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They're making a Legacy of Kain MMO called Nosgoth!!!???

What do you all think about this Nosgoth MMO? I don't have time to write about it right now, but I want to know what you all think. Most people think it's going to be a horrible tarnish on the brilliant Legacy of Kain series.

That's the Nosgoth channel. It's an MMO focused on teamwork where you can choose from the humans or any of the 6 vampire factions fighting in the war between humans and vampires. It fits within the timeline of the series, but it's a strange move to make.

Don't have time. I'll write more later. But I'm sure you can find it on youtube.

Hey n stuff.

So, I came back to check out the new Gamespot. I might start coming around here again.

It's funny. I never got that ps3. I got a laptop though. Which, solves part of the problem of why I quit coming to GS in the first place, which was that nothing applied to me because I wasn't playing any of these games I was hearing of, so anything I had to blog about, besides meaningless babbling (I recall doing a lot of that...good times.) what I had to talk about didn't apply to anyone else either. Without stuff to talk or read about, I got bored.

I might stick around. I might not. But if I do, I'm going to like talking with you people again. :)

There will be no stupidly enormous wall of text blog like I used to do after not coming here for a long time.


Graduated High School today.

First off, my new excuse for not coming to GS often enough anymore. Life seems to be happening. I getting other things to do. Gotta check Facebook every now and then (for all sorts of reasons) talking to people on the phone, graduating, things like getting a license, car, job, going to college, keeping in contact with people, working out, actually playing games :p. All sorts of things. I know some people (not pointing any fingers, Neon and Light :P) can still be as active despite their schedules, and I salute you all for that.

Anyway, I graduated today! WEEE! Was I excited or nervous? (which seem to be the favorite questions). Not really. I do feel expanded though. All the oppurtunies opening and others closing. It's an odd feeling, knowing that the bus that has come to my house for 12 years requiring me to wake up at 6 and wear shoes will no longer stop for me. I'm done now. The world has prepped me to live in it as it sees fit, and now waits to reap the benefits of me living in it. Cool huh?!

I started playing Iris Online and for the most part have quit playing Quake 3. The learning curve is just too crazy considering that the only people playing have had years of experience playing with people of equal skill level. No one ON THE ENTIRE PLANET ever plays in the lesser ranked servers, so I must throw myself to the big dogs right off the bat. Iris online is fun. It doesn't seem enormously innovative, but it's innovative and fun enough to enjoy. Of course, I play the mage. The class that, if your skill is on the higher tier, will be inevitably better than any other class. Whether or not I am, it's more fun knowing that whether or not I win or lose is almost always 100% my fault. Does that make any sense? Whatever. Anyway, it's an mmo rpg based on gypsies and tarot cards. The only problem I've found with playing the mage in this game is since it's relatively turn based, a stand alone mage is very hard to play. It isn't like Diablo where it's only about play style. Mages need space to be effective , but when hacking through waves of enemies, space is not readily apparent. Enemies respawn very fast, so I can't just walk backwards if I want after I get to the middle of an area when enemies spawn. Being completely alone AND being relatively turn based but real time with a cooldown system for your skills, playing the mage is rough. But, mages are late bloomers. I don;'t doubt that I'll be able to turn the tide with a wave of my hand soon. :) I'm still trying to figure some things out though. The Battlefield system rarely works (a pvp... thingy...)simply because enough people rarely join a bracket of your level. Getting a team to go into a dungeon is the same way. Without a party, you can't even enter a dungeon. You can learn different sorts of special Assistant Skills to craft buffing stuff of all kinds.

I went to a LAN party (hooking up a crap ton of computers and playing games on em) with my whole computer and electronics class at CTC. I was a force. I played Unreal tournament for a few hours. I kind of whooped a$$. Quake Live got my reflexes nuts. We played mostly Capture the Flag, but I always got a team that couldn't do anything. (couldn't work together, aim, or really do anything) and the other team was always, like, the epitome of teamwork. Pi$$ed me off. I literally sat in my base with the enemy flag in my hand waiting for our flag to be returned so I could make a point for my team for 10 minutes. My entire team together couldn't take 1 flag holder for 10 minutes. After that, I just ran over to the opposite base and slaughtered the endlessly respawning waves of giant black males wearing armor and incredibly similiar dreadlocks. Never died after that. :D:D

After a while I quit and started playing Super Smash Bros Brawl for the first time. I'm crazy at Melee, but I've never played Brawl. The guy who owned the game who thought he rocked didn't know that until the 3rd time in a row I wiped the floor with him with Fox. "WHAT!? THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME!?" It was pretty satisfying. I do that to people all the time with fighting games. :P:D. Kinda average at FPS's for the most part though.

Gonna go play Iris Online.

Quake Live is awesome!

Since I got Highspeed internet, many new doors have been opened to me. The internet is now useable, instead of being a window that I can view information from. Started playing Quake Live. It's REALLY fun. It's got a serious learning curve though. Since everyone else is a veteran, (my first match included someone with over 55,000 kills) starting out is more than hard. But I'm well on my way. My frags are usually 4 or 5 points higher than my deaths now. I find that the recording of kills and deaths is occasionally extremely inaccurate. My summary has 0 kills for a few weapons still, although I've killed a great deal with them all.

I may have damaged my middle knuckled in a serious manner. Did I ever tells you guys that I bruised it on the inside somehow while I was hitting my heavbag. I waited about a month. It felt fine. So I tried punching again, and almost immediately I felt something in my knuckle go wrong. I walked and start moving my fingers up and down. It felt like what I imagine a rubberband feells like to be rubbed and stretched at once. It wasn't painful, just strange and obviously bad in an "oh$hitoh$hit$hit$hit sort of way. I really hope I didn't permeneantly damage my hand. I'm pretty sure it happened when I punched the bottom of the bag to hard. I tried machine gun punching the bottom too. I don't understand why it didn't happen to my right hand too... I just hope it heals eventually.

Why I haven't been on lately.

Lots of reasons. I'm not great at recalling things (possibly because I've cracked my forehead so many times) but for the past few weeks, I've had a lot to remember to do, with plenty of distractions to make forgetting easy. I've got a lot of sweet games to play, lots of sweet games to play that I haven't beaten yet (SNES, N64, & PC games), and helping people with their problems. Yeah, apparently I give good advice. When I give it, it usually solves the problem or at least helps. People almost always come back when they're in a tight spot again. Not that it's like work, but it is consumption of my brain power, attention, and time. I've trying to learn and do things concerning scholarships and college n stuff, but I forget a lot. (Not good. I know) That, on top of remembering to workout and do flexibility stretching, I forget things quite easily. Not that my schedule is ridiculously crammed, things just slip my mind. It doesn't help that everyone in my house has business either online or on the phone almost all the time. Timing is crucial.

I'm trying to learn how to program games in C++. Unsurprisingly, it's extremely difficult. It's like trying to learn how to use Greek words to make sentences without knowing what the letters are. Hard. No, you don't understand. It's really hard. You have to read this HYOOGE text book and only at the end, once you have mastered it all, can you make a game that remotely works. I'll keep at it though. Like I'm sure many of us do, I have a lot of cool ideas. Even if I don't end up using it, it challenges my intelligence quite a bit, so I'm getting smarter for any other thing I want to learn. Plus, I'm sure the game programming skill looks GREAT on a resume to get a computer job.

I've been at it for about a month. Can't do a lot yet. I learn at a Career Technical Center in the CNET course. I read up on it for roughly an hour & a half to 2 hours a day. It's rough stuff, but it's fun to learn because the writer understands the reader's mentality. He uses analogies effectively to help to understand concepts. I can't figure out how to make an EXE file. (in case you don't know, the file that starts the game). The book tells you, but it doesn't work. IT'S NOT USER ERROR. I read the one page explaining it like 18 times. Tried it double that. Researched it on the internet for weeks. Couldn't figure it out. It just tells me it can't be saved. So I just went on learning the coding out of the book. I don't want to waste too much time when I'll probably learn down the line somehow anyway. I had on idea for a Top Ten blog and I'm hungry.

Dam, their just isn't enough time in my house. Be seein ya.

Went to Prom. It was actually kinda awesome.

2nd dance thing ever. 5 hours of gittin down and hip gyration. Woo! I was worried whether or not we would be fed. We were. It...was...splendifferous. Strawberries, grapes, apples, pineapples, 2 chocolate fountains, and every sort of tiny yummy rice krispie and cookie whatzits you can think of, with free beverages. Mints, peanuts.... ohh... Great.

That girl that I didn't want to go out with because of the distance I am now going out with despite the distance. Argh.

It the dancing part was actually pretty fun. It looks and sounds ridiculous, and it is. That's actually the entire point. Do whatever the he.ll it is you wanna do. Just let the spunky rocket sauce flow. If that doesn't make any sense, it's italian for do whatever. I think I might be pretty good at it. I had a couple people ask me if I practice. :D:)I was really tired when I got home though. My neck is really sour from my 5 minutes and 32 seconds of headbanging when they played Enter Sandman. With mah mane, it was magnificent. By the way, my date didn't believe at first when I told her that my hair was awesome. When she got there, she thought it was so cool, she couldn't stop playing with it. ;) Believe me now?! :lol:

My Goemon's Great Adventure game is damaged. Anytime I enter water, the screen gets all fuzzy and unreadable, so I can't continue. DAM IT!! I really love that game... So, I started playing Star Fox 64. It's just as amazing as I remember it. For an older N64 game, the levels have a lot of variety and twists. Maybe it's just an N64 thing, but almost all the good N64 games are still fun when you play them again when your older, and not 10 years old. I can still spend countless hours and replays on almost all my 64 classics. Except the 007 games. I played Golden Eye, and I wasn't impressed. I understand why it was important for the time, but it hasn't aged well. Terrible colors, sometimes aggravating mission objectives, bad level designs, and wonky aiming and weapon switching. Ugh.

Well... Goin to Prom.

Sorry have been on at all for the past, like, week. I've been doing a lot of things with a lot my mind. This makes the second "dance" thing I've ever been to and the last dance of high school. The girl I'm going with and I aren't dating, but only because of the distance problem. The concept... you know, dancing for 5 and a half hours.... is blowin my mind. I'll let you know how it went.

Is the original Fallout any good?

Nine downloaded the original Fallout game for free from a site called (thanks Neon!) . Basically what I want to know is, is it worth the time? It seems pretty cool, but the interface is so old I'm not sure I can play it for too long. Plus, I'm not sure if there's any strategizing besides what to attack and optimizing your character. Is there anything to replace things like magic, feats, combos, etc? Ever play Goemon's Great Adventure? Google Goemon's Great Adventure images and pretend there's a picture here. My internet being weird today and it won't let me post images. Here's a link to that google search.'s%20great%20adventure&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=3ZuDT5OJB4au2AWxtpH0CA It won't let me hyperlink it either. WTF? \ Anyway, I had it on my N64 long ago, but sold it when I was like12 or something to get some other stupid game. It's an awesome Japanese side scrolling platformers with English subtitles. It sounds simple, but all the simple aspects of the game are polished enough that it's really fun. You get to play as 4 different characters, each different in animation, attacks, and special progression skills (example:one character can break giant yellow blocks, another can turn into a mermaid to swim, one can double jump, etc.) The idea is to complete different level objectives to collect Entry Passes to go to the next area. Obviously there's a good reason to go wherever, but they're essentially the game's Power Star. You can take different paths through levels to them, or perform unique side quests. Sometimes you might have to race someone, give advice to children about the belly button eating thunder god, set off fireworks correctly, or collect the DJ's gear. A lot of variety in the side quests and hidden missions. You'll rarely do the same thing twice, but it wouldn't be a problem anyway because everything you do is so much fun. At the end of each area, you climb in your giant mystic ninja robot named Impact and fight other evil giant robots. IT'S AWESOME. It's sounds ridiculous, but you'd be hard pressed to find a more entertaining side scroller. I'll probably do a review when I beat it completely. It's hard to explain the goodness of the game... You know how the mythology and entire story and world of the Metroid series gets you all giddy cause it's so cool? It's like that, but with Japanese goofiness half n half with the coolness. Short blog for once. Threw you off guard didn't it?

You know, sometimes GS is a piece of crap. Play Grid Wars!

I posted another blog about a bunch of stuff, but not too long( about 4 paragraphs) and then deleted it from my blog file on wordpad. Dam it. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm hosting a contest on my union, The BladeMasters Guild, called The Grid Wars. Grid Wars is a freeware downloadable arena shooter game. It's fantastic flashy goodness. It's REALLY fun. I just posted the thread and sent a telegram to all the Guild members. Basically, play the game, post on any other threads if you feel like it, and post your best score on Hard once you get your chops up. I haven't posted my score because I don't want to discourage anyone. :D:lol:

The point? Well, it's fun... the end. Plus, aren't you curious who will come on top, and where you would be on that line up?

Here's the link to the thread that has the download link on it. Don't worry, it safe. I downloaded it, and NineRings uploaded them just as reassurance.

March 19. Birthday - Time to buy some swords, explosives, and snuggies.

I'm turned 18 today! (Woo!) Now, I can touch, serve, and sell alcohol, but not drink it. I can buy sharp stuff, explosives, ninja kitchen systems off infomercials. (Now I can finally learn how to make a smore with that Perfect Smore maker thing. (idiots)) Today, we had the cake n ice cream, open presents business. My Loot: The Dokken album Under Lock and Key, some heavy bag gloves, an EVERLAST HEAVYBAG.2 days before my birthday, I accidentally found a REAL Everlast heavybag installed in my backyard while I was getting a ladder out the shed. It really blew me out of the water. Up until this point, I've been using a military canvas bag stuffed with blankets and jeans. It worked, but it's no comparison to a real bag. I didn't see it coming at all, because things are rough, and a bag can be anywhere from 60 to 200 dollars. My parents found one pretty much unused at a resale store. It's kind of funny, because I just completely broke my old military canvas bag with a Flying Kick (about 4 or 5 steps running start followed by a jump and a straight out kick). It ripped completely from where the head would be on a person and fell from it's hook. As it turned out, I was getting a real bag in about 5 days. Long story slightly shorter, I LOVE IT. The cardio workout difference is unbelievable. It's extremely solid and stiff, so unless you know what you're doing, you'll probably hurt yourself if you hit it. It weighs so much that it barely moves almost no matter what (unless you do something that builds up, like a Flying Kick) so it really helps my focus. Plus, where before I had a bag hanging from a tree, now it's hanging from two posts. In other words, I can move 360 around it now on level ground, where before the ground was bumpy and the tree prevented movement. I know this probably sounds like I'm just ranting and geeking out, because I am. I can't not geek out! It's awesome!

I had my party on Saturday. I invited 7 people. 2 made it. The circumstances that prevented 5 of them from coming are inconceivable. One of them had a Gull Bladder removal on that day. Another had stomach surgery AND broke his toe. One had a hiking trip AND a Martial Arts Tournament on the same day. On of them found the day beforehand that he had a funeral to go to, which, in turn, prevented another from coming because that person was another's ride. The chances of all these things happening on the same day TO ME are actually pretty high. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. Don't believe me? Our house is 10 FEET IN BOTH DIRECTIONS out of range for DSL. We can't get Satellite because we keep having people come down here that don't know what they're doing. What the new person knows, the last guy didn't know, and vice versa. All our neighbors have DSL AND SATELLITE. Curiously enough, our neighbor goes to the same box or whatever as us to get DSL, but we can't get it and she can. DUBLE YOO TEE EPH!!!!

I might give God of War 2 on Titan a shot soon. I'm not sure, but I think I'm qualified. I've got DMC3 and NGB under my belt right? But it's a totally different type of game. GOW2 is more about blocking, knowing what your downtime will be, and keeping enemies at bay. NG and DMC3 are are about evading, knowing what technique or weapon to use when, and style. It's a big switch. Right now, I'm beating the game on Normal, both getting my chops up and figuring out what weapons and spells I want. So far, I've got the Blades of Athena to max because you use them for almost everything (cinematic brutality kills, when on walls or ceilings, in Rage of The Titans). I got Typhon's Bane to level 2. I figure I'll almost always be able to deal with being in a crowd control tight spot. You can block infinitely, counter easily, and go invincible with rolling, so it can't be too hard. Typhon's Bane helps me interrupt my foe's attacks to with little mana, so I can hit them with the long reaching Blades for longer. I didn't like the Spear of Destiny much, so I upgraded the Barbarian Hammer. When you don't want to use magic or get close, the Hammer can summon souls infinitely to attack and shoot fire. Plus, it knocks enemies back, does huge damage, and interrupts attacks quickly because the combos are short. I've still got a lot of experimenting to do though. Especially with the spells. I think the Hammer is the most expensive to upgrade for a reason though.

In the past couple of days, it's clear that I've lost my edge on info. The reasons are obvious. I was offline for about a year and I'm not next gen yet. I'm trying though. You can get a PS3 on Ebay these days for 60 bucks if you're lucky. If I'm next gen, I'll naturally gather more information because it's relevant to me. I have about 60 bucks, so I need a LOT of luck, on top of all the other luck I'll be needing (as previously mentioned). It's odd, because I'm pretty Irish, and I eat clovers all the time. I don't eat potatoes though....Hmmm.....there's a message here...Gotta go play some frisbee. See ya.