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Back to school.

Well it's finally back to school time. I was looking forward to it until I got there today. I remembered why I hated it. Schoolmates. None of my friends are there, and people at my school just generally annoy and hate me. I wish I could take just art, and be in a class of all artists. They're the only people I relate to off the internet. But anyways yeah I won't get much more opportunity to write reviews often. How's school going for you all? :D Thanks for reading.

Tales series again.

Favourite game? Favourite character? Favourite line? Technique? Least favourites? Or any others?

Tales of symphonia, Kratos, *too many to list*, Tempest. :D

All good, Shirley, *Bonk*, Demon fist

The Tales Series

It would be awesome to design a tales game concept. I have pathetically started my own concept. So far I'm done the characters, techs, titles, map, recipes, and a lot of the plot written down, as well as character development. Sadly I will never get to use all this. But does anyone else think it would be fun to make their own Tales game concept? (And have the pros make the game :) )