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It's been awhile but Happy Birthday to me. :)

Once again forgive me for not being on so often, But hey today I offically turn Nineteen Years old. Things have been better lately as i'm about to start my 2nd Year of college. I did better then expected making it through with solid B marks so I can rest easy for about two months. I was scared atfirst but I think it will get way better though. Anyway this birthday has been awesome. I got quite a bit for myself and in the end it was worth it. Anyway here are some items are got. Yeah it's mostley video games but there are someother items as well. :D


Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2


Aliens: Colonial Marines

File:Resident evil rev. 2012 Capcom.png

Resident Evil: Revelations




Hard Corps: Uprising

Next Two are Music Related, Not Video Games


What Hits!? by the Red Hot Chili Peppers


Death Magnetic by Metallica

So far it's an awesome birthday, I hope your all doing well and thanks for checking in on this blog. It really means alot.

Another Review just for the Hell of it

This time I did The World Ends With You. Might be one of my favorite RPG's ever now. I reccomend you check it out since I had quite a bit to say on it. As a fan of the game, It's well worth checking out overall. :D

As always...

My aplogies if I haven't really been doing anything here for awhile. I mean hell the Last Review I did was in the October of 2012 and the last Blog in December as well. It's because well it sucks when your college life takes over completely on your studies. Granted it's challenging but I try to do what I can do. With Video Games i've been playing Metal Gear Rising and Dark Souls for now. Which are both really fun for me and they keep entertainted overall. But as always if nothing pops us such as a Review or Blog. You already know what's happening. I aplogize but hey I still really care about you guys. Thanks Again. :)

Things Latley and Last Blog of 2012

Well so far everything has been alright, As always i've been trying to get by and enjoy life. The Holiday Season was fun and I enjoy what has happened. Got some games like Zone of the Enders HD Collection and Halo 4. So far all really fun games. The college semester was a nightmare for my Math class but everything else went by smoothly. Overall their really isn't much to say overall but I'll keep on gaming and have a good one, Thanks again and also have an amazing New Year. :D

I don't usally do this but...

I just wrote one of my longest Reviews to date. Since I haven't been on this site in awhile I deicded to write a Review for Persona 3 FES. I strongly suggest you guys check it out. Since I really had nothing else to do and I think you guys would like it. :D

Been a bit hasn't it?

Well like Activison Gamespot ain't getting any better. Once in a blue moon I always come back here but yeah... As always getting bored with this site and quite active in College. For games for playing Dead or Alive 5 and Persona 4: Arena. But overall their is nothing else to say. Hope your all doing well.

Small Update

It's been awhile ehh? Well anyway I have to say I still really won't be on here again. Since recently I just started going to College. I've also just recently turned 18. Gaming has been light but I try to play a couple of titles as much as I can. Since now i'm playing through Asura's Wrath and King of Fighters XIII. I really got nothing else to do at this point. I also just recently beat a few other games. Such as Lollipop Chainsaw,Batman: Arkham City,Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Gears of War 3: Ramm's Shadow. I'm trying to find more games to play through while on Summer Vacation and then college might really begin to take over my life. But overall I hope your all doing well and all of you take it easy.


Will be on a Hitaus for awhile

In English, I don't feel like going on this site like I used to. I'm getting annoyed of how Gamespot works and I kep encountring alot of technical problems. So it's kinda annoying when I post blogs and stuff. So yeah I'll be on break for awhile. Maybe I'll review a game once in awhile. But for now this is getting kinda annoying. So yeah... That's all I gotta say.