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E3 2012 predictions

E3 is less than a month away, and its time for my annual predicitons... :) Here we go:


- Halo 4 demo

- Call of Duty Black Ops 2 demo

- Forza: Horizon, and Fable: The Journey demos

- Xbox Music Service, A.K.A ?Woodstock? shown

- GTA V Trailer with Release Date (2013)

- Steel Batallion Kinect demo

- More Kinect titles shown: Kinectimals 2

- Next Xbox Teaser, expect them to briefly tease about what the next Xbox will be about.

- New media services announced.


- God of War: Ascension demo, March 2013 release date announcement.

- The Last of Us demo, October 2012 release date announcement.

- Playstation All Stars Battle Royale new trailer showcasing new characters. Expect Nathan Drake to be one of them. Playstation Vita version is in the works.

- Playstation Vita price cut.

- Update on The Last Guardian: New trailer with 2013 release date announcement.

- Call of Duty Vita showcased

- Killzone Vita release date

- New First-Party Vita titles announced. Ratchet & Clank, Motorstorm, and Patapon.

- Sly 4 August 2012 release date announcement.

- No Playstation 4 news.


- Mario Wii U demo, announced as a launch title.

- Pikmin 3 showcased.

- Wii U proper reveal. (Hardware)

- 3DS lite announcement.

- No new name for the Wii U.

- Over 25 titles available in launch window.

- GTA V announced for Wii U.

- New Zelda 3DS teased.

- Rayman Legends and Epic Mickey 2 demos.

- New Super Mario Bros Wii U trailer.

- Nintendo Network detailed.

- Theatrhythm Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts 3DS highlighted.

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Wishlist!

Sony just announced what I think could be the biggest crossover in the history of gaming. Here's a list of characters I'm guessing we'll see in the end product:

First Party:


1. Kratos

2. Sly Cooper

3. Fat Princess

4. Parappa the Rapper

5. General Radec

6. Sweet Tooth

Wish List:

7. Nathan Drake

8. Cole McGrath

9. Sackboy

10. Ratchet & Clank

11. Jak & Daxter

12. Nariko

13. Chimeran Hybrid/ Nathan Hale

14. Wander

15. Ico

16. Toro the cat

17. Sir Daniel Fortesque

18. Dart Feld

Third Party:

Wish List:

19. Solid Snake

20. Raiden

21. Lightning/Cloud

22. Sora

23. Dante

24. Crash Bandicoot

25. Big Daddy

26. Altair/Ezio/Connor

27. Isaac Clarke

28. Megaman

29. Commander Shepard

30. Kazuma Kiryu

Who would you like to see?

God of War: Ascension


The next God of War has finally been announced! I can never get bored from Kratos, but I'm dying to know specifics, and Sony are revealing so little... Here are the things I want to know:

1. Is there Multiplayer? - Everyone has jumped on the multiplayer bandwagon, so why shouldn't God of War? I am really interested in how they incorporate multiplayer in the title. I think its time for them to experiment and take risks. I thought the last God of War (3) played it a bit too safe, and I want them to explore new areas. This is not a numbered sequel, so it doesn't have to be consistent anymore. Maybe Sony Santa Monica can finally bring us the greatest hack and slash multiplayer game of all time... It has worked for shooters, but have they finally cracked the code?

2. How will it play? I'm not sure if you have missed it, but this is a prequel to the original God of War. It's during the time Kratos was leading the greek army against the barbarians. thus no Blades of Chaos! The Blades of Chaos are integral to the God of War combat. I'm just puzzled at how they're going to pull this off. Not only that but he also has no powers. Will this God of War have a completely new combat system?

3. Will we see the softside of Kratos? Some people hate Kratos' personality. He's a character that has some anger issues. But because this game will be exploring the part before his tragedy, could we see a different side of Kratos? A side that is touching, and will actually make us care about him. I love his angry side, but I'm really curious how this new side is going to change the storytelling of the game. Could this be the most emotional God of War yet? It definietly has the most potential yet.

4. Who will Kratos fight? Considering Kratos killed nearly every god in the last 5 games, who will he be fighting? Who is the main antagonist? Is it a barbarian? Is it a demigod? And what type of sequences will they put us through? In the first God of War, Kratos was seen riding a horse and leading men into war. Will we play such a sequence? Will we still fight larger than life boss battles?

5. What will it look like? Its been over 2 years since God of War III. Sony Santa Monica made one of the most impressive looking games ever. And that was their first ever product on the PS3. Imagine how beautiful this next game could look like. Will it dethrone Uncharted 3 as the best looking game this gen?

To conclude: God of War Ascension could have the potential to take the franchise to places the past God of War games didn't. That's what I'm most looking forward to. It doesn't have to stick closely to the old games, and take it into a surprising direction. But then again, its still called "God of War" So even though I do want change, I still do expect the God of War flare that has mesmerized me in the past.

Half-Life 2

I left you guys last month with the the conclusion that the original Half-Life is the greatest first person shooter I have ever played. So its a bit shocking to come here back and say that the sequel is better in every way you can think of.

The best thing about this game is that it still feels like Half-Life. Everything I loved about the first game is still here. They didn't drastically change the whole formula, or pretend that the first game never happened. The game begins exactly where the original left us. But at the same time, Valve has changed the structure of the game so that it still feels fresh and new, and not just Half Life 1 with better graphics.

Let me begin by saying I'm in awe of the world of Half-Life. Such attention in detail is mind blowing. I can' believe this game existed for over 7 years, and I have never even touched it. I'll go on and say this right now: If you haven't played Half-Life 2, you are missing out on a lot. It's an experience like no other, and once you see how incredible City 17 is you will understand what I mean. The final moments of the game in particular I consider legendary.

2 words: Alyx Vance

Probably the best heroine to ever grace a video game. The way she moves, the way she looks at you. The way as a player you begin to care about here as time passes. By the end of Episode 2 I felt as if she was part of me. Every step I take I make sure she was behind me. Don't get me wrong, its not an annoying escort. They do it in a way, where you want her to be with you. Those parts where we have to seperate, I not only get lonely, but a bit unsafe. I feel safer with Alyx even if she's not the strongest character created, but her presence is intimidating. And very few characters have that edge the way she does.

And similar to the original, you don't go gun blazing in the very first minute you play. No you walk around, and explore this city, meet the combine, and just learn about the place. You start to learn about the corruption, what has Gordon missed, and just how sick the combine as a race really are. They will do anything to kill any threat in their way, and the structure of the whole city design is pretty impressive. And this is coming from an architecture student. The way the citadel overlooks the city, and how eveything is linked to this citadel. Is just so believable.

Gameplay wise: Its Half-Life. Puzzles, Vehicle sections, Shooting, and exploration. It's as smart as a shooter gets, and the way they balance all of these sections make the game never boring in my opinion. Your always on the edge of your seat waiting for the next thing they're going to throw at you. You never know what happens next. And that's one area that makes this game much better than the original Half-Life. You're not just in one facility. (Black Mesa) The environments are always varied.

Everyone raves about the Gravity Gun and how innovative it was. And once you start using it you will know what the fuss is about. It's unlike anything you have ever played before, and it provides the game to go into directions you wouldn't expect. And the puzzles rely heavily on this gun, so its not just another weapon. It's probably the most important weapon in the whole game.

Everyone will find something that he will like about this game. Whether it's the puzzles, the level exploration, or just the shooting. But the game is also not perfect. The vehicle sections of the game are a bit longer than what I would have liked. They're fun, but after a while you get a bit tired from the controls. You'll find yourself preferring the old fashioned ****of walking and running.

It's also much easiar than the first game. I felt a bit of a survival vibe from the first one, due to its unforgiving nature. But this one the health packs are scattered around the area like garbage. So if you're one who loved the challenging aspect of the original Half-Life you can't help but be a bit dissapointed here. But then again, I'd rather have a better game, than a harder one.

I've played the episodes, and they're a great way of expanding where Half-Life 2 left off. But in terms of innovation, there's nothing new here. They're much more story-driven than the sequel, but at the same time, they don't feel as new. You will have to play them, because the ending of Half-Life 2 will make you, but you will not be dissapointed. Episode 1 is inferior to 2, but both are great games in their own right.

What more can I say about the game? I can keep on rambling about how "good" this game really is. This blog really could go on forever. It's the type of game you can't help but think about it wherever you go. During my ****s, I wanted to go home and continue this journey. Every bit of spare time, I went back and played Half-Life 2. And every moment I was glued to my screen wanting more.

And by the end of Episode 2? You will be crying for the next iteration. Half-Life 2 isn't perfect. And it could have been so much better. But what you get is an experience that very few games could compete with, in terms of replayibility, fun factor, creativity, storytelling, and overall satisfaction. It's one of the golden standards that many games will be compared to from today onwards. I present you: My Favorite Game of All Time. "Half-Life 2"

Score: 9.5

The Beauty known as "Half-Life"

So here's the thing, I have a history with the First Person Shooter Genre. My experience with the genre dates back to the Die Hard trilogy in 1996 on the Playstation one. I remember playing the trilogy with a peripheral much like the sharpshooter, but a cheap third party one my dad bought. Ever since Die Hard, I've played probably every major first-person shooter to date. You state any AAA shooter, I probably have played it somewhere in those 15 years. From Die Hard to Medal of Honor to Halo to Call of Duty to Battlefield, Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead, Killzone, Resistance, Unreal Tournament, Quake, Doom, Bioshock, Crysis, and much more... If I ever were to become a game reviewer, I would be reviewing First-Person shooters just because I have 15 years of knowledge with that genre.

In that massive list of shooters there was one franchise that was missing. "HALF-LIFE" I was a console guy, I just played strategy games on PC. And I played Crysis 1 on my desktop PC. Other than that I play all my games on consoles like normal people. And because Half-Life never came to consoles I just never got around to it... until now.

So out of all the shooters I have ever played (15 years) It's pretty scary when I play a 1998 shooter that is better than all that list. For one, I have never seen a shooter so "smart" and "incredible" as Half-Life. The closest thing to this is the original Bioshock. Most shooters today just emphasize on the shooting and the set-pieces. Or should I say, copies of Duty Calls. So its incredibly fresh to play something that is so different, and so immersive at the same time.

One thing I have to start with is the level design in this game. The level design here is in the same league as something like Portal 2. Remember those moments in Portal where you try to figure out where to go next, or how to solve a certain puzzle, all of that is present in Half-Life. There is a certain level of exploration that I haven't yet seen in a first-person before. You dont just go straight. Here there are vents, ladders, elevators, and much more that you need to use to go from one point to the next. And once you find out how to get there its so satisfying. Also the levels are so connected that sometimes once I get out of a vent, I return to areas I were in an hour ago! Moments like this speak a lot about how well designed the game is, and I can't think of any shooter that is expertly crafted as this one.

Sound, Lighting, voice acting all hold up pretty well, but the visuals don't. But I can imagine playing this in '98 would be a visual spectacle! Narrative isn't the most exciting thing, but it's still interesting. The premise is simple, Freeman is part of a science experiment, something bad happens, you have to know what, and get things back to normal again. But the adventure to doing is that is crazy, and you can't help but be overwhelmed by the massiveness of Black Mesa. (Where the game takes place in)

I loved this game so much, I wanted more. Yes I went and played Opposing Force, and Blue Shift. Even though they're not as "good" as the original, they're still great expansions in their own right.

I've heard great things about the sequel, I'm hoping it's as good as this game. Cause Half-Life is a gem that should not be missed. Go play this game!

Score: 9.5

Farewell Mass Effect!

So just finished Mass Effect 3, and here is my review for the game:

Mass Effect 2 got a 10-rating from me, I thought it was one of the gold standards for gaming. Never have I seen a game integrate storytelling and gameplay in such a seamless manner. Not only do I consider Mass Effect 2 as the best Role-playing game of all time, or the best game of this generation, but one of the best games of all time! So Mass Effect 3 has BIG shoes to fill in, especially considering its predecessor is considered by many people including me a "Revolution".

While Mass Effect 3 isn't as "Special" or "Good" as Mass Effect 2, it did do what I think very few franchises do, it ended the franchise on such a high note. and people will forever remember the franchise! I consider the conclusion to be the best I have ever seen in any trilogy when it comes to video games! And I think it's going to a long time until it gets dethroned...

For starters, Mass Effect 3 is a much more "Action-oriented" game than any Mass Effect to date. And based on personal preferences, you will either love that or hate it. It plays much more like Gears of War and Uncharted, but still at the same time feels like Mass Effect. Every mission, there is a huge visual spectacle that will blow your mind. The scale of this game is massive. And you can't help but to be in awe from all of the events happening around you. But at the same time, I'll be honest I missed those "personal" moments I had with the characters in Mass Effect 2. The loyalty missions in that game defined Mass Effect 2 for me, and they're just not present here, so you can't help but be a bit dissapointed.

Another thing was the cast this time around was not near as rich as Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 introduces us to: Thane, Miranda, Jacob, Samara, The Illusive Man, Jack, Legion, Grunt, and much more... Mass Effect 3 introduced: James?!? Diana? Not to mention you only have 5 characters in your ship. The drama moments between the characters isn't nearly as close as what Mass Effect 2 achieved. I remember when Miranda and Jack kept on arguing, and I had to choose sides. There's nothing as interesting here in ME3.

But what Mass Effect 3 does have is Incredible set-piece moments that rival Uncharted, and God of War. Again, its a very "different" game than Mass Effect 2, which I also liked. I also don't want a Mass Effect 2 copycat. It's nice to play every iteration, and each entry feels and plays differently. I prefer Mass Effect 2's structure and pacing, but I can also see people saying Mass Effect 3 was their favorite. But based on RPG mechanics, Charactar progression, Story, Interactivity, Choices, Etc... Mass Effect 2 was much superior.

Mass Effect 3 concludes the trilogy in an Incredible fashion that will get people talking for years to come. Everything you have played in the last 2 Mass Effects buiilds for the final moments of Mass Effect 3, and once you get there, you can't help but feel a bit emotional, mind-blown and shocked. Its an ending that isn't predictable, and incredibly satisfying!

But the thing is, its not just about Mass Effect 3. Its about the whole trilogy... Back in 2006?!? Bioware came out and promised us an Epic, Sci-Fi RPG Trilogy this generation, where each entry has a major impact on the ones that follow. No developer ever came out and blatantly promised us a trilogy, and fulfilled that promise... until now. So congratulations to Bioware for making what I think not only one of the best trilogies ever created in video games, but one of the best franchise to ever grace this medium. Mass Effect 2 was the peak of the franchise, but that doesn't necessarily mean Mass Effect 3 wasn't an Amazing game. It may not be that "revolution" but it is an Incredible "Conclusion".

Well Done Bioware.

Score: 9.0

Twisted Metal + Starhawk Previews!

I've been busy these last few days with playing 2 upcoming PS3 exclusives! Before beginning my impressions, I would like to warn you that these impressions do not reflect the finished product.

Twisted Metal - I'm a huge fan of the Twisted Metal series, and I've played them way back since the first Playstation. I remember going to my friend's house and just playing Twisted Metal splitscreen all day! And from the first to Small Brawl, Twisted Metal just became my favorite PSone game. So it isn't surprising when I do get excited about getting my hands-on the next iteration of the franchise. The very first time you start playing the game, something just doesn't click. It took me a while to solve this issue, but for me I couldn't play the game with the "classic" controls. We're in the 21st century, so it's pretty weird pressing X to accelerate. I was just polarized for the first half an hour I was playing. I just couldn't get any kills, I died really quickly, and it was too chaotic... So I kept on playing with the control options and changed it to the "Racing" controls. And I fell in love with this game! I was just addicted to the gameplay, and I'm very happy that the cars don't feel ultra realistic like most video games these days.

The car combat genre really died ten years ago after Twisted Metal Black, and what a great way to bring the genre back to life. The multiplayer has some matchmaking problems, so unfortunately I couldn't get into a multiplayer match. But if the multiplayer experience is anything like the single player challenge I played, I will be buying this on day one! Be warned that a game like this, you really have to play with all the cars and find one that suits your play style. The one that I really dig is "Meat Wagon"... He has a special that shoots a corpse on a gurney, and this gurney has TNT stuck on it. Its just a really funny, twisted, wity game! The humour is back, the arenas are really crazy, and Its about time we get a multiplayer experience that isn't just another Call of Duty clone.

Starhawk - My very first PS3 game I ever bought was a little game called "Warhawk". It was a multiplayer-only experience, that really defined the word multiplayer on PS3 before the Call of Duty era! So its spiritual successor "Starhawk" has a lot of catching up to do. This game is just plain fun. Funny thing is that I kept on playing this game for a few hours, forgetting it was just a Beta and not a finished game. I remember playing the Uncharted 3 beta for about half an hour before deleting the download. I'm not the biggest multiplayer person here, but I always look for those "new" multiplayer experiences that are not just clones of "COD". Twisted Metal is one of those, and Starhawk is also another. They're just different. Starhawk isn't just "Warhawk in Space". Its more than that. Its crazy deep, and it plays different than its predecessor. I would sum it up by saying, its Warhawk + Tower Defense + An emphasis on verticality...

What you had in Warhawk was two seperate battlefields in one arena. You had the sky and the ground. The planes, or on foot. I always felt there wasn't really good integration between both. What Starhawk does best is that integration. Those on the ground no longer are just fighting the troops, and the planes fighting the other planes. No... As a person playing on the ground, I have to focus on everything! I build turrets to fight those in the air, collect the essential weapons to kill anyone who is in my way. So at times you actually get a Hawk and person with a jetpack fighting each other! So much is happening in the arena, that at times its too much to sink in. You can also use the build mechanics to build on top of your enemies, and so get an instant kill. You can get a jetpack, collect a sniper, and find a high spot, to kill your enemies on ground or on air. It's just a deep experience, that gives the player a lot of freedom to experiment. And the "Build" mechanics just differentiates the game from anything else out there. Also I got to give props to Lightbox and Santa Monica Studios for making such a smooth beta. It's really fast to look for a match, and there is NO LAG whatsoever. A game that has a couple of months left until its release, and it runs this well is a testament of how good this game is.

If these games are any indication of what 2012 will be like for video games, it's going to be a really great year! Twisted Metal in a week people...

Skyrim Review!

100 HOURS... That's how long it took me to review this game! Only 3 games this generation have broken this milestone for me! Modern Warfare 2, Red Dead Redemption, and now Skyrim! Anyways I played 100 hours, and here is my verdict:

MASSIVE, thats the one word I can use to sum up Skyrim! Its freaking huge, there's so much one can do in this game! I played Fallout 3, and I finished ALL of the main and side missions, finished all 5 DLCs, and explored the majority of the game in 75 hours! I have only explored probably HALF of Skyrim, and have about 10 Daedric missions left! I finished the main and side missions, and I still haven't played ANY DLC yet! Sometimes the game just feels too overwhelming at times! Everytime I begin playing Skyrim everyday, I question myself what should I do first? Should I do a side or main mission, should I just explore the world of Skyrim, and killing off any creatures I find infront of me? Or should I just stay in Whiterun, and keep pickpocketing for an hour?!? It's like a collection of metagames, in one massive BOX! I've probably played more Skyrim than all of the games I've played last year COMBINED! That's something that speaks a lot about how Incredible Skyrim is. For starters not a lot of games do what Skyrim does, and I haven't really played many that do it this well...

And to be pretty straightforward with you, I can still see myslef play for another 75-100 hours... It's huge, and one can only be in awe when they first play this game. And the thing I love about Skyrim more than anything is that even with its size, it could have easily lost focus! (Batman Arkham City) the game developers have done an incredible job to make this world/sandbox feel like its there for a reason! The open-world isn't just there to distract you, 75% of the game you're exploring this area of Tamriel, and you're wating to see what lies ahead at every corner...

No game is perfect, and this game is certianly not flawless. BUGGY! What a bug-fest? I know it must be a nightmare to program this game and make it actually run, but I'm sorry any game with a brilliant concept, but can't run well isn't really a great game! Right? I think the game is TOO ambitious?!? They try to do so much, and I get that, but I would rather have 75% of this game, and that 25% is left so this game runs smoothly! To be fair, for the first 25 hours, I didn't experience any hhiccups, or framerate problems! But with more gameplay time, I found myself I can't walk in certian cities because of the framerate! It is so horrible to see something like this affect such a brilliant game! But for me bugs aren't my biggest problem...

My biggest problem is that so much potential was lost! There are things in this game, that could have been so much better. My biggest dissapointment: Dragons! What the ****?!? Are you kidding me? When they were promoting this game, from what I understood, they were selling the idea that these Dragons were going to be dynamic... They are as static as the book shelves in the houses! These dragons were supposed to be unpredictable! Every dragon fight should have felt like a Boss fight! Yet what I got were these big flies that just glide in the air, come down and then fly back again. To be honest they just felt gimmicky, and that they wanted dragons just for the sake of the story and not because there is any gameplay surrounding them!

Another thing is the main story: BORING! Bethesda Game Studios really need actual good writers! Dragonborn?!? REALLY?!!? That's the most generic thing I have ever heard to tell you the truth! In my opinion Fallout 3 actually had a better story than this one! Its not only about the story, but some of my favorite moments in videogames were actually in Fallout 3! The Megaton nuke, going out of the vault for the first time, going in that machine and finding out your dad was a dog?!? And you had to kill every person in that town with a knife! And that final battle in the wasteland... IT was just MOMENT AFTER MOMENT, and to be honest, I never felt like that in Skyrim! I feel that after a few months, I'm going to forget what happened in the story!

But then again, a game like this isn't about the story or level design... It's about this living-breathing world, that makes you forget about your current life. Once you start playing, you wont want to talk to any of your friends, go out, etc... It's this digital world that will take you a big chunk of your time to fully explore! And to be honest, If I had to choose one game I will play my WHOLE life, it would be this game! And that's pretty much something that speaks about the amount of value one is getting from this game!

Score: 9.0

A Film Editorial...

Hugo... Hugo Cabret! I returned from the theatre just now and watched this film directed by Martin Scorsese, known as HUGO. I was kind of polarized by the audience's reaction towards this film. Throughout the course of the movie I heard groans, laughter, people talking, others walking out of it, etc... Overall it had a mixed reception. Now for those that don't know, but this film is nominated for 11 Academy Awards! Yes, it has the most nominations than ANY film this year, yet why does the average viewer not see what the Academy does?!?

Personally, I can't think of ANY film of 2011, that moved me the way Hugo did... But then again, I am very aware that I am part of the minority, when I say Hugo is Amazing. I've heard from people, my family included who think the Academy are "dumb". People stating that they have no idea how these people "judge" a film. So what happened?!? Is the Academy really stupid, bias, or dare I say weird.

The answer is no. It's actually the opposite. And here is a list of why I think people hate or just don't get Oscar films.

1. Oscar Films Are Slow Paced

The film industry is over saturated by films that are SUPER-FAST! The so-called "Blockbusters" of our time, that people "love" don't allow the characters to breath. From one action set piece to another, there is no longer that charactar progression or evolution that the "old" audience cared about. People will find it dull nowadays if films just focus on charactars and their relationships to one another. Truth be told, charactars nowadays are secondary elements! You talk to your parents and they tell you what they loved the most about Star Wars, was the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, E.T and Henry Thomas, etc... Today, they love Transformers becuase there a lot of explosions! Yes, exactly, sorry to break it up to you, but audiences today are stupid! So the next time someone tells you - "The movie is so SLOW", you reply by simply saying "Why the RUSH?!?"

2. What Is Story?

At the heart of films, everyone knows is a story. After all they were conceived to be "Story-Telling Mediums" In short, a movie with a bad story, is to some extent regarded as a bad film. The story is what inspires the film maker. Every film maker is looking for that next "Great" story, that will seperate a great movie from the so-called "classics." Today's audience has no problem if a movie has NO story! I've seen a lot of modern films today that are all flash, but no substance. And these viewers still love these films because of its stunts or visual effects. Its all about the aesthetics today. It's pretty disappointing actually to see, that the art form's true core has been forgotten.

3. This Is Weird

It is very important for the Academy, that they see "Innovation". The Academy don't just want ANOTHER love story, or ANOTHER film about World War II... They wan't to see something that is daring, and risk-taking! Something they have never seen before. In fact, even though Hugo in my opinion is actually a better film than "The Artist", but because the latter is a 2011 Black & White, Silent film, and one about the silent film era, something that's really so unique and different, I can argue that it SHOULD win because it's just so special. Audiences today don't want "special". They actually don't give these films that are so unique, a chance! which leads us to point four!

4. No Differentiation Between Good And Bad

Ask anyone in your school today what is their favorite film, they will more likely tell you a film that is considered to be a "Bad" one by the Academy. (Twilight) The audience today have no clear recognition of which film is actually a bad film, and which one is a good one! I mean a girl enters Twilight, and calls it "The Best Film Ever". That same girl enters a Brad Pitt movie called "MoneyBall" and she hates it. They no longer care about the cinematography, acting, story, dialogue, etc... It actually strikes me, to what actually makes them like one movie than another. People don't look at movies as pure art forms, and they don't really understand why they're there.

Its just mind-boggling at how things have changed. Directors, Acotrs, Actresses, etc... All know a Good movie from a Bad one, yet the audience doesn't. I don't blame them, I blame the trash that's been released over the years, the same trash that people have grown accustomed to. Transformers is the Star Wars of this generation, and thats something not to be proud of!

Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2012

Its 2012, and like evry year, I tell you the top 10 games I can't wait to play this year! 2011 was one of the best years in history, and 2012 looks like it's not going to disappoint.

10. GTA V - The reason why this game is so low on this list, is because I have no idea if this is actually coming out in 2012... Everyone loves GTA, yes the series is over-rated, but you can't deny how fun GTA games really are! Huge open world, incredible story-telling, and just addicting! We missed you GTA!

9. DmC: Devil May Cry - I'll be very honest here, I'm not a fan of Devil May Cry. I DETEST the music, I hate the whole design of the world, and I just never really got the love for this franchise! But I'm digging the new game. It's exactly what that game needed! I know a lot of fans are pretty upset about what Ninja Theory/Capcom did to Dante, and the art-style but I honestly like it. Not to mention I loved Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, so I'm positive the new game will be something I will enjoy.

8. The Last of Us - Another game that I'm not very sure if it will make 2012, but I'm just putting it on here, and just hoping it will be released by the end of the year! Still not a lot has been shown except one trailer, but that trailer was so great! It was Uncharted + Left 4 Dead = AMAZING I love both those series, and it's from Naughty Dog, which means it's going to a Game of the Year contender... Cause everything they do happens to be on that list! Here's hoping we get this game this year!

7. Max Payne 3 - I've been excited for this game ever since they announced it back in 2009?!? But we never saw much gameplay until recently. And I finally think this game is going to be released in March. I love Rockstar, and they never make "bad" games. From the gameplay we've seen, the game looks very promising. Bullet time is back and better than ever...

6.The Last Guardian - WHERE IS THIS GAME?!? For the THIRD time, it is on this list! And let me assure you, this will be the LAST time it can be! Im fed up with the time Team Ico are taking to make this game! Since Shadow of the Collosus back in 2005, Naughty Dog have managed to do the WHOLE Uncharted trilogy! A trilogy! And The last guardian is probably not as good as something like Uncharted 2 (2009's GOTY) It's pretty devastating to know that a video game developer is taking over SIX years to work on a game! Still Team ICO never dissapoints! ICO and Shadow are considered two of the best PS2 games! And I can't help think that they won't deliver.

5. Twisted Metal - Another game that was supposed to be released last year, but it doesn't matter cause in just over a month I will be playing this! Not to mention it gets released in my Birthday, so THANK YOU David Jaffe. The last Twisted metal was released a decade ago, and its about time we see Sweet tooth on PS3! To me this is the "Perect" Multiplayer game. It's my type of multiplayer experience, and I can't wait to play it.

4. Tomb Raider - Wasn't that E3 trailer and demo just mind-blowing? Very impressive, and that is partially because of Square-Enix. Giving those developers the resources, time and money to make a "great" Tomb Raider. This hasn't happened since the PSone era! Yes it's been that long, and us gamers deserve it. I love Uncharted, but we want to see Tomb Raider taking back her crown! And from the looks of it, Crystal Dynamics have finally achieved it. Always wondered about her origin story, and how she became the person she is. Those answers are finally going to be answered and much more...

3. Halo 4 - Our prayers have been answered... Master Chief is back! We love Halo Reach, noone really cared about HALO: ODST?!? (whatever) But it's time for ANOTHER trilogy! New engine, New team, New characters, New storyline... And wait for it, a 360 exclusive game! Presumably a September release date... Don't expect any gameplay before E3! Although, I'm dying to see what a NEW Halo will look like.

2. Mass Effect 3 - Sequel to 2010's Game of the Year, The CLIMAX of the Mass Effect trilogy! The END is finally here! All the questions will be answered, and even MORE choices. Commander Shephard is back and everyone's story is coming to and end unfortunately. Expect tears, expect awesomeness, and expect to be blown away! If this game is just as good as Mass Effect 2 I will CRY! Because Mass Effect 2 is the best game of this generation! To me it changed how I depict video games as story telling experiences, and it will be interesting to see how Mass Effect 3 can grow. March can't come soon enough...

1. Bioshock Infinite - Surprising?!? Not really... Bioshock Infinite just looks Incredible! Words cant explain how amazing this game looks. Do me a favor and watch the video below. Bioshock is one of my favorite games ever. Bioshock 2 I didn't play because I've heard a lot of disappointment from everyone. So I chose not to play it. But this new one EASILY looks to be the front runner for the best game THIS year! Yes I love Mass Effect and Halo, but I just haven't seen anything like Bioshock Infinite. The art is breath taking, the gameplay looks immersive, story is engaging, and just INNOVATION from top to bottom! Its games like this that make me love playing video games, experiences that other mediums just don't and CAN'T deliver. I know I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. But I firmy and truly believe that at the end of the day, Bioshock Infinite is going to be something VERY special.