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Some Examples of Sites Where You Can Download Videogame OST:

I have a lot of OST from videogames on my laptop. Some are from games I know and some of them I might not even have heard a single thing about. Today, I bring you some examples of sites where I download this music.

Galbadia Hotel - One of the most notable ones. Has a lot of video game soundtracks from both know and lesser known games. One of my most preferred sites.

Kingdom Hearts Insider - Has most of the soundtracks that Galbadia has, plus a few additional ones. There might be some problem with downloading some tracks from some of the soundtracks, but since most of them are present at Galbadia Hotel, you can just go there and grab the ones that don't work. Or, on the flip side, if Galbadia Hotel is down you can use this site as a spare!

Lost VGM - Not the biggest collection of soundtracks, but it has some of the games that neither Galbadia Hotel nor Kingdom Hearts Insider have.

It also works with typing the game you're looking for on YouTube and adding "music" (like Rage Racer music). Sometimes you might come across a video with a link in the video description where you can download the entire (or just the song in the video) soundtrack. If that doesn't work, there's always Google…

If you know any other good places to download game OST, please leave a comment and tell me all about it!

Big Plans This Friday!

This Friday I'm finally going to watch Ridley Scott's Sci-Fi Epic from 1982: Blade Runner on DVD! I'm very excited about this especially since everytime (which isn't that often where I live) it's on TV it has the worst runtime you can imagine (like 11:50 P.M)

It's not this movie that suffers from this. Almost everytime there's a great movie on TV it always gets the worst runtime, because the better ones are reserved for sex comedies that looks like they were written and directed by a convicted mass rapist.

Long story short: Give the classics better runtime!

My Top 10 Worst PS1 games was referenced in this video!

I was bored today so I decided to go onto Youtube looking for random videos. I came across anotherplaythrough of the worst game I've ever played. (If you don't know, please read the list) So I'm just watching the firstthree videos expecting nothing special. Then, in the fourth video, one of the guys talked about a Top 10 worst PS1 games list that he read on the internet. Then I realized that it was mine they were talking about. Just listen between 01:43 and 02:10 and you'll see too!

To lidothefox and RockNinjaToska, who made this video; I'mgrateful that someone finally brought justice to the systemby taking on this stinker! I'm looking forward to watching more of your playthrough! I know it's feels like pulling teeth, but once you've finished it you will have brought justice to the system!

New Review!

After some serious writer's block, I finally managed to finish the review for Fighting Force 2. Go check it out and tell me weather it was good or not.

There will also be a Top 5 list of games with most misleading titles posted soon.

A little update...

I haven't posted a blog in weeks (perhaps even months), so I thought I should post this to let you know what to expect.

I'm working on completing my review for Fighting Force 2 on Playstation, hoping to post it soon. If I have time I'll post some others as well.

Aside from that, I'm also working on a new Top 10 List: "Top 10 Best Third Installments".

Top 10 Worst PS1 games

It's taken some time (I began writing this list monts ago), but here it is: my list of the top 10 worst PS1 game of all time.

10: 007 Racing

A mission-based driving game with the Bond license attached sounds like it would make a great game, but a great idea alone doesn't mean it will result in a great game. The cars all handle like bathtubs on wheels, the graphics made the game look like a port from an old Sega Genesis game and it just felt wrong playing a game that made James Bond look like an idiot. Thankfully, the engaging musical score and a few interesting levels saves this one from getting any higher on this list. That's not saying much though.

9: Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol

When a franchise consists of several games, you'd think that it's a good sign. Just look at the Grand Theft Auto series and you'll see for yourself. However, just look at the Spec Ops series (where every game is almost identical) and you'll see for yourself that it's always the case. It's bad already that navigating through the menu is more difficult then weaving trough cars in New York during a traffic jam and that the very first level is darker then an alleyway in a dodgy neighborhood, but the fact that you can't spot enemies before they're already shooting at you is what kills this game.

8: The Grinch

You're a mean one Mr Grinch. Yes, you're a really mean one for featuring in this game. The concept might have been terrific, but it went so horribly wrong. The tasks were so cryptic that even Sherlock Holmes would have a hard time figuring out how to solve them, the visuals were blurry and littered with glitches and the levels were poorly designed. Even though you didn't manage to steal Christmas in the end, you sure managed to steal something that mattered even more to us: our patience.

7: Rascal

A perfect example that graphics don't make the game, Rascal left both disappointment and headaches to those who played it. Just figuring out how to get to the first level of the game is hard to figure out, and it doesn't get any better when you finally find it. In order to leave each stage, you'll have to find pieces of an hourglass that are hard to find to begin with. But the fact that you're stuck with a character that can barely jump, barely turn and slides all over the place like Bambi on ice makes it as painful as getting stabbed in the eyeball. When reading the instruction manual is more fun then playing the game itself, you know you've got yourself a game that's truly awful in almost every way.

6: South Park Rally

As fun as the show and movie is, it's such a shame to see that a racing game where you get to play as one of the citizens of the quiet mountain town isn't. Despite interesting race tracks, creative weapons and the voices being provided by the actual voice actors, what really killed this game was one simple thing. If you quit while playing the Championship mode, you have to start the Championship all over from scratch again, even if you saved the game. It's just unfair, technologically lacking and very unpleasant to play.

5: O.D.T (Or Die Trying)

Here's a pop quiz: What do you get when you repackage Tomb Raider, change the setting from cryptic tomb to what appears to be a mountain, and take away the smoothness of Miss Croft's controls? You'll get a very dull and frustrating game from Psygnosis called "O.D.T". Even if you could forgive the game's unresponsive controls, you can't forgive the game for being disorienting. Even if you're willing to forget that as well, you can't accept the fact that some enemies can attack you while you're attacking them or the fact that the already scarce save points can only be used once. Still, the title is very appropriate here, as your determination of beating this game will literary die while you're trying.

4: Army Men: World War: Land, Sea, Air

Just like Spec Ops, Army Men is a franchise where every game is almost identical to every other one and nobody knows why the company behind them keeps making them. There are a million reasons why World War: Land, Sea, Air makes the list, from the muddy graphics to the fact that the game is so glitchy that even the cheat codes won't work. These problems and many more means that the tagline "Real combat, Plastic men" should be changed to "Dull combat, Plastic, Pretentious men".

3: Spice World

Back in the day when the Spice Girls was still popular, they were on everything from teen-magazines, Pepsi ads and they even made a movie. Apparently it wasn't enough though, as they made it onto the videogame market with Spice World in 1998. Shortly thereafter Geri Halliwell left the group, and after playing this game you'll wonder if it was this that caused it. The whole game consists of nothing but butchering one of the Spice Girls most famous songs into a mix to make the girls dance to it while making a meager attempt to stop your ears from bleeding. On top of that, the game can be beaten in only 10 minutes! After going through all that, you'll turn the game as you'll "say that you won't be there".

2: The Mission

After a Nike commercial where several big name soccer celebrities fought against a group of evil ninjas by kicking a soccer ball at them, some idiot decided to turn it into a Playstation game as a hope to cash in. The Mission is a complete mess, even if you ignore the deranged plot. The A.I is so bad that it's more hindering than helping, just like everything else. After being tortured playing through 19 entire levels, you'll get enraged when you find out that you can't beat the final boss!

1: Largo Winch. // Commando SAR

Based of a Belgian comic book hero that you've probably never heard about, Largo Winch // Commando SAR is an absolute insult to both videogames and Ubi Soft (who must deeply regret being the publishers to this garbage). Every bit of anticipation you might have had for this game wears off as soon as you've watched the very first cut scene, which has the frame rate of a pop-up book, and voice acting so horrible that it would be a joke to call it"acting" among other things. After that, it's all downhill; the graphics are so grainy you'd wish you were blind; controls are like running underwater, the story has holes that are big enoughfor you todrive a pickup truck though and worst of all: there's no way to pick up extra ammo! While most bad games have something redeeming, everything about Largo Winch is an atrocious mess, making it then more then worthy as the worst Playstation game of all time.

So that's my list of worst PS1 games. Leave a comment and tell me what you thought of it.

Another thing I should mention is that I came across a video on Youtube video showing the first cutscene and the first level of Largo Winch . // Commando SAR.So now you can see for yourself how truly horrible this game is. And keep in mind: you're just watching it. Playing it is at least 20 times more painful.

4 New Reviews! + Top 10 list

I haven't posted a review for quite some time, until now that I've posted 4 new reviews:

V-Rally (PS1)

Runaway: A Road Adventure (PC)

Shellshock (PS1)

Tekken 5 (PS2)

Yes, that's right; I finally finished the Tekken 5 review. I can't tell you how relieved I am. It's been littering my review folder for several months, and finishing it felt like a milestone.

Another thing I'm working on right now is a Top 10 list of Worst PS1 games ever. I originally thought about posting it on GameFAQs, but scrapped the idea when I read that games with negative content like this one wouldn't get posted. I'm going to need some time writing it and finding the box art for every game, but there will be one up eventually.

Defias Brotherhood?

I just reached the level Defias Brotherhood, and I wonder : What is the Defias Brotherhood and what game it's from?

Just for an update, school been taking up a lot of my time lately. I've got a Astronomy test this Thursday,a Cambridge exam for Advanced English on Saturday as well as some other stuff. I'm not that worried about the Cambridge exam, seeing how I'm very good at English (even though I might make occasional grammar and spelling misstakes every once in a while), so I'm sure that I'll do just fine.

That's themain reason why I havn't written a review in a while.When there are new reviews posted, I'll let you know.Until then, have a good one!

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