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Thought of the Day: Gaming, 7 Nov 11

Disclaimer: This blog is an advertisement.

I've mentioned Bing Rewards here before. This is a program where you earn points for searching with Bing, and you can trade those points in for various prizes, notably gift certificates. Bing Rewards is having a special promotion where I get 25 points if anyone joins off my referral:

If you haven't signed up already, do so. I recently got a $25 Amazon gift certificate, for doing nothing more than searching the Internet using Bing (which I do anyway). On 14 November, there's a special for 100 Microsoft points (yes, the ones you use on your Xbox) for 100 Bing Rewards points (the ones you accumulate). It's reasonable to get 100 points in a week, so if you sign up now, you can take part in this special, essentially get yourself some free Microsoft points.