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Our Prayers to Kami have been Heard!

A new Okami Sequel is in our midst! Thank KAMI! It' going to be for the Nintendo DS, and features Amaterasu's pup named Chibiterasu. The game will take place in Nippon Three Months (Or Years, I forgot) after the Huge events that took place in the original Okami. From conspiracy, Issun WILL be in the game, along with Susano's son. The art styling is the EXACT same (I'm not kidding you) On the DS game as there was in Okami for the Wii. I don't know how they did it, but they did. The Celestial Brush will be controlled via the Stylus, A perfect pair! ...Maybe they'll give you a FREE Celestial Stylus if you reserve it! ;P Anyhoo, I'm very excited. What stinks is, Its not going to be made by Clover, but rather a different Company. I certainly hope that the experiance of this new adventure will be just as thrilling at its original! All we have to do to find out is wait until 2010. BLAH!


Okami Supporter

My all time favorite game has to be Okami. The graphics are first-rate, with a grand story line. The charactors are easy to attach to, as well. If you ever need help on anything with this game, come right to me! Whether it be about stray beads, Devil Gate Trials, or even Boss tips, I'm your girl! :)