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Top Five Games of 2012

2012 was certainly not the highest point in my life nor in my gaming life. Choosing the best five games is actually pretty difficult because most of the games I obtained can be described as "as good as each other" but lets narrow it down anyway. I only game on Nintendo systems nowadays but don't hate me for that.


Pictured: All the junk I collected last year.


New Super Mario Bros. U was arguably the best launch title that the Wii U had to offer. It features tons of challenging levels, a kickass flying squirrel suit, and many cleverly hidden star coins. This game has much more of a soul than the 3DS game before it, and should be bought by any Mario fan. Even if the music still sucks.

4. 250px-Resident_evil_rev._2012_Capcom.png

Of the three Resident Evil games released this year, this one's the only one you shouldn't throw in the trash. It features a great, creepy atmosphere and is one of the best looking 3DS games. The controls are great and the shooting feels satisfying. There's an addicting online co-op mode that will suck you in for many hours with lots of great characters to use. Just don't expect Shakespeare in the story.

3. PaperMarioStickerStarCover.jpg

Sticker Star doesn't hold a candle to some of its predecessors, but it's still one of the best handheld games around. An incredibly enjoyable cast of characters, a new and unique battle system,well-paced levels, and the best 3D in the world combine to make an awesome game. Sticker collecting can get tedious but satisfying to see that hard work in the sticker museum.

2. Devil_Survivor_2_cover.jpg

Sure, it should have been made for the 3DS. But that didn't stop Atlus from producing another fine Shin Megami Tensei game with a terrific story and unique gameplay mechanics. The battles are tough as nails but experiencing them with so many cool monster designs and ultimately fusing monsters together is just what every JRPG fan can appreciate and love.

1. xenoblade_chronicles_us_box_art.jpg

Argue all you want but I live in the states so it's a 2012 game. Xenoblade not only is one of the greatest Wii games, but one of the best games ever made. It has an absolutely monstrous world with some breathtaking view points as well as a deep and fast paced battle system to always keep you moving at a consistent pace. The story is brilliant and the character's relationship with each other can change depending on how the player uses them together. If you love side quests then you're in for a hellish nightmare of hours lost even if the side quests have no soul. Not only is it my Game of the Year but may also be my game of the decade come 2020.