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Sonic Lost World Comic-Con 2013 Impression

Back in June Nintendo announced that the next three Sonic games will be releasing on Nintendo consoles only, the first one being Sonic Lost World. At Comic-Con I had my first hands on experience with both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game, each delivering a fast pace adventure featuring the blue blur. I was constantly reminded of classic Sonic titles while playing and challenged with keeping a steady footing while maintaining high speeds.

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Each of the stages highlighted a different Sonic title. In the first stage I was lamenting on Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis while the Casino level paid tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Each level demostrated Sonic’s new and old abilities, whether it was high speed runs, using wisp powers from Sonic Colors, or running on walls. Whether it was on the 3DS or Wii U the game played like other Sonic titles while giving newcomers a adequate leveling curve. The graphic different between the two versions is noticeable but nether suffer any gameplay weaknesses, both play as well as the other.

Sonic has an array of new and old tricks to overcome all the obstacles set before him. Like passed Sonic titles he’ll still have access to the homing attack and the spin-dash as well as new abilities like the stun attack and wall run. Running throughout the 3D environment still requires focus in order to avoid losing any momentum but once muscle memory takes over I had no problem using Sonic’s various abilities while maintaining high speeds.

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The stages I played included a green hill zone, a donut level, a free running environment, and finally a casino. The green hill zone was simple and introduced me to the basic mechanics, while the donut level had me playing a 2D side-scroller. The free-running staged, that was based inside a honey bee hive, required precision in order to navigate the environment. Especially since one wrong move would mean game over. The final demo stage was based on a casino and had me traveling through a living pinball machine, and playing in one as well. Each stage had multiple paths that I could choose from, each offering different challenges but the same outcome, a capsule full of animals.

As a long-time Sonic the Hedgehog fan I was glad to see that Sonic Lost World was turning out to be such an exciting title. While I was disappointed that the demo didn’t include a full boss fight each level high-lighting each of Sonic’s talents and what I can expect from the final product. Whether it was for the 3DS or Wii U Sonic Lost World is a great title for those seeking a high-speed adventure featuring one of the most notorious gaming character of all time.

Super Mario 3D World Comic-Con 2013 Impression

Nintendo had a large exhibition at this year’s Comic-Con. Showing newly released and upcoming titles for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. I was able to play several of their titles and I was impressed, enough to put serious consideration into purchasing a Wii U. The first game I was able to was Super Mario 3D World, the first full-blown Mario title for the Nintendo Wii U.

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The game had four stages to choose from, each increasing in difficultly. But before you started to play you must choose one of the four playable characters that include Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad. Each one has specific abilities with Mario being balanced, Luigi with increase jumping abilities, Peach’s ability to float in mid-air for a few seconds, and Toad’s increased speed. After each stage the player’s overall score is totaled and ranked with the opposing players.

This may encouraging you to be competitive but to navigate throughout Super Mario 3D World you’ll need to cooperate. Each level required players to work together to gather hidden green stars and past challenging platforming objectives. In fact this is forced, those who stray from the screen are trapped in a bubble and teleported to the lead player. I become increasingly annoyed when my allies would attempt to rush through the next area and die while I remained helpless within a orb.

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This doesn’t mean that Mario’s latest adventure is upsetting, it’s quite entertaining with a good team. Whether it’s passing through the beginning level, attempting to avoid enemies within clear tubes, or facing against a giant worm boss the controls were solid. Each of the four stages were crafted using classic Mario setting such as green grasslands, cloudy tubed fill worlds, and sandy roads. The biggest change is the addition of a new powerup that transforms your avatar into a cat, granting you increase speed, the ability to climb up walls, a claw attack, and dive attack.

Super Mario 3D World was a delightful game. Although it didn’t it do anything groundbreaking I had a lot of fun completing missions with strangers. Each character had precise control and their special abilities changed how I choose to tackle each level. The cat suit was an entertaining addition and the stages maintain that unique Mario presentation. If you love Mario than you won’t be disappointed with Super Mario 3D World.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Impression - NYC Comic-Con 2013

Surprisingly it was at Comic-Con that I was able to see the first gameplay footage of South Park: The Stick of Truth. Unfortunately due to Ubisoft’s policy no photographs or video footage was allowed, but that didn’t stop me from memorizing at much information as possible. You can rest easy knowing that the game looks fantastic and the artstyle, as well as the humor we know and love, is similar to the television show.

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In the demo we are placed in control of The New Kid as he and Cartman’s followers attempt to question a bard from a local bar. When entering Cartman directly ask for the Bard’s location after asking for a drink, spurring the residents inside, and told to go to the basement for an audience. The cutscence ends and I was treated to the first footage of actual gameplay.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is an interactive RPG where the player can use various abilites to solve puzzles around the environment. In this instant it’s the ability to fart and use that methane gas to ignite flames around you. When getting to the end of basement a battle between Jimmy the Bard and his fellow Elfs ensues. The battle system plays similar to the Mario and Luigi RPG series where the player inputs commands and can avoid attacks with proper timing. As Jimmy plays in the background, using his signature stutter and adult human, his allies gain a temporary attack boost. But unfortunately they were no match for The New Kid’s physical attacks and Butters the Paladin. Commands are inputed using a command wheel that you cycle through, with some attacks requiring a specific amount of mana to use.

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After the battle Jimmy escaped and warned the others to hold them off while he went to protect the Stick of Truth. It was here that I witnessed how the player could use the environment to defeat targets without engaging in battle and preemptive attacks. Using his environment fart ability The New Kid was able to ignite a flame lamp that Craig knocked over and engage in another fight by striking the enemy before the battle started. Within this fight I saw attacks that can cause bleeding effects and other stat altercating problems and benefits. The snippy humor that the series was known for continued throughout the battle, making references from pasted episodes such as Butter saying “I guess I found a new Bottom Bitch.”.

Upstairs The New Kid and Butter’s witnessed Cartman getting viciously pummeled by three Elfs. Butters and The New Kid easily defeated the Elfs before getting new orders from Cartman. Cartman guzzles a package of Ketchup in an attempt to make the bleeding seem real tells both Butters and The New Kid to rescue Princess Kenny before he is raped by the Elfs. The demo ended on that high note and a trailer finalized the presentation.

It’s a relief to see how fantastic this game looks. The graphical look, writing, and gameplay work together to create a rich RPG game within the South Park universe. As a fan I was able to make several connections based on the dialogue and the fighting mechanics had me lamenting on the Mario and Luigi RPG series. Afterwards I immediately reserved the game and was given a tiny statue featuring The Grand Wizard himself. South Park: The Stick of Truth is slated for December 10, 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Watch_Dogs Comic-Con 2013 Impression

After waiting over an hour I was finally about to see this never before seen footage of Watch_Dogs. The nine minute demo highlighting a lot of the same concepts I was already familiar with but added more details about Aiden Pearce. I witnessed live combat and more information about how the world will develop based on the actions of the player. It was a fantastic treat and definitely worth the extensive wait.

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After entering the studio I was introduced to the demo by a Frag Doll named Esper, she explained her fondness for the game and grenade launchers in general before playing the demo. Creative Director Jonathan Morin went on to explain how players will be able to continuously play Watch_Dogs on any platform and infiltrate each other’s world, the amount of player interaction scared me a little. At any time someone could hack into my universe and cause untold calamity. This fear was further cultivated with the fact that Morin went on to explain how the world will evolve based on how the player uses the environment, whether it’s a traffic jam or stealing a car: the world will take notice.

Afterwards a gameplay demo was shown, highlighting combat and stealth. At the start Aiden is seen purchasing new weapons and heading to his next mission. It’s here that I finally saw Aiden as a character, talking and interacting with another person at a personal level. Aiden needed information on a specific job and the person who had it wasn’t going to give it up willingly.

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After hacking into a boat and getting to the rail-yard Aiden sticks to the shadows. The cover based system runs smooth, Aiden is nimble. Using his equipment Aiden can place and throw tracers to subdue guards. Combined with his focus ability using this in connection with his tracer can allow Aiden to remove several guards in a matter of seconds. After gaining controlling the ctOS in the area Aiden walks into the Parking Lot and interrogates the leader, demanding information in exchange for his two family’s lives. However the guards are alerted to Aiden’s presence within the area and now must resort to direct force.

Combat is fast and fluid, Aiden is a skilled shooter and military combatant. Using his new weapons Aiden quickly eliminates the guard, and uses the ctOS to his advantage. It’s also here that I first saw the use of remote improvised explosives. In an attempt to escape Aiden causes a Blackout and succeeds in fleeing the scene, ending the demo.

In the trailer that followed more details regarding Aiden was revealed. Apparently Aiden has an obsessive personality which he focused on surveillance. But now a threat that Aiden was attempting to avoid as his family in danger and now must be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his family’s safety. The demo didn’t add much to the Watch_Dogs universe but it didn’t hurt it as well. Instead I found out more about the protagonist and obtained a shirt afterwards for pre-ordering the game. Watch_Dogs is slated for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC on November 15. Next-generation console versions will be day one launch titles.

Assassin's Creed IV Predictions

Assassins Creed III ended Desmond Miles story and now a new installment in the Assassins Creed franchise is coming soon. Although little information has been given about who will be the one in the Aminus dreaming about the many adventures of Edward Kenway that hasnt stopped me from guessing.

The Templar Order


Although saving the world the primary intention of the Assassin Order, after revealing the calamity in Assassins Creed Revelations, the Templar Order sought control of the world. In order to do this these chosen individuals sought technology left behind by the first civilization called Pieces of Eden, and wanted to use them to control humanity. They believed that conflict between humanity is caused by free will and that complete control is the only way to ensure peace, of course the Assassins believe that this is wrong and people should be able to choose their own path despite the consequences.

In Assassins Creed III Desmond takes the fight to the Templars and assaulted their facility. In this invasion Desmond kills Warren Vidic, rescues his father, and obtains the last power cell for the Temple. Although Vidic was a high-ranking member of the Templar Order, he wasnt the only one. In the final cutscene of Assassins Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer portion we were introduced to a another member, Laetitia England. Even with Warren dead and the Toba catastrophe passed the order will continue on its path for global dominance and their war with the Assassin Order.

Junos Calamity


At the end of Assassins Creed III Desmond found out if he choose to save humanity from the solar flares he would release Juno, a prisoner from the first civilization who was convicted and imprisoned for attempting to control humanity. With William Miles, Rebecca, and Shaun knowing about Junos plan and conviction its possible that she will attempt to contract the Templar Order to fight against the Assassins. Like the Templars she is seeking to rule the earth under one governing body and I doubt they are resting easy knowing that the Assassin Order just eliminated one of their top members.

The Return of William, Rebecca, and Shaun


Desmond didnt die without anyone knowing about his sacrifice. His father William Miles and his allies Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings are the only ones who know of this death and Junos plan. After escaping the tomb and leaving Desmond to his fate they rose from the temple as the sky was covered in a light protecting barrier. Its doubtful that Ubisoft will abandon them for a new cast of characters and since they are the only ones who know of Juno's existence it's up to them and the remaining assassins to stop her.

A New Hero


This remains the biggest mystery, with Desmond dead a new hero must rise to take his place. Like past games this new heroes must be related and since Edward can use the fabled Eagle Vision it can be assumed that his predecessor with be granted with the same ability. Unfortunately I cannot give an opinion of who well see as the next protagonist since I dont have much to go on. All I do know its probably going to be an Assassin, with Eagle Vision, and is related Edward Kenway.

The Assassins Creed franchise has a large community of dedicated gamers looking forward to the latest installment in Ubisofts popular series. Since 2007 a lot has changed but now with Desmond dead and a new enemy I'm incredibly curious of how Ubisoft plans to continue the franchise, after all they do have an ending ready if they plan to end the series. For now I have my assumptions and until the end of October that's all I have.

Is GTA V the Perfect Advisory for all upcoming 2013 Releases?

Like many gamers I will be picking up Grand Theft Auto V this week and intend on canceling my social life to play it. Rockstar has once again showcased, what could be, the perfect opponent for not only other titles but next-generation consoles. In the developer diaries, trailers, screenshots, and various other forms of information released about the title being steadily released its highly unlikely that Rockstar wont be swimming in piles of money. Is this something other developers and publishers should be concerned about? It would seem that Rockstar has crafted the perfect advisory for all these companies that will not only compete with other games but consoles as well.


A couple months back fabled developer Hideo Kojima tweeted his opinion about the first ever trailer of GTA V. He was concerned that Metal Gear Solid V wouldnt reach the same caliber as GTA V but praised Rockstar for once again raised the potential of video games. With new trailers released and daily information continuously being unveiled it hard not to agree with Kojima. Other developers dont seem as worried, or perhaps theyre are not as vocal as Kojima about their anxiety. Or maybe they are confident that their fans will continue to support them even if everyone is playing GTA V. As long as they purchase the game, does it matter if that person goes home to play GTA V without unwrapping their new copy of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD?

The next-generation of consoles is coming closer each day, but when youre the most significant reason for not purchasing one of these powerful systems you know you have a lot of pressure to succeed. GTA V has become the most widespread reason for not getting a new console, or even a new gaming computer. GTA V has expanded to competing with other triple-A titles to consoles as well. Perhaps Sony and Microsoft shouldnt be worried about which console people are going to buy but how many people dont want to upgrade because of GTA V.

Technically every product is competing with everything else, whether its from Ubisoft, EA, Microsoft, or Sony. However Rockstar seems to have cast a shadow that encompassing all these companies with GTA V. Rockstar is setting a new standard of what consumers will expect from other titles from now on, and the consequences of that are currently unknown. For now GTA V has challenged everything coming out in the remainder of 2013, and it would seem that it can easily take them all on.

The Hardcore Gamer Will Decide

Since E3 Microsoft has made various different alterations to the Xbox One to appeal to the concerns of consumers. Theyve altered the always online policy, allowed independent developers to self-published, and have made the Kinect an optional accessory. Was the original design for the Xbox One such a travesty or Microsoft simply a victim of their own hubris? We havent heard any news of SOny attempting to alter the PlayStation 4 in similar radical ways. After all the people who are going to get the next generation of consoles first are going to be the hardcore gamers.


After the events of E3 weve seen Microsoft reverse almost every major decision about the Xbox One. It was clear that Sony used the events that transpired at E3 to concern to plights of gamers such as independent gamer support, pricing, and always online. On June 19 came the first of many announcements, stating that the pervious used game system was scraped and the always online internet connection was removed as well. Microsoft then went on to allow Indie developers to self-publish on July 24. Recently with the Xbox One unboxing it was shown that the headset would be included and most recently that the Kinect would be an optional addition. If youre like me and kept up with everything about the Xbox One since it was shown on May 21 than you would realize that the system is no longer the same device that it once was.

So why alter every decision, after all they assume what gamers wanted was new ways to watch television and change multiple applications with ease. Its because of the hardcore gamer: we are the ones who pre-order for day-one release and buy dozens of games yearly while reading about the gaming industry on a daily basis, Essentially we pave the road ahead for other gamers, those who are less likely to experiment with their purchase and tend to focus their attention on what their friends are playing or whats popular.


However Microsoft cannot be blamed for wanting to branch out in different markets. When Nintendo opened the casual market with the Wii Microsoft and Sony attempted to get a piece of the action. Joining the casual games were free-to-plays and social gaming. With companies this large its hard to criticize them for wanting to open up to these markets, especially when you look at the  majority of the fiscal reports of 2012. Various publishers showcase that the consumers spent more playing these titles over triple-A titles. However will so barriers between these different types of gamers such as console price, controller complexation, and a growing list of games that both companies had to make a choice of who theyre going to focus on. With Sony it was the hardcore and Microsoft with everyone else.

This doesnt mean that people wont go out and buy a console to play the new shooter or sport title. These people follow in the path of their friends, whatever they go is the path that they will follow. Those who purchase the console first are the ones who set the pace and those who choose to upgrade to the next generation follow in the wake of those who came first. Its hard to split both these consoles since theyve been shown to perform similar and exclusive titles at a low, the decision is made for them by which system more of their friends are playing.


In the end who will this next console war will be determine by those of get the system first and adapt early. Now Microsoft is attempting anything to reverse any scarring opinions that are spawning throughout the internet while Sony is simply adding more fuel to their growing popularity. Do you think Im wrong or perhaps their is something Im missing entirely, sound off in the comments.

Will Nintendo survive the next cycle?

Nintendo, the company that created the legendary characters of Mario, Link, Zelda, Bowser, Samus, Pit, Kirby and many more headed the best forms of entertainment that to this day remain one of the most cherished memories of a lot of people. But now Nintendo faces new and old issues in this new cycle and resolve them in an attempt to compete with Sony, Microsoft and even Smartphones. With the release of the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS Nintendo attempted to remain a valid competition in the gaming industry by relying on the same characters that made the company a success in order to ensure a profit while ignoring modern additions that have become significant among consumers and gamers. Nintendo is treading a unstable path now, and the legacy keeping them from falling over will eventually loose its grip causing this company to tumble.

When the Wii U was first announced they made attempts to encourage sale outside more notorious titles. For example when they announced that Bayonetta 2 would be a Wii U exclusive it was a strange yet impressive step for Nintendo. But after watching multiple videos showcasing the games and DLC that is slated to come out in the coming year its clear that Nintendo is depending on the same characters that made the company. Games franchises such as Mario Kart, as well as the popular Super Smash Bros., are highlighted to be released to encourage potential consumers that this devices are worthy of purchase. Although I have nothing less but total respect for these franchises after a long time of defeating Bowser and saving Peach I find myself wanting something new.

Online gaming is required to compete with other developers, but more importantly is the use and growth of a virtual identity. Gamers, like myself, love having that progress tracker that showcases all the accomplishments made by them throughout each title theyve played. While the Wii U has introduced the option to include accomplishments its a late and optional addition. Right now gamers who care about these virtual identities will have a difficult time leaving Sony and Microsoft, especially since Nintendo has included it as an option and not a requirement. Allowing for a connected identity between the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS that allows for a single gamertag that can earn these gems, similar to the PS Vita and PS3, wouldve encourage gamers to purchase more products so they can improve their score further. Without that tether to bridge gamers from one product to another, like the PS4 and next Xbox will surely do, itll that much harder to encourage sales. That or they can finally try to incorporate a proper chat system.

Now lets talk premium services, something that everyone seems to hate. Allowing people to pay more for certain services has been a very profitable addition for not only Sony and Microsoft but games as well. Club Nintendo does include a lot of incredible things that consumers can earn for purchasing Nintendo devices and games but they can take it a step further and allow people to pay for extra for addition free content, such as Retro games, perhaps Nintendo theme products or access to certain content such as free demos or premium DLC for those who invest in the membership. A lot of people on YouTube and other social media sites will be saturated with hate-filled comments but if Nintendo does include such a service, similar to PlayStation Plus, then that hate will turn into joy.

The Smartphone has become a necessary piece technology in a short time. People are willing to travel to their homes to receives these devices when forgotten but will easily shrug when leaving a Nintendo DS. Nintendo has attempted to carry around these systems will such functions like street-passes and Wi-Fi gaming but its simply a luxury item that takes up space. With cheaper options available on the android and iTunes marketplace it would be wise if Nintendo included their games onto to marketplace for extra profit. While the PS Vita has a similar issue they encourage the idea of Never Stop Playing by including the connected trophy system that allows consumers to earn while playing on their PS Vita, a system that Nintendo seems to be ignoring.

Nintendo is treading a dangerous path. This once domineering video game company is falling deeper into the shadows of Sony and Microsoft. While Mario and other figures attempt to pull them towards the light its becoming a heavier burden each year. Nintendo cannot depend on the success of their handheld devices for much longer since Smartphones and tablets are taking the lead in handheld gaming. Perhaps Im wrong and the Wii U will be a success but for now it seems that Microsoft and Sony will once again be battling over the spot of best gaming console, leaving Nintendo in the dust or worst. Perhaps itll find life in the casual, as the Wii did, if Nintendo decides to lower the price but for now it seems that Nintendo may follow the same path Sega did when the Dreamcast fell. 

DmC: Vergil's Downfall Review

Vergils Downfall takes place after events of the first campaign. If you want to avoid spoilers, stop reading.

Things arent going well for Vergil. After being defeated by his twin brother Dante for wanting to take Munduss throne, he is left morality wounded. Vergil finds himself at the grave of his mother and, due to the severity of his injury, he collapses, unknowingly plunging himself into purgatory. This is where Vergils Downfall takes place, where Vergil must battle his own demons in an attempt for a second chance at life.

After being forced into purgatory, Vergil follows an unknown path created from what he believes to be his dead angel mother Eve. As his travels through this is horrific world, Vergil relives profound moments in his life and reflects on how he effected the lives of those he once loved. Vergils Downfall centers on these profound moments with the people Vergil once cared about and how they see him as he takes revenge on his perceived betrayals by their hands. The narrative is told majority through poorly rendered comic styled cutsences that showcase some striking color contrast, but with a weak narrative its easily forgotten. This path leads the abandoned brother down a dark place that makes him change into a more sadistic form that resembles his original version in Devil May Cry 3.

The highlight of this piece of downloadable content is playing as Vergil. Unlike his brother, Vergil uses a style known as Darkslayer, a fighting style that revolves around short-range teleporting combined with quick slashes. Unlike Dante, who carried an array of weapons that allowed for a wider range of combos, Vergil is limited to his only weapon, the katana Yamato. Despite this limitation Vergil is still half angel and demon, or nephilim, and can use Yamato to channel swift angelic and strong demonic attacks through his blade. When combined with Vergils summoned swords or doppelganger devil triggers a large pool of combo options open up as these new abilities begin to unlock and power-up. Like Dante, as Vergil you can upgrade his present abilities and gain new powers by completing missions and eliminating enemies. Some fans may even be able to copy certain attacks from Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition.


Vergil will find himself traveling through destroyed segments of the real world. The environment resembles closely to Limbo and the inhabitants havent changed much, with the exception of two new enemies. Players will style use the angelic pull and demonic grab to alter the environment but unlike Dante Vergil teleports himself towards these pieces of earth or teleports to them whenever he chooses, its truly amazing. What is disappointing though is the lack of boss battles and inventive events. I also encountered one game breaking bug that triggers when I skipped a cutscence featuring Vergil angrily throwing a bus at his brother, hopefully this will be fixed in a upcoming patch.

Vergils Downfall lacks a lot of things that made Dantes adventure wonderful such as boss fights and weapons. However, its clear that the point of this DLC is to bridge the story for the next one, or if Ninja Theory decides to make another piece of story based DLC. Vergil is a joy to play with and offers something new for those who grow tired of controlling Dante, and for $8 it does deliver a solid experience, but leaves you wanting more from the recent pariah.

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Where Crysis 3 fails

With so many first-person shooters on the market today developers have to create new content to capture the audience while maintaing an original identity. Littered throughout the internet are fans constantly waging war against one another, explaining why one game dominates another for some non-existent title or prize. Call of Duty wages war with Battlefield and other titles, like Uncharted and Halo, are forced to join in by dedicated consumers. Now Crysis 3 has finally been released and I wonder, will it also be forced to compete in these flame wars? In the time Ive spent with Crysis 3s multiplayer I can soundly say no.

Before I continue I should mention that I absolutely loved Crysis 2 and Crysis 3s multiplayer. If youve seen my Youtube channel youll notice that I have several videos showcasing that Ive dedicated a reasonable amount of time within this competitive landscape. However after unlocking many new weapons and customizable options I found myself more agitated that satisfied. This is due to a moderate amount of taxing glitches and imbalances.

When first starting a match in Crysis 3s multiplayer my first plight was hoping that the annoying graphic issues of the pervious game were fixed. Surprisingly new oddities took the place of old ones. In Crysis 2 I would be constantly worried whether my gun would reload, during certain matches the animation that would cause the removal of my current ammo clip with another one would either be frozen or would perform the proper function without the animation leaving me expose while I wondered if I even reloaded.  Fortunately I never went through this in Crysis 3, instead when attempting to swap a weapon or abandon my Swarmer missile launcher my current gun would appear in my hand and I would have to manuel hit the swap button to take out a weapon, leaving me exposed.

These issues dont stop. Its clear that Crysis 3 was meant for the most dedicated computer setup, especially in the multiplayer. Matches in Crysis 3 can become hectic, especially around smaller maps, and can cause graphically hiccups. During certain portions of very intense battles I would find the environment unable to load quickly enough or character animations behaving erratically. Within a competitive environment performance means everything and if a game cannot keep up using the hardware available to it than the experience drops immensely.

When I mentioned balance Im not talking about one weapon being too powerful or a map favoring one side over another but the perk auto-armor. It seems trivial but the biggest difference between Crysis and other first-person shooters was the requirement of maintaining your nanosuit energy for clocking, sprint, power, and armor. Without proper management your death was ensured, and leads to a lot of micromanaging in Crysis 2 since engaging armor was essential to staying alive in a firefight. With auto-armor players dont need to worry about manually turning on armor, this makes things a lot more annoying since armor and stealth are two separate meters in multiplayer. Players would use other perks to supplement this function, making one on one fights between those who use this vexing perk more of a chore to kill than an actual fight. From my perspective this perk should be available, but only for the recruit option. Allowing it outside that selection only leads to tawdry kills and annoyed players.

Its disappointing to have to list these faults but Crysis cannot compete with other legendary titles on the competitive multiplayer field. The single-player is still a fantastic experience, full of promising battles and an engaging set of characters. Perhaps this issues will be fixed in the upcoming patch but I doubt Ill stick around for that long. With Halo and Call of Duty available returning to Crysis 3 in the future is gloomy. But the single-player remains bright. 

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