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My Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2012

Hello again, I haven't posted here in like a year. So, I decided to make a list of my Top 10 Games of 2012, you know, cuz this is a videogame site. :P

Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2012:

1. The Last Guardian (PS3)

2. The Witness (PC)

3. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3)

4. Halo 4 (Xbox360)

5. Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney (3DS)

6. Bioshock Infinite (Xbox360)

7. Fez (XBLA)

8. GTA V (PS3)

9. Touch my Katamari (PSVita)

10. Tomb Raider (PS3)

That's all, thanks for reading. :)

Help me!

Hey guys, long time no see. :)

I have been helping this forums for a long time, now i need your help.

Go to this site:

and vote for the band: "Somvazio"

If you do that, my band could have the chance to play in a Rock fest here in PR.

You can vote just one time per day till May 18. So vote every single day till tha date, you'll be helping me alot. :)

thx in advance GS forumites! luv ya all.

Hello, i made a UCB

Yep, it's about interesting stuff that happerns in this world in terms of science and nature, and also cool facts that no body know.

We will also talk about life itself and how you can improve it.

And that's just the beggining. 

Thank you. 

One, two...does anyone hear me? Is this thing working?

Oh, hello. I haven't made a blog in a long time in a galaxy far far away. I was looking at all my blogs and i remember all the fun i had. I used to make alot of motivational blogs and about my experiences in life. Also, i used to posts alot of my drawings: MSPaint and Photoshop, i used to be famouse for my MSPaint sigs, my Photoshop ones were good but not enought for me to become famouse. I used to draw comics using AlexN as the main character and his pain for reviewing the most horrible games like Big Rigs and Poker games. But then he started reviewing better games so i was happy for him. I used to hype Shadow of the Colossus alot. Some admins made comments in some of my blogs and i was happy cuz i felt important in GS but now i'm some sort of ghost that rarely posts or the evil monkey from Family Guy that no body sees but Chris.

I should start posting more but i think been a poster isn't that fun anymore, i was never a thread maker...maybe i didn't want to be the center of attention, that's why i used this blog to make them instead of making them on boards. But now i feel that i could do a good job at making threads. Now i'm going to contribute on something. :)

Shadow of the Colossus = GOTY

First of all, i have been waiting for this game since it was called NICO. I'm a huge fan pf ICO and its art style.

The game is coming this Tuesday and i really can't wait. I can't imagine myself playing that monster of game. Riding the horse, trying to kill those colossus, saving my dear princess. OMG, you have to buy this game, Shadow of the Colossus need huge sales for Sony to keep making this type of games.

Buy it!!!

GS Memories #3: The largest thread=RPG Discussion Thread

Anyone who has been long enough here knows that the RPG Discussion Thread was the largest thread in Gamespot during Lithium Era. I think it was made in System Wars but now it moved to System Wars 2. I don't remember who created the first thread, but Cronowing is the creator of SW2 RPG Discussion thread.

I used to talk with some users about invading that thread to force the moderators to lock it. Hahaha, man, but i was just only kidding. How could i do something like that., but it was fun to think about it back then.

Do anyone remember? (eco)

I looooove Katamari!

Laaaaaa la la la laa laaa laaaa, Katamari Damancy. The openings is just awesome!

I'm having a blast playing this game. Who would have thought that rolling a ball could be so much fun. What make this game so incredible for me is the art style and the weirdness in everything, the dialog, the worlds, the people, it's all weird.

People: "I looove Katamari, the King of Cosmos is the best!"
King of Cosmos: "...... .... the best ...."

And how could i foget about the music, it's funky and catchy. I never get tire of them.

I recommend you to buy or rent it. No, BUY IT!!!!

My top 5 sites

1. Gamespot- The best videogame site ever with one hell of community. I think there isn't another forum where people name fanboys in a certain way, like sheep, lemmings, hermits, cows etc. It's crazy i tell ya! Also, the admins are like celebrities here and they aren't scare to show their real personalities.

2. DeviantArt- In here you can see everything, poems, photos, painting, sketches, tutorials etc. And myself, being a huge fan of art can't ask for something better. This site is perfect!

3. Newgrounds- It has a huge collection of flash animations, you can spend days, weeks, even months watching different flash from different people.

4. RottenTomatoes- I'm also a fan of movies, and what a better place to be informed about the latest news and ratings that in RT.

5. Sijun Forums- The best forum for art. Here you can find the cream of the crop in terms of art. The Speedpainting thread is the best thread i have ever seen.

**Honorable mentioned: IMDB,, and IGN.
btw, i didn't incluyed any search site like Google or Yahoo because everyone knows how esential they are.