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Hey Ya!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone i'm currently in the great city of Phily.  I'm on a mini vaction and enjoying it.  Anyway i just bought Mercenaries and reveing to play....but i gotta wait.  So just leave me a message.


Well since school is starting to get busy i probaly wo't be getting o as much.....7th grade sure is alot more diffrent than 6th grade

3rd blog today...The Outcast

In my school there are certain classes of people.  Atletic, Cute etc.  Well i am in a class of my own called The Outcast.  Nvr i mean nvr socilize.  It's hard to hold such a high rank.  But recently i have been "bumped into" by a girl i don't know whenever i'm alone.  She is shy but nice...Advice?  I mean i'm a outcast....

Halo 3

Ahh man i nd a Xbox 360...Must have Halo 3....must  finish fight.  Other news i have ben sucked into a Halo void and am playing it like crazy......

9/11 The Beginning of Chaos

For me it seems tragic incidents always happen so fast.  On this day i wished it would have been fast.  This blog is devoted to everybody who lost their lives that day and who have died fighting oversees.  It's not alot but I guess every little thing counts.
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