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hey friends and friends to be

Hey, hope everything is good with u guys. I just wanted to get to know people on gamespot a little better because im kinda new here, so i thought i'd show u some of the games that im waiting on to release in the next month and maybe u could tell me what u waiting on ^_^, here goes...

Dead Rising 2


Enslaved:Odyssey To The West

Spiderman: Shattered Memories

Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood

well this the games that i'm certainly gonna get next month or hopefully late September, i'll make a other blogs when new games are on the way,in the mean time lemme see what u guys thought of my list and what are u gonna get..Sayounara!!

Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns Of The Patriots

Hey gamers out there..I am a big fan of the MGS series,but failing to own a ps3 I havent been able to keep up with part 4..Do u guys mind giving me a quick run down on the story of it? What exactly happened to Raiden? and why is snake so old and Raiden appears to be as young as ever?? Thanks alot guys im kinda now starting blogs an stuff,hope we can be friends^^.

PS: Are u guys as interest in late september to October's releases as I am??