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Level 13!

Yea I'm lvl 13.  I still have my stupid cast on but I'm getting use to it..(Except for the fact that u r always itchy)

God dang it!

Well i went to the ER to get X-rays and I figure out i broke my elbow...Trust me it hurts.  So i had to get a cast.  Right now i am typing with one hand


During football today I badly bruisied my left elbow.  I can barely bend my elbow.  So I am right now typing with one hand.  Trust me it is hard 

Middle East Crisis

Has anyone been listing to this war.  The Terroistists side is winning in a way people may not see.  They are getting civallins and blaming it on America for not establishing a peace treaty.  It is our fault we haven't deployed troops.  Well guess what Terroistists....when you stop loping bombs at each other that is when we may help.  Here is the death toll...May God be with those poor souls how died for no reason

Israeli death toll (94 total):

46 soldiers
36 civilians
12 reservists

Lebanese death toll (651 total):

524 civilians
53 Hezbollah guerrillas
29 soldiers

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