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Just beat Witcher 2 on Insane.

I just have to announce this moment in my gaming history.

May 14, 1:03 AM. I, PeterDuck of Rivia, beat Witcher 2 on Insane difficulty after approximately 3 months of trying, 14-15 failed attempts and 173 hours:

1. Finished Roche's path.

2. Gave Anais to Temeria.

3. Let Letho go (hope to see him in W3);

4. Saved Sile (hope to see her in W3

5. Killed Henselt (don't want to see him in W3)

I have 6 more Steam Achivements to unlock which I intend to get before W3 comes out.

Super psyched. Got all my saves ready for import, got my Gerald statue, all I need to buy is a Witcher T-shirt and the silver medallion

The Fourth funniest review on gamespot by sarmadsameer1 (HITMAN ABSOLUTION, 9.0)

I wuld say WTF! da thng I most liked was dat gal taking bath. it isn't like 123or4... it's the best of hitman series ,, the gameplay,the combat(hand-to-hand's better),the story,the bald head,the girl(oh yeah!)at the main menu..... o man! the best thing loved is the engine... the movement is totally changed from previous(they sucked!) well I have one question too how do u read 10 or |0 or I0 what the hell..>!......
well I will rank it 9.0 and as a feed back to gamespot plz improve the reviewing procedure as it got many boundries u know what I am talking ..after reading gamespot might be saying what an a**h***....
.......AS for the review this game got gr8 gfx and good engine as it supports every kind of gfx card , laptop-pc etc... and doesn't got that NVidia PhysX sh** and got gr8 PhysX even without NVidia gfx card... I play it on my intel built-in gfx card ...... I can play it on my Amd radeon 6950 gfx card but as it supports so who would miss portability and flexibility on a laptop.... it's got a great story and especially in the story the reasons for everything to happen i.e the reason for the girl to be saved by 47 was very relevant and real..... dats all I gonna say.... and also spent lot of time to write this sh** which no body reads....

Cliffy B. leaves Epic Games and decides to create PC-only games.

On October 3, 2012, the iconic and outspoken spiritual badass leader of the Xbox Live community, Cliff Bleszinski, or commonly known as Cliffy B. by his household name, departed Epic Games and went onto where no man has gone before, PC gaming. Cliffy B. claimed that after 20 years of making games for PC and "doing this", while pointing to a nearby Xbox console with a slight sense disgust and with a silly grin on his face, he is sick and tired of console gaming. The man claims that he decided to grow up and start making PC only games again.

I was able to get a few words out of Cliffy B. as he was leaving Red Carpet on October 2, 2012. His words were and we quote: "After a recent journey of self-seeking, I realized that I am tired of Xbox, man. I am tired of this outdated hardware and inaccurate controls. And most of all, I am tired of the Gears of War franchise. I could not imagine being at Epic Games for the time of the release of yet another iteration of the same take-cover-n-shoot shooter with the same Unreal Engine next February. I mean, its 2012, dude, we are still using the same engine from 7 years ago, its insane. I think Im going to remove the tattoos of the words Microsoft and Xbox from my lower back as well." Our speculation is that Cliffy B. wants his new, yet un-named company, to produce PC-only titles which will utilize full power of latest graphics cards and which are to feature full Directx-10 and Directx-11 support. We further speculate that the name of the new company will be either called "Unnamed", "Epic Fail Games", or "Cliffy B. presents."

My inside sources at Epic Games reveal that Cliffy B. may have in fact been fired due to his loud and obnoxious nature. The sources state that internal struggle for who gets to play Gears of War Judgment first erupted into a full blown war at the Epics HQ. The current CEO of Epic Games decided to cut a deal and avoid bad press by making Cliffy B. leave the studio on his own accord to cover up the embarrassment.

Cliffy B. is known for creating the Gears of War franchise as well as for his distaste for PC gaming. His recent actions helped prevent the release of Gears of War 2 and 3 on PC due to piracy. When asked how exactly PC pirates were going to play online co-op mode and multiplayer using pirated copies of the game, Cliffy B. avoided answering, all he said was: "Get an Xbox".

Valve to buy EA

In more recent news, in early September, 2012 EA has attempted to buy Valve software and take over the brains behind one of the most profitable video game franchises in history, Half-Life, Gabe Newell. Upon hearing thatone of EAs representatives was let inside Valve Headquaters because he was short on gas, Gabe rushed out of his office and into the lobby of the building to stop the EA drone from exploring the premises, planting bugs and leeching off Valves intellectual and creative capital through the means of hypnosis and bullying.

Mr. Newell was asked if he was interested in betraying PC gaming, becoming a sell-out and assuming EAs right hand position in global domination. Upon hearing the outrageous offer, Gabe almost exploded into hundreds of overweight head crabs. He was heard saying things like "Over my dead flabby and disgusting body", "You can kiss my pale gargantuan World of Warcraft ass", "Where is my crowbar?" etc. Moments later he was seen pulling out a crowbar from behind his baggy pants. The somewhat tense situation died down when, to the EAs rep astonishment, it was discovered that Valve actually had more money than EA. Gabe proposed his counter-offer to buy EA instead. The terms of the purchase followed that every EA bureaucrat was to be either shot or exiled into the desert of New Mexico and that the PC-based gaming distributing service, Origin, was to be destroyed in the fiery experimental facilities of the Black Mesa complex

The Third Funniest review on gamespot by hasho_boy Max Payne 3, 9.5/10

This Game Is For Expert Gamers And Not For Noobs Its Hard But The Best Buy It Or You Are The Only Losser

This Game Is For Expert Gamers And Not For Noobs Its Hard But The Best Buy It Or You Are The Only Losser

I Have Nothing More To Say

ITs Hard

I Play In Normal Mode And Still Dying

But I Feel That Its Like Real Life That We Live I Mean Other Games We Die after 100 Shot :S

But This Game U Play For Ur Life And Not For Sick Fun

Real Graphics And For Me Its One Of Its Great Good Things

Carry Weapons Like A Real Police Man Not Super Man : I Mean Not Carrying 100 Weapon In Ur Back Like Some Other Games:S

Bullet Time Is One Of The Exciting Good Things Of The Game , It Was In 2 ( I Didn't Play 1 ) But Still Like

It Didn't Write Much Because Didn't Play Much

But I Am Against All That Give This Game Form 1.0 To 7.5

Again Buy This Game

Bye ^_^

max payne 3 review., 6.5/10

R.I.P., Max Payne. Rockstar and its console fan base killed one of the most iconic characters in video game history.

Enter the PC version...Finally...I won't deviate much from my other PS3 review, I'll just add some changes and point out some improvements in the PC version.

For starters, Rockstar finally got around to creating advanced PC graphics for one of their games. It looks like they learned something after GTA 4 after all.

This time we get DX 11 tesselation, ambient occlusion (advanced sun rays), FXAA, MSAA, Anisotropic filtering as well as texture, shader, shadow, reflection and water quality tweaks. Needless to say this game has some heavy PC requirements. I was able to get 30 FPS with my powerful rig, but as soon as I turned down the multisampling anti-aliasing from 8x to 4x I got around 50-60 FPS throughout the rest of the game. Some jumpy shadows and halo around certain objects were also fixed. There are much more sharp edges and corners to be seen now. There will be certain areas in the game where you will see objects just appearing out of thing air. I thought the RAGE engine used only pre-rendered graphics? but whatever. We still get static hair on characters, near-lifeless facial expressions, sluggish control of the character when running or when attempting to make exact sharp turns (even though it's slightly better in the PC version). There is this half a second heavy and cumbersome delay every time you move your character about, just like in GTA and RDR. I remember how flawlessly I was able to move the character in the first two games.

All in all, I got much more satisfaction in the gun fights this time around. You will be able to save much more ammo and be able to pull off perfect head shots pretty easily without going berserk at the controller. I was able to kill 5 guys in the first slow-mo fall in the dance club whilst I was only able to kill 2 on the PS3 version. It feels good to be able to compare controls like that. I strongly recommend turning off all aim assist in this game (There are 3 different aim assists actually.) as well as the music for maximum immersion.

Here are some other things that I have noticed. When you die at a checkpoint and you start over, you get to play with your full health even though you're supposed to be wounded. Also, I haven't noticed the first time around that you can actually go prone in this game. Sometimes its helpful but Max takes a long time to lie down and get up, so you will feel pretty exposed.

anyways back to the regular review/rant:

Remedy sold its soul and now its turning in its grave. Oh wait, they are still around! I wonder how they feel after letting Take-Two/Rockstar make the third installment. I mean what were they thinking? ok so Max crosses some people back home (finally); then get recruited by an old police academy buddy to go work in Brazil. How exciting. I also like how you protect the girl because Max Payne doesn't like seeing girls get hit; moments later you can actually shoot the girl with no consequences. This thing has GTA written all over it.

I really wonder whose bright idea at Rockstar it was to make Max Payne bald and place him in Brazil. When I first saw the screenshots back a couple of years ago I actually, in all honesty, thought it was a joke. I thought that Rockstar was just fooling around with some pre-production ideas.

Let's start off with a little history lesson.

The first game introduced the bullet time feature. This feature revolutionized third person shooters. Since then, many games copied the mechanics. Dead to Rights, F.E.A.R., Call of Juarez, Strangehold, Red Dead Redemption, Sniper Elite, Vanquish, Wanted. What started off as a style mechanic slowly evolved into assist mechanic, aim assist that is. The first and second games did not rely on protracted gun fights with cover; it was mostly about short encounters with a handful of enemies, so the gun fights were all about your reflexes. Take that for what its worth.

Imagine a heavily scripted and narrative-driven GTA 4 plus a little bit of Red Dead Redemption touch. Congrats, you have just imagined Max Payne 3 (minus car theft). Same engine was used in GTA 4 and RDR.

Gone is the dark NY noire. Gone are the days when Max Payne 1,2 came out on PC FIRST and was rated higher than the console counter-parts. Gone are the characters from the first two games. Gone is the isolation that you felt in the first two games (now you will have back up nearby quite often). Gone are the derelict New York city alleys, gone is the comic-book narrative. In fact, the feeling you got from playing the first two games was that there WAS no world outside of New York at all. Here you get about 40 minutes of gameplay in New Jersey with the snow and the mobsters, (flashback to the good old days), but that's as close to NY as you will get in the game. I mean why couldn't they continue with the NY/NJ timeline? The mafia boss could be the villain and Max could easily continue running around NY and NJ. Ironically, the flashbacks were the best part of the game for me.

Now it is time to make way for the dance clubs, mini-skirts, Hawaiian shirts, the ability to kill friendly NPCs with no consequences, the annoying unremarkable uninteresting characters (Rockstar has a hard-on for those); make way for the side kicks, crazy blinding lights (people with epilepsy, BEWARE), the rural slums, sunny outdoors, frequent cut scenes that can't be skipped because the game is loading the new level (there are no loading screens here btw), Portuguese speaking enemies (no English subtitles by the way), the lack of suspense, and don't forget the multiplayer....yeah, the Max Payne franchise desperately needed that one.

And don't even get me started on the cut scenes, there are so many of them. The interrupt the fire fight continuity and decrease the urge to replay the game with guns blazing. The cut scenes also place you in scripted locations even though you were taking cover a second ago. At times, there is a cut scene every 1.5 minutes. Half the time you cannot skip them because that is when the game is apparently still loading. Every, and I repeat, EVERY cut scene is messed up. What I mean by that is that every cut scene has "effects" added to it. These include: blurry/static screen, double vision, various color and hue variations, sepia hue, frequent change of camera angle, blinding flashes, etc. It's frigging nauseating! Rockstar thought that adding too much "style" to these cut scenes would make them look more "cool" I guess. It sucks bad though, your screen can't ever focus on a single thing because everything goes haywire every two seconds. This "style" is even sometimes oozing out in real gameplay, no kidding. I also like how random dialogue words just pop up on the screen during cut scenes. Useless.

I also like how as you progress through the game you get these achievements, like "250 enemies killed" or "you shot 50 enemies in their hands" or "100 enemies killed with pistols", etc. WTH! When did Max Payne turn into a arcade shoot filled with rewards? Seriously, you can't even turn that infantile thing off!

By the way, I didn't know Max could now shoot RPG ROCKETS in mid-air and make them explode with no blast effect whatsoever on the helicopter. I mean seriously? Shooting RPG rockets and then molotovs and grenades with a hand gun? Talk about aim assist.

So Rockstar decided to go with cover, since they are using their RAGE engine again, okay. What sucks though is that you cannot move when shooting while in cover. It's weird because you could do that in RDR.

There are improvements though: Melee attack, the ability to carry only 3 weapons (more realistic than carrying 10), the ability to examine some objects closely (with narration), detailed environments, the physics is worked out, the AI is quite decent (they take cover, throw grenades, flank you and charge you), and the absence of regenerating health is always welcome; also, captain baseball bat boy is back and there are some references to Max's previous achievements.

The firefights are good, there is sufficient destruction and satisfaction of each kill. The bullet time replenishes extremely fast though.

Also when you run, you have the ability to roll and pick up ammo, like in Uncharted.

As you progress through the game you get too look at "clues" that describe your situation. You can also look for weapons parts to be used in multiplayer I guess. Take that for what its worth.

Also, if you are about to die in a firefight you can get a chance (if you have a pain killer on you) to shoot an enemy in the nick of time and be able to stand up back on your feet.

As you keep playing the story will get more confusing and convoluted. You will easily forget the main characters names. I started skipping cut scenes about 30 minutes after I started playing, just didn't care for them. Looks like Rockstar went in all different directions here, they really could have kept it simple here. Instead we get these flashy situations, flamboyancy, obnoxious characters, typical cliches and tons of varied locations make it look like a linear GTA game. Fighting in the amazon anyone? Max Payne dressing up as a commando?

The campaign is pretty long (by today's standards anyway) but it is only so because 40% of the time you watch cut scenes, like in the last Metal Gear game.

As far as the story goes, well, nothing will ever beat the first game in that department. In the first Max Payne it was you against the world: the cops were after you, so was the mafia and the pharmaceutical corporation during the worst storm in history. The third game is a train wreck where you have to save a rich girl... who cares seriously? Moments ago Max was talking about how much he despised the vanity filled rich people. Yet he jumps into the pool with both feet (literally) instantly and keeps risking his own life for them. Then you turn into Sam Fisher/Arnold Schwarzenegger/One-Man Army kind of guy and do some spec ops missions, then you turn into a fearless unstoppable killing machine just looking for trouble. It just doesn't feel like a Max Payne game at least half of the time (boat chase sequence with infinite ammo anyone?) Certain areas the game plays like Kane & Lynch, no kidding. I still say that the franchise spiritually ended back in 2003.

First it was Sam Fisher, now it's Max Payne. Agent 47, you are next on the list....

I wanted to give a 7.0 but the subtitle says "Good", so I'll just have to settle for "fair" = 6.5

The second funnest review on gamespot, MASS EFFECT 3 by DerianArdor; 7.0 rating

gotta save this one before it is deleted:

"Oh how I wanted to give this game more. I have been an avid but not devoted follower of the series. You won't see me with 25 runthroughs with everything done from one game to the next.No. I read some books, wikied some things kept up on it. And my goodness i was ready. This was the pinnacle, I just was ready time to get teh game sit down an not sleep. the night i got this game i forced myself to get sleep, then play. and at first I was HAPPY. The emotions hte voice acting the feel that I DID something was superb. The music hit the notes for me, oh wait small glitch, move on. I was Grinning ear to ear these past 2 days. Hit the middle of the game, slowed down a little. ok. nwo by this point im meeting my old friends or finding out who is goen what i did, the game blended my actions wonderfully, and then we come to the end. Take earth back, up to your last moment on...a very important place..(can't spoil after all) its tense and heartthrobbing i am glued to this game! then the ending comes...ending one. huh...feels kinda empty..ok rerun new character blah blah blah. new ending..differant colars...similair cutscenes....ok.... ending 3. slightly differant probably the meant to be ending. and its still very similair..and whats this tahts it?! This is the biggest fall fo the game. The endings. sure there are some plot holes here an there but this game creates such MASSIVE emotional attachments especially for long time fans. its a pity that bioware takes pride in this. I wanted to give it more. I loved this. but i literally cried at teh lack of...more...for the endings,...otherwise teh game has decent gun mechanics fun multiplayer, interesting spots...its all around gonna eat up time fairly well, btu with only 3 real endings and so little of yoru choices making it into feels....hollow. It's gonna take you for a ride. byut that last drop is actually the station time to get off."


Much of the origin of December 25 date has been lost to the tradition of Western Civilization in order to be forced to spend an annual weekend with your entire family, spend money on gifts in order to materially express an appreciation for people and then have an excuse to not come to work. Little do people know, Dec 25 date actually had to do with Roman public sacrificial ritual.

Long time ago before Jesus's supposed birth, Roman pagans celebrated a week anarchy, literaly speaking, in the honor of their God Saturn. The Roman citizens could do just about anything but kill people. This week before Dec 25 was to be concluded by a public sacrifice of a chosen one who was forced to eat and have sex indisciminatelly for the entire week before Dec 25. Sadly, behaviour like this was considered an offense by the Roman Authorities, so in order to rectify the situation and please their God Saturn, they would brutally kill that chose one and wash away all the mischief that was invested into that one person.

Later on, as the numbers of converted Christians grew stronger, (Because let's face it, keeping track of all those Roman Gods can be kind of a nuisance, so it's best to just be devoted to one God), they decided to recruit more people into their ranks so they started recruting these very same pagans. In order tocruit them effectivelly, the pagans were told that they could still celebrate their festival AND be a Christian. Eventually, the pagans forgot about Saturn and embraced Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. In order to seal the deal, Christians decided to link the Dec 25 date to Jesus's birthday.

All in all, happy Roman sacrificial ritual, everyone!

Migrating to IGN

Ok so I did some scouting on the IGN website. I must say that even though their website layout is generic and has a lot of useless and irrelevant junk on it, I enjoyed their reviews as much if not more than Gamespot's. Ok, let me be frank, their website layout SUCKS, plain and simple. The ads are all over the place, you will have a hard time looking for news, updates, as well as the site's rating for that matter and I still wasn't able to pull a single player review of ANY game. Every time I attempt to do that the tab says: "Could not load the page" - does IGN even HAVE user reviews or not?

But I did notice that their ratings, especially with the most recent games, are 0.5 higher than on gamespot, which resonates with me more. I don't understand why Uncharted 3 has 9 (GS) instead of 9.5 (IGN) ; why BF 3 has 8.5 (GS) instead of 9 (IGN) or 9.5; Why Arkham Asylum has 9.0 (GS) instead of 9.5 (IGN), etc. They aslo rated Rage higher (8.5). Regardless, I guess I like variety.

And even though IGN gave Modern Warfare 3 an outrageous 9.0, at least they had the decency to put "Turns out the PC version is pretty much the same." Now THAT I wanna hear.

Also, I love the fact that IGN posted a video called: "Batman: Arkham City - PC Technology Exclusive" wherein they describe the Nvidia Physx benefits and super particle processing effects on PC rigs.

They say and I quote: "Check out our exclusive video to see why the PC version of Batman Arkham City will be the best version of all."

Oh, and did I mention that they have a decimal system? That's right. You MAY rate that game with 8.8 or 8.9 while saying "Almost, but not quite" or something like that.

Moreso, by subscribing to their elite membership I have already received a free STEAM game from them: "King Arthur" which costs $ 20 on Steam. I wanted to try it out at one point in the past but never had the time. After all, I have hundreds of games since I spend about 15% of my income on buying games.

I'll still write reviews on this website besides the fact that I can't access a single user-review on IGN OR have the ability to write my own reviews there.

I've also noticed that IGN has more frequent coverage about games, funny gaming moments, other miscellaneous gaming gadgets and references to movies, TV shows, etc. Plus they have that Jessice Biel chick, love her or hate her, at least IGN's got a mascot.

In the end, meddling on the IGN website made me confirm once again that Gamespot is mostly about catering to the general (console) population, and since PC gamers aren't getting fair representation on this website, neither can we get a fair fight when we ask for fair separate PC reviews, then it is time to look elsewhere for fairness.

The funniest review on gamespot by darkbow285... SKYRIM

I came across this...umm review of Skyrim in the xbox section of the game. Here's what the guy wrote, it's hilarious and it should immortalized in this blog:

"this game is so bad i are f be!!!!! this piece is so bad i wantaed to be a dragrren and i try but they no me. i so mad i want money back i want be dragon!!!!!!! gameplay s artsy and displays a shartty undertone of berlesque piccaso, maean the by i go and gameplay not. makes me want harder i cant make but i try.
dissss shshartyt is so bad i play all over the up side of it but i never find the stones i keeep blocking but they came. i cant even begin to go for the town i nevr the whole door it allways backways and i never get it. in the final sequence when i was death screech all over the guy he kept falling and i could not stop, i am so lost as to how the end i keep screech but he not goupside. almost the wierdest you are dragon man i cant how you would do ,waht so dragon blow you out its vag 0_o yo daddy do da dragon what else he go eat da poopoo i cant figure this!!!!!!!!1

I think I'm gonna read this now and then to uplift my spirit.

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