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Thank you guys who have contacted me. We have had 3 sessions and each one gets better and better. We are continuing to grow as a group and it is really showing. We have members that are interested in expanding and having a fire department. As we gather more police officers, we will be able to open up the SWAT portion of things and also have the Police chopper come into play as well.

Again, if you are interested in joining or just have questions in general, please feel free to contact me. my GT on Xbox 1 is TyFromPhilly.


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A couple buddies of mine and myself have started a role playing group. For those of you unfamiliar with how it works, basically there is cops and civilians. Civilians job is to basically make money and have fun. It is the cops job to prevent that money making if it is done in an illegal form ie robbery. We would also like situations to play out between 2 civilians and have the cops intervene. For instance hostage situations, drag racing, personal car thefts etc.

There are set rules for the civilians within the role play and cops as well.

We would love to get some more guys in on both the police and civilian side of the clan. We are looking for mature gamers. Training for the cops side of thing might take a little while (approx 2hrs) but we do that so you are ready to handle things and understand what to do in all situations presented to you as an officer. As the clan gets bigger, more positions will open up (SWAT, Helicopter Pilot, Tow truck driver etc).

We would like to start patrols ASAP even if they are the small side of things as far as members go. Eventually we would like to do multiple patrols per week and even have multiple rooms of people doing the role play if it grows that well.

If you are interested in this, feel free to check out the website at GTA V Lifestyles RP. Or you can also message me on XB1 at TyFromPhilly. Thanks for taking time to check this out.

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cjasko94 Posted Jun 22, 2010 3:28 pm ET So they basically took the 2K control system? btw Kevin Durant is on the Cover of NBA Elite 11 Not even close... 2k hasnt used the right stick to crossover since like 2k5 i believe. They took controls from hockey if anything

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Im in the same boat... I got on and there isnt even a box for me to click download. I go to community and it jus says to meet this weeks gamer. My buddy who i was in a chat with goes to community and can download facebook etc.