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OrianaDorta Blog

Useless PS3

it was good while it lasted, I thought we had something special...

I hate you PS3!

You may ask what happened, well it's not YLOD, it's just that games won't play on my PS3, neither Discs nor HDD games. it will only play HDD music, movies and search the web but NOT PLAY GAMES! IT'S TOTALLY USELESS!

I'm so disappointed. My PS1 lasted more than 10 years and this piece of junk is only 2 years old!

I dont know if I should get a new one, I wanted to play Uncharted 3 and many other cool games... Maybe I should forget about it and focus on school (the best choice but christmas is coming! :cry: ).

Sigh... Damn Sony

Lvl Up: Karnov

So now I'm Lvl 42, did a little research about Karnov and found an arcade game older than me :P


I've been playing Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse lately, I didn't like it at first but now I'm hooked :P currently on Episode 5 so I'm almost done.

That's it for today :)

Update: Playing GT5 and thoughts so far...

Hey folks!

I've been busy playing Gran Turismo 5 since december and I've been practicing my racing skills a lot, although I don't have a steering wheel (yet) the controls are pretty neat with the dualshock, the difference is in the experience. Getting the Driving Force GT wheel is on my mind now, I just need to save up the money.

My A-Spec level now is 26, I already won the first two endurance races woo! :D The first was 2 hours long and the second 4 hours long, it was pretty easy. I'm worried about the 24 hours races, I'm not sure if the PS3 can handle 24 hours of gameplay straight... that's crazy!. I don't want my PS3 to get burned in the process (it's out of warranty!)

I still got a lot of races to win in the B-Spec mode, and practice more in Rally.

I love this game it's my favourite so far. :)


Level 40!

I'm level 40 now on GameSpot, I didn't know what Abobo was so I googled it and found this guy:

Tough guy, huh?

Anyway, I'm currently playing Gran Turismo 5, just finished Resident Evil 5 a couple of days.

My A-Spec level is 23 and B-Spec level is 10, I still got a lot of races to win.:P

That's it for today, have a good day everyone!

Lvl 39 Max Force!

LEVEL UP! MAX FORCE!!! it's been five years since I joined GameSpot, this place haven't changed much.

Anyway, I'm planning to move to Spain on December, gonna start a new life, as many of you may know, I live in Venezuela and I've grown tired of this place and as a Gamer, I can't even play videogames freely because of that son of a B*** President Chavez banning violent videogames... and that's not all, every day a lot of people get killed by robbers, for the simple reason that they refuse to give their BlackBerry mobile phones to the robbers.... it's stupid, getting yourself killed for a phone.:( This is the country without law.

That's why I want to start a new life, I'm moving to the Canary Islands with my siblings, they live in La Palma a really beautiful island. If you want to live in peace, this is the right place :D

Okay then, wish me luck :P

It's my Birthday!

Hello everybody! I'm turning 21 today! yay!:P:D

The sad thing is... there isn't going to be a party, 'cuz, I'm busy.... you know, college. Oh well... Sigh

Spain World Champion

A por ellos oé! A por ellos oé! A por ellos oeeeé! A por ellos éhh oé!!! España Campeón!

I'm so happy right now, Spain won the WC! :D yaaaay!

Radical Ninja!

Level 36, I'm a Ninja now...

Currently playing...

Final Fantasy XIII :)

Wipeout HD 8)

Metal Gear Solid 4 :!:

*throws smoke bomb*

March, the Month of PlayStation!

I'm happy to say that this month is great, there are new games releases, like God of War 3 and Final Fantasy XIII but there are some problems going on with PS lately with some games not working and trophies erased and some other stuff, that's so bad...

The good thing is that apparently PS3 Slims aren't affected, it's really weird. Anyway, I can't wait for these games to come out!

That's it.

Edit: Problem solved. PS3's back to work!

I got a PS3 for Xmas!

Finally! I just got a PS3 for christmas, it's a 250 gb model with the Harry Potter movie collection on Bluray and Uncharted 2. :D

Please add me!

PSN: dorta26

That's it, bye bye!