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Screw Gamespot

So I got moderated for making a joke thread about Wii Fit. I love my Wii, I'm not a troll.... but Gamespot seems to think they can run some sort of communist site. You can do this, you can do this, BUT YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!! Geez, IGN is sooo much more lax than this lame site. It would be all cool if I could just delete my account, as I find Gamespot to be the worthless redheaded stepchild to the bigger and better reviewers.... but low and behold! It wont let me delete my account. Gamespot, I hate you, and I do not want to be a member of your site any longer. For you to deny me the ability to delete my account is beyond lame. In addition to Gamespot's moderation communism, they also never seem to get their reviews out on time, and their staff is a bunch of pretentious journalists who weren't quite good enough to get jobs with the better companies out there. To you Gamespot, I say Screw You! This will be moderated too, I know it. I REALLY wish they would delete my account, but they'll "dock me points" like I'm in Kindergarten or something.PLEASSSSE GAMESPOT, DELETE MY ACCOUNT; I HATE YOUR WEBSITE. Thanks. -Sean

Haze Demo

I love the new Haze demo. Although a bit easy, even on Hard difficulty, I thought that the action was pretty well done. Now, the voice acting was horrible, as was the dialog writing, and I found some glitches (one my allies walked into fire, and didn't once try to make an effort to get out. He kept making grunting sounds). On the plus side, I find the juicin' "Nectar" feature neat. It's very reminiscent of the energy overcharge on Metroid Prime 3 for the Wii. I'm sure there will be sections in the campaign that become near impossible to pass unless you continue to "juice" Nectar. With that, you'll run the risk of over-jucin', which will send your player out of control, even firing at his squad-mates. In the same way, your allies can over-juice, where they'll go out of control, shooting squad-mates in the process. With this, you are given the choice of just avoiding that person, or having to kill him to avoid collateral damage. Even with avoidance, the over-juiced squad-mate will begin firing on OTHER squad-mates. This becomes problematic because there is an advantage to keeping your team alive; they replenish your Nectar supply. If too many squad-mates get taken out, then your Nectar supply becomes really limited, which ups the difficulty of the action. Like I said, the demo was too easy on hard mode, so I'm hoping the game ups the difficulty throughout the campaign. So far from what I've played of the demo, I would give it an 8.5. I'm definitely picking up the final release next week.

If I could be any console system....

..... I would be a Super Nintendo. I like the prospect of being a top-loader, and being cartridge based would be pretty kick arse. (My memory is built in baby!) Throw in some Mode-7 graphics and a 256 color pallete, I'll slap your grand-daddy's Atari 2600 like the gimped lil' redheaded stepchild he is.