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I logged into the Nintendo store yesterday to check out the price of Donkey Kong, and when I saw $79.99 I noped the fork out of there really fast.

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I've nearly platinumed GOW, except I just can't be bothered to beat the Valkyrie queen. Overly difficult battle.

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@sealionact said:

Titanfall 2 for me too. Right up there with Doom.

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Honestly, I played Nier on PC (with the monitor hack for full proper resolution and frame rates) and the graphics were very meh at best. The gameplay was super repetitive, and the story was OKish but kind of boring. As an open world kind of game it felt very linear with it's objectives. Then you have to play through it like 3 times for the 'full story'. No thanks.

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Price cuts are good for the customer. This doesn't mean they are doing it to force sales higher, this means they are getting better prices on manufacturing in large quantities. Sony should be doing cuts like this too.

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Anyone else not really impressed with that trailer? Graphics look ok, some nice scenery but up close only meh. I'm hoping for some gameplay changes so it doesn't feel like GTA V in the west.

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@ezekiel43 said:

I'm gonna repeat what I said elsewhere. I still don't see how this really zoomed in camera is a good idea. No one has made a good argument for it. How is constantly having to now lock on and rotate the camera in these chaotic battles better than a standard classic third person camera? I corrected myself and said classic because almost all the big third person games use these really zoomed in cameras now. It's absurd. I was frustrated in the last hours of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy that I couldn't change the field of view (while aiming) at all. This game's combat does look nice, but for me it's ruined by this shit camera. They're not doing it in the best interest of the game, they're doing it because everyone else is doing it, because it looks cinematic to some people, which is stupid. It's a bad choice for chaotic melee combat.

It's not really an issue, and you don't have to lock on to enemies... in fact, I am 10 hours in and I can't recall having ever locked on to an enemy on purpose. The camera being close doesn't really affect things since most of the time, you are fighting a lot less enemies at once than Kratos did in GOW3. It's just not that hard to keep track of all the people around you.

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Witcher 3 by a mile. The crafting, upgrades, leveling are all just better in Witcher, the story is better in Witcher since it jsut has so much more, and side quests are storylines of their own. Not just "free a dragon, find some bones, etc". Combat is better in GOW overall, but upgrades for combat are better in Witcher 3. GOW is like a almost linear style game, not true open world IMO, with a much smaller map area. I like both games, but W3 is GOTG for me.

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@davillain- said:

@ArchoNils2: Had to revisit the thread to give you my personal opinion now that I lock-in 3 hours before heading to work.

First let me just say the visual are on par with Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice which is funny, since there both Norse games and which is good, because I really like Hellblade game but moving on, it's nowhere stunning as Horizon: Zero Dawn but God of War 4 still looks amazing. I found Atreus (Son of Kratos) actually pretty useful in this game. He grows on to you as you play the game, he adds another dimension to the game play and another dimension to the story with his personality.

Now about the combat, 8/10, it's fun but there are small annoyances like the camera, and auto tracking/focus but as I adapt to the combat gameplay, I actually like the new combat gameplay cause after replaying GoW3 Remastered, the combat was indeed dated and this new one was a nice change for once in the series.

  • It's loud and satisfying
  • Switching between melee and armed combat is fun
  • There is no "out of sight - out of fight" here. You constantly have to watch your back (literally).
  • Atreus is useful
  • Parry is satisfying and even demanded by the game mechanics
  • Movesets are very limited at the beginning

It’s not bad by any means, and throwing the Axe makes up for the simplicity of the melee combat. Little annoyed at constantly getting snuck from behind in packs, but Axe throw, plus using the kid in tough battles does mix it up a bit. Fingers crossed that cool moves/weapons/variation get unlocked later. I'll try to return later as I progress the game further on and so far, I give this refresh God of War game a 7/10 for now.

I've put in about 10 hours so far, but oddly, I haven't had any camera issues. Also, when in a pack, there are markers around your character that are white for close enemies, and red for attacking enemies. The goal is to use those markers to know when you are getting attacked from behind. Works pretty well. When an enemy attacks from the front they sometimes have a large circle grow out of their body, where orange attacks can be parried to stun them, and red are not blockable.

I do agree that even with many of the upgrades i've got, the fighting stays pretty simplistic from that perspective.

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@nepu7supastar7 said:

Bloodborne is a piece of shit. It doesn't deserve a spot in the list.