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Im excited. Don't look at this tech as the best tech, look at it as generation 1 tech. In 2 generations time these 20xx cards will be dirt cheap and we'll have has 3-4 years of rtx compatible games on the market, even if only used alongside traditional render pipelines to augment graphics improvements. Once the trx cards start to hit mainstream saturation, games are going to have a masive graphics upgrade for the first time in like 10 years, instead of these little incremental upgrades we get now.

The traditional reder pipeline is hitting limitations that cant be surpassed without a new technology on the market, amd rtx is that new tech.

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That's good. I bought it for my X1 back in the day, but a PC release would open it up to more people. It was a fun game.

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If next generation, the PS5 and Xbox 2 were both capable of more power than the current gen AND being portable, that would be a major sell for me.

BoTW pushed not only open world design, and control, but physics also. The physics engine in that game is truly inspiring, and giving you the core tools to run about and interact with it was pretty brilliant. How awesome is it to collect arrows that missed their targets after a battle, or enemy arrows that missed you?

Hot and cold temperatures that you can get around with tricks like being able to stay warm just by equipping a fire based weapon, or being able to cook your food by dropping it on the ground on death mountain, and letting the heat from the mountain cook the food.

Weapons, items, everything feels grounded in the game, in that you can smash an enemy and have him stumble and drop his weapon or shield, then pick it up before they do so you have an advantage in the fight. You can shoot apples out of trees, and the arrows remain in the fruit which can be collected once you pickup the fruit.

Need some fire? Just drop flint and a bundle of wood on the ground and strike the flint with a metal weapon igniting the wood. Boom, fire. Pull out regular arrows, and touch the fire with them, now you have a fire arrow. Everything in the world seems to interact in ways you pretty much expect them to, sometimes even surprising you that it works the way you hoped it would.

These physics need to be in every game from now on, because they add largely to the realism and gameplay.

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@brimmul777 said:

Wow,Resident Evil 4 re-released in 2018/19 for the million time. Not to say it's a bad game, because I know it's probably a great game, but holy shit give us something new rather than a prettier paint job? In my opinion, to many remastered games out there.

Not sure if you've been living under a rock or something, but they HAVE been giving us new games. Just they add ports like this into the mix also.

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By the time it comes to PC the new consoles will be out to run the game even better. It will probably look better to.

We saw this same exact scenario with GTAV.

I'll let you tell me which version of that game is best.

How long did it come out after the console version?

7 months.

Personally, I'll wait 7+ months to play RDR2 for the first play-through at 60fps.

I can't stand frame drops to the mid 20's, it add's to much judder, so PS4/X1 options are out for me and I'm not getting an X just for smooth 30fps. If it doesn't come to PC, i'll pickup the remaster next gen.

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All I want are sharks with fricken laser beams coming from their heads, is that too much to ask for?

Oh, and I want the best hardware with the best games, exclusives or not. It's unfortunate that these concepts are completely segregated this gen. Sony has the best games, MS has the best hardware. Have to own both damn consoles. The difference being though, that whichever company has the best hardware, if they also put the effort into having the best games, it would be a solid win, but neither company went full throttle into either. PS4 Pro is gimped at the CPU level, X1X is gimped at the exclusive level.

Sony should make a gamepass and let me play it on the x1x. Problem solved.

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I don't think it's overrated at all. I had a huge amount of fun playing through it and actually really enjoyed the weapon break mechanic.

OP fails to capture the facts about the game:

Weapon breakage doesn't happen after a few simple hits. But the mechanic is there to help the player rotate through the weapon roster.

One hit deaths are also not a bad thing. Don't go up against high level characters if you suck at gaming bro. The difficulty level is exactly what I have been asking for since TP came out. In TP, you can literally stand still in a group of enemies and it will take 10 minutes to die since they only take off a quarter heart per hit. No challenge at all.

Cooking is a lot of fun, you're just converting your collectables into useful items.

Seems OP has some hate on for BoTW, or hasn't actually sat and played through it. The game was brilliant.

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Cows are just jelly that RDR2 runs best on an MS box.

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Sunset Overdrive was exclusive (and is not shared with PC).

Honestly though, Xbox exclusives are not a thing, because MS has gone the route of play anywhere, sharing most of their titles with PC. The term is now "Microsoft" exclusive if it's on their platforms only, and not on Sony or Nintendo platforms. They just don't fit into the single console exclusive category anymore.

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The game is pretty fun, but not without it's flaws.

- Controls feel better than SM2 but still has issues with fine motor controls if you want accuracy in some spots. You basically hold R2 to swing and at minimum don't really need to press anything else to traverse the land. There are other methods like zip line and power jumps, etc, but there isn't a lot of a learning curve for this.

- Side missions are completely forgettable from a story perspective. They add nothing to the core story and are very unrealistic.

- Side missions are all similar. So they are broken into different 'minigame' types, and those will vary between 2-3 styles at the different locations. Similar to Assassins Creed, the map is divided into sections, each with towers to unlock both the map and the local side missions/collectables. As you go through the game, new side mission types unlock for each map section. This whole setup feels very dated and is not really fun aside from being mostly filler.

- Main story is pretty good (so far, i'm like 50% of the way through). The main story missions feel far better than any of the side missions.

From an open world perspective, it is very similar to any assassins creed game or GTA game. Quite literally, people walk around and do things, but nothing that you can interact with in any significant way. It's very much a "gotta get from point A to point B" type game, layered with the story missions in between.