argument: PS2 Backwards compatability

After reading more [new] articles on this flame of hope for backwards compatibility to have Playstation 2 games on thePlaystation 3, I can't help but think that maybe it's not so much of a minority that users of the PS3 are still waiting or are on the lookout for the return of this feature. If such a topic as this continues to resurface then I'm not convince that PS2 backwardscompatibiliy is, to say, a "not selling" feature for PS3 as Sony claimed it to be. I'm sure of this as on the announcement of the PS3 launch, Playstation fan boys were on the verge of wetting themselves after hearing it would be PS2 backwards compatible, and it was an inspiring feature for purchasing a PS3. So... What happened?! PS3s with PS2 hardware (Emotion Chip) had been discontinued for emulation software which had proved to be less successful in operation of PS2 gameplay. This feature was discontinued just as the media card reader, the reduction of two USB ports, and the supression of the GPU & CPU processes to save on power uptake and reducing overall the cost of the console. But now Sony is showing signs of confidence in permitting PS2 downloadable games from the Playstation Networkstore along with the release of hard copies such as the God of War Collection and the soon to come ICO Collection [which I am one looking forward to this, being that I missed those releases during the PS2's prime]. Hopefully this can turn things around and if successful, more PS2 games might become available on the PS3. Even with the Xbox360 it permits its predecessor's Xbox releases on the Xbox Live store and through limited hard copies. What I really am trying to say, is: You're freaking right that Playstation 2 games should be available on PS#3, but will I re-buy what I already have in a PS2 case, hell no. Is it really worth it to pay all over again, it depends. I understand Sony's choice for marketing PS3s without the PS2 capabilities to save $$ for revenue and to avoid technical issues that they had gone quiet about (it'll be nice to compile a list these tech issues), but I for one am one of those who was more influenced to get a Playstation3 due to the PS2 backwards capability among the other features. I'm skeptical that those who want to play PS2 games on their PS3 are in the minority as some might to criticize. I can agree on some part with some critics since there is still the sale of Playstation 2 (slim) units. But there are many PS2 releases that individuals might had missed and don't not own which they would like to play, hence the appreciation of the release of the God of War Collection, ICO Collection and evenThe Orange Box(containing Half-Life 2 and Portal, etc.) which were actually games release for PC. If Sony releases a new PS3 model capable of running PS2 games smother than the previous 20, 60, & 80 (1st generation.) Gigabyte models than I am a buyer [Hell, give me the old installation of the Emotion Chip and I wouldn't have to bite my thumb at them]. If there are those of us catching up with the old PS1 games on the PS3, then having to play PS2 games shouldn't be so restricted. I think it is brilliant that downloadable PS1 games can be transfer over to the PSP along with the saved data. But, will the NGP (aka PSP2) be able to play PS2 downloadable games? There's your one reason for providing more PS2 DLG(Downloadable Games) for the PS3. Just an idea, not a demand, but preferable...

3D technology

Just saw a vid on here "The Future of Gaming: 3D Gamig" and I came to a few realizations.

Because of 3D I hope that this can disallow bad games and movies -which is unlikely and wishful thinking-. But 3D technology is expensive which can make projects cost more resultingin thelikelihoodof seeing more company cutbacks (lets say sacrificing qualities such as gameplay/cinematics and plot/story). 3D is a factor that can be an additional liability or a bonus to our entertainment experience (as mentioned by a few interviewees through the link above).

In the long term I wonder what the psychological aspects it would have on us and how does this change us socially. Can you imagine, watchin the news in 3D? That's excessive especially when medias such as that is to inform, to raise awareness not be entertainment (although they're already playing the habit). I agree that technology is outgrowing the context of the quality in basic elements (eg. importance of storyline/literature) and especially ethics. But I'm all for 3D for entertainment purposes.

I don't have a hdtv since that glasses-less 3DHD would be worth the wait.:shock: