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Deciding on a Gen 2 Starter...

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I kicked off my 2DS purchase with Pokemon Red and Gold, and though I have already started work on Red once again, I've yet to dive into dive back into Gold for the first time in ages. I'm looking very much forward to making up for years of lost time in Johto, but admittedly I'm still not even sure which starter Pokemon I want to choose.

In past years I always went with Squirtle in gen 1. But in more recent years I've come to like Charmander more. This is an odd feeling for me, because I have always considered myself to be more like Water than Fire or Grass. My Astrological sign is a Water sign. I like the color Blue. It almost feels traitorous to abandon Squirtle. But at the same time I also really like redheads and the color orange, and the warmth of Fire. I feel like I've disturbed a balance because for me it was always:

Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Turtwig, Oshawott, Chespin. Two of each element. Well now suddenly Oshawott is my only Water-type starter favorite since I go with Charmander in gen 1. And with Rowlett being my favorite Sun/Moon starter, Water-types are definitely in last place for me as starter choices now, with Grass and Fire tied at 3 each.

My gen 1 decision is made. But what about gen 2 now? Do I stick with Cyndaquil? Or do I maybe try Totodile, or Chikorita?

I'm still partial to sticking with Cyndaquil, since I like how it looks and realize there aren't many Fire-type Pokemon in the game.

On my day off I'm hoping to find a place with good wifi, so I can just chill and download more games for my 2DS. but I'm honestly not even thinking about playing anything other than old-school Pokemon right now.

It's amazing how much this game series has truly impacted my life. I am grateful for it!