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So Jeff went.


What a shame, I mean it ain't anything big for me. Its not like I know the guy but I love his work. I mean recently I got a PSP and I took full use of the features by subscribing to RSS channels, one of them being the Hotspot Podcast. Yeah while while I stat max my characters in FFVII I would just pop on a podcast and those guys were such jokers.

But now Jeff is gone, anyone checked Tuesdays Hotspot on the 4th? Geez it was like a funeral or something, things liven up in the second half but you can see everyone who works at GS is pretty hurt by this all. I just wish Jeff luck in the future he made great contributions to the site and I loved listening to the podcast which I still do but without him its gunna feel like a major band missing a key member you know what I mean?

Anyway, you guys all take care, peace out.

PS2 fading away, great thing for the PSP?


Wow, never thought I would say that. This is in relation to the PSP. The point of this topic was not to debate wether or not it is better than the DS but to show that now is a good reason to own a PSP.

No dout the DS is selling better, with a greater selection of games and fun uniques ways to play games. The PSP launched and it was like a portable entertainment system, music, web browsing, pictures etc.

But the PS2, while one of my fave consoles had a game selection that was unintentionally damaging the quality of the PSPs game library. For a long time PSP was getting good games, like MGA for example yet most of the good games were just PS2 ports, why bother buying them when you can spend a little bit more and get the game for your PS2? (Unless you don't own a PS2 which probably didnt happen considering 120 million were apparently shipped)

Lately however this trend seems to have been dying out, I now find games that I want which exist only for the PSP. Games that make me see it as a worthwhile choice and a good reason to buy one.

Some recent, upcoming games for only the PSP to show why now is finally a good time to get this console!

Star Wars Battlefront Renegade

Silent Hill Origins

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions

Syphon Filter

Crisis Core

There is still a way to go, but this is a pretty good start for building an impressivelibrary of great games for the PSP:D

My Review: Bioshock 9.5 (Xbox 360)


A lack of multiplayer does not stop this from being a must have title to add to your game collection.

Bioshock is simply a must have single player experience. Providing you with a great story, fantastic setting with excellent sound and graphics.


The plot starts off quite simple, you are simply in a plane minding your own business when it crashes. In the middle of the ocean you notice an odd lighthouse that just seem to be mysteriously coming out of the water. In you go and you come across the bathysphere which when activated takes you to the beautiful art deco city of Rapture. A city built in the 40's by a man who wanted true freedom where people don't have to worry about ethics and what the government or religion say. Only problem is that Rapture has fallen. It is plagued by crazy deformed people and the whole city seems to be collapsing.


The game is amazing, because a deeper look reveals that the philosophy of Objectivism is quite strong. You don't need to know about Objectivism to enjoy the game and everyone can interpret a game differently and come away with some really interesting thoughts to ponder about. The story plays out wonderfully also, to understand the history and what built up to the fall of Rapture are over 100 audio recordings in the game to find. And through these recordings are characters who have strong personalities, nearly everyone appears in multiple recordings and you will understand their history, their story and their thoughts. Which leads to some very interesting characters, no one is generic and everyone is different from each other and not what you would expect. Even Andrew Ryan, who built the city and is the bad guy is not what you would expect. He is not some crazy power hungry mad man, hi is a man of will and dedication he raises some interesting questions and is clearly a man of intelligence.


The gameplay is amazing, it is similar to Dues Ex and System Shock. Because the game has a very open ended nature, you can tackle all the enemies in many ways. You can use your environment to your advantage easily and experiment with fun exciting new techniques. You get guns but also something called Tonics and Plasmids. Tonics are various affects, like camouflage, increased attack, dodge security cameras more easily etc. Once equipped they will constantly work till removed. And you get plasmids, think of them as super hero powers, like setting an enemy on fire, turning enemies against each other. There are about 52 Tonics and about 15 plasmids. Give or take a few. You can carry a certain amount at a time but there are machines throughout the game that let you easily swap them around with the ones you got stored away.


The interesting thing about this game is how the enemies work. For example you got the typical splicers which are common enemies. They deformed ADAM addicts. ADAM is a substance used to buying new tonics and plasmids. You got the little sisters which are little girls. Saving them gives you 80 Adam, but harvesting them which kills them gives you 160 ADAM. Before you can deal with them, you need to get through a Big Daddy. Big lumbering beings in diving suits that follow the little sisters protecting them from any harm. They are incredibly powerful, think of them as Bosses that wander the levels but they will only attack you if you pick a fight with them or attempt to harm a little sister.


There is so much information about gameplay, but too much to write about. In short, AI is great. There are plenty of options for upgrading weapons, researching enemies, beautiful places to explore. It is all wonderful and there is so much to do.


The sound is great, it uses actual music from the 40s and 50s it adds that great realistic atmospheric feel to the game. But there seems to be a common sound bug, sometimes a sound effect will be skipped. This has been happening to a lot of copies on a lot of machines and hopefully it gets patched up. It can also be really interesting to hide in the shadows and hear what the characters have to say, both those walking in the levels and in the audio recordings. And voice acting is of high quality.


Graphics are amazing, you heard it time and time again but it has lovely water effects, its the best seen in any game so far. The character models are memorable and everyone always remember the first time the come face to face with a Big Daddy. It really is a superb game, there is no multiplayer but the aim of this game is to have a fantastic single player experience and it delivered. It stayed true to its promise. Its got many memorable moments throughout and a good variety of locations despite all being in the same city.

Rambo is back, official trailer.

You better weatch this film when it comes out. Stallone has done the final Rocky and has now returned for the final Rambo. He is not going out of the movie busines as I know but he seems to be pulling an Arnold where he does the films that made him famous one last time.

The trailer is gory, and bloody. It is voilent so you have been warned, it looks set to be awsome.

So I saw Rocky Balboa.

I went to the theatre wanting to see a great film, because I aint a cheap **** that has to resort to pirate stuff. And man was I blwon away (Yes, so much I can't even spell the word), it still has the feel, it still has the emotion. Bill Conti who did 4 previous Rocky films returns here. Of course Rocky is here aswell as a few other people from the previous films.

If you watched Rocky V then you will understand what Rocky has gone through, what he has gained and lost and as a result it is quite sad this film, but also a happy one to see where he is now. It has a powerful message that has been commenly heard but unlike other films where the saying is said, this one shows you in action the saying. I know that must sound confusing but I don't wanna spoil the film so...well you get my point.

I just wanna take this time to urge fans to see this, you gottta go and see it on the big screen. Go with mates, a loved one, family heck even yourself if you have to and see this film. It has a lot of drama and is a gripping tale, it is a serious film but there are some moments of humour here and there and some great action scenes. Please see it.

Anyone got any comments on the film?

The Life Of Final Fantasy VII

*anime sigh* sad. I loved Final Fantasy VII like a jacked up midget on steroids loves stilts. Yesterday, I watched Advent Children for the first time and it was clear it was made for the fans. And I loved it, it was nicely put together, it was awsome to see what your fave characters would look and I have to say, the Turks looked cool. I was also very glad to see Quinton Flynn who plays as Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2 doing voice work for this film also. But my troubles start when I get to the second disc and select the option to see upcoming games based in the Final Fantasy VII world. It pained my heart to see three spin off games. I knew about em before but only now had it bothered me. From most of the fans I have talked to and myself included most agree that a spin off is not what they wanted. People are not against it but if they wanted another game based in this wonderful world then it would either be a remake or a direct sequal like how FF X-2 was to FF X. In my honest opinion, I was happy with Advent Children and to me there was closure and no need for anything more. Now I appreciate what is being done but its sort of like a tease, they keep releasing spin off after spin off when they now the majority want something different. Oh well, it just seems like one of my all time fave games is being milked. I love it so much I would have no problem buying a £1000 console if I had to so I could play it again. By the way, I have a question, its got spoilers from FFVII and the Advent Children sequal. Feel free to post any comments you have of the game, the movie or the new games based in that world or just the whole FF series in general. I am really interested to see what my fellow gamers feel about this.







spoilersspoilersspoilersspoilersIn Advent Children there is a Turk called Teng or Tsung, but didn't he die in FFV at the temple of the ancients?spoilersspoilersspoilersspoilers







End Spoilers.

My Review:Gears Of War Xbox 360

Fantastic single player, but multiplayer is very limited and an afterthought. .Well, you probably know what Gears Of War is, you must have heard of this game. It has been the center of attention for a long time, it was massively hyped as one of the best games of all time. But does it live up to that? short, no. Why? Well first, let us look at the good.


The grapics are amazing like everyone says, there is so much detail on nearly every object, there are a few things in the game that do not look so good but that is very rare, like some of the character models for people called "Stranded". .Now you have your sound, this is good and bad.


The sound effects are really nice, like when you hear concrete realistically crumbling apart from an explosion, or the squishing sounds you hear when you blow someone up into bits and pieces. Sometimes a sound effect will sound quiet though, and in multiplayer, on the map called Tyro Station the train is much louder than everything else. That might not sound bad but if you are playing at night you have to turn your volume low or you will get an earthquake in your room which means you play the game with nearly no sound at all. And the soundtrack is great, it is orchestral music. It fits the mood and feels like it should be there.


What about story though? Well to tell you the truth, it depends if you are looking for one, if not then it won't bother you that it is nearly non existent. There are a lot of things unexplained, things that obviosuly should have been explained, now this aint a problem if you go to the correct website or if you have the special edition. But when you buy a game, the story should be in it, you should not have to look elsewhere or buy the special edition. So, the story is horrible, character depth/history is left out, origin of the enemy is left out, why the war is fought is left out etc


Now the single player game is great. Like Cliffy B who worked on this game said, it is a fast paced tactical shooter. Which is true, so this ain't simply run and gun or a slow but enjoyably tense tactical shooter. It combines both, making it fast and tactical, which has been done in games before but not on many. You can have a mate come in and help you at any point in the game which is great, you can be in a tough spot, get a friend to come along and he can back you up. You can do this over live or on the same console. It can be a short single player, but if you start on the harder difficulty it will prolong the game, casual is just a bit too easy and you will rush through the game. What is great is the checkpoints, they a frequent so that saves frustration.


Now what about multiplayer? Well this is like I said an afterthought, infact this was basically stated as one. If you have any douts, I ain't sure if it is on the downloadable gametrailer vid from the xbox live market place or on the bonus disc with the special features. But it is mentioned that only after it did so well on E3 did they realise they need to put more focus on it. And sadly they did not do enough of that, it is seriously limited and has a lot of unfair kills. So you have player matches where, for some unknown reason nearly everyone has poor skill. But, you can invite mates, and have a couple of other options that you don't get on ranked. Now you take a look at ranked and that is horrible, you can't kick players, infact all you can do is set map, how many rounds, round length and game type. And that is it, if I had to use an example of what ranked matches should be like then I say take a look at Ghost Recon on the 360. That had a ton of options, but Gears is very limited and in no time every match will feel the same over and over. The game modes are slightly different from one another with assination being nice where your aim is to kill the enemy leader but no one is interested in playing that so sadly you won't get to do that match much. Some kills are far too unfair, take grenade tagging, this is where you melee attack by sticking a grenade on someone, that aint bad but it is when the melee range is 4 ft. Heck, I once got chainsawed by someone I just killed.


 It ain't all bad though, the multiplayer forces teamwork. You can not respawn so when you die that is it...gone till the next round. But you can heal a teammate who is down and nearly dead, so you need to stick together and work as a team otherwise you will lose. And while it is seriously limited in options, it is very addictive, sort of like a puzzle game, you just get addicted and go back for another try. .The controls is also another problem it tried to be simple by having so many commands on one button which was a bad idea. You can use it to sprint, dive, take cover and do a swat move. But it can be frustrating to try and do a dive for cover instead to have your character automatically press up against a wall and be a sitting duck.


What of the weapons, well they don't feel similar, in a good way. You have a shotgun, but this aint like any other in a game, with this one you can actually blow em to bits. The standard machine gun has a chainsaw attatchment. All the guns that are typical in games have a nice twist here that makes them feel different. You also have unique weapons, such as using laser beams from the sky, or a bow gun with explosive arrows etc.


And what of the look and feel? Well it is sterotypical in the way that everyone is a tough guy, main character has a gruff voice and everyone else has this typical badass attitude, and Cole who is the only black character even has a rap song at the credits. The character designs are comical also, not in a funny way but in how they look, they all have these massive over the top muscles. So everything is very sterotypical but it does not feel to over the top enough to get in the way. .


At the end of the day, it is suprisingly fun, addictive but lacks variety and stroyline, so if variety and story are very important aspects to you then skip this game, otherwise if you don't mind them gone then get this game.


My score: 8.4

HALP! Gears of war connection problems!

I am connected to the net, I have xbox live gold and for some reason I can not play a game online, I have tried so many times but keep getting a message about connection to the server has been lost. At first I thought my connection was the problem but I had no problems with playing GRAW online or trying out other games.
Why do I have such difficulty getting into ranked/non ranked games on gears of war?

This aint a bash against the game I just wanna firgure out whats happening.

Gears of war is the worst game ever, rant.

Sike! I hope people see a point to what I am trying to say. All you fanboys out there who complain or bicker about this game without even playing it are not even good gamers or mature. As a gamer, you want to play the best game, have the best gaming experiences and most importantly, have fun!

But since a large number of of gamers are fanboys and to close minded to even dare think about playing a game on a console that is not one they own, all you end up doing is ruining the gaming experience for yourself, miss out on great games, great consoles etc etc and you only have yourselfs to blame.

Its okay if you feel you will not enjoy the game, but to just assume its a bad game is the sign of a close minded gamer.

This does not go just for gears of war, this goes to a lot of other great games out there that you fanboys miss on because you assume its terrible for the sole reason that, its not on your console. I bet if Gears of War was on PS3, Wii then you fanboys would not complain.

End rant, just had to get that off my chest.

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