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So today I got a code for The Call of Duty 4 it is AWESOME...anyway wondering how everyone iss and why the **** no one ever posts on my blog anymore!!!!:cry:

The Dark Age

So i finnaly made it to the dreaded lvl 20......the HORROR. Anyway i got a couple of new games recently and my birthday is in 3 days....YA!!!!!!!!! anyway thats it

The Return

Hi people...i haven't been on as much lately because well.......gamespot kinda got boring.  Anyway i got two new games

1.Star Wars Forces of Corruption

2.Burnout Revenge

So i'll be playing those...umm that is pretty much i have bad blogs


I changed the name of the union(even though it hasen't been created) has been changed to Universal Gamers Union


happy jack???


Well last week was my spring break and i just got gamefly so i sat down thinking finnaly....guess 360 breaks!  Has a hardware problem so it nds to be sent to the company......  So im without a 360 for a while:cry:

New Game

Got a new game.  Really fun.....other news it hasen't snowed here....NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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