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A Gathering of Friends

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For the most part, I've had pretty much exclusively two friends over the last many years. Not including Internet folks, of course. And while not much has changed yet about that, the gradual flow of time at work has had me working around a revolving door of different people ever since I started at my job.

I had always considered me and my two friends as the core group, with the occasional person showing promise that they might almost become a part of that legendary inner-circle. And while the past year brought a few memorable faces to my work crew, I still hadn't thought of any of them as being members of our group. The group that hangs out outside of work, and enjoys being around each other. And gets to know each other on a deeper level than that of mere coworkers.

That is, until maybe now.

Things aren't really happening quite how I'd pictured. Admittedly, I thought the trio we have now would stay intact, and have people added to it. Instead what appears to be happening is, one member of our trio is kind of branching off on his own separate way, while me and my other friend are melding in with other notables at work who have their own growing group.

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We are also developing a headquarters of sorts. Or, dare I say it, the "Monica's apartment" of real life.

So, let me back up a bit here. One member of our group, let's call him "G". He worked at our workplace a few years back, and then left and worked elsewhere for a while. He came back to our workplace and joined our crew this time, a few months ago. At first I guess my opinion of G was a bit judgmental. I felt like he goofed off too much, and it seemed like maybe he didn't like me all that much. He befriended some of the other guys at work, that already hung out together a bit, so I guess maybe it seemed like those lines were drawn.

Over the last month or two, I came to realize that G and I actually have a lot in common. He is single like me, and also has trouble with the ladies. He is also kind of geeky, and able to see political viewpoints on both sides. The main difference is, like my other friends, he is also a father, and he has a house - a legit house with space and privacy to do whatever.

After prodding at me for a while, I finally agreed to join my other friend in going to G's place over lunch break. And a bunch of the people on our team stopped in. G cooked supper for everyone, and was a great host. It was more fun than I'd expected it would be. Most of us have since gone back a couple of days in a row. I even tried to contribute something to today's meal, since I wanted this to be more of a group thing, and not just a take, take, take thing.

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Hanging out is fun. But I do wonder if this can go any deeper. G and I aren't exactly close as friends, nor are most of our other coworkers. And like I mentioned above, my workplace has sort of a revolving door of workers... So it's rare to have someone on our crew for two years or more.

It seems like something always drags the team down. If it isn't management telling us we suck and changing things, it's good workers leaving or getting moved to another department. Lately three members of our group who are excellent at the job keep talking about leaving over stupid things, like people they barely interact with criticizing them. It's a shame, because they could remain and be part of this group, and actually have fun at work instead of completely dreading it. On the plus side, one guy seems more likely to stay now since another is leaving, and three lousy workers are getting fired.

My buddy always spoke of years ago when his team was great, and they were pretty close-knit. Maybe we can attain that again? At any rate, maybe I can make some new friends if I stay this course.