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I'm Not Liking RE4 Much

I received Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition in a trade for Red Steel on swaptree. I am not liking it very much. My main problem is with the controls. Not the pointer controls but just the movement in general. I don't like how you have to press and hold a button to get ready to shoot. I don't like how you move like a tank. I'm not used to moving the camera this way. The aiming is what I'm loving though. But it's all just making the game annoying to me. I guess I'm just not cut out for this game or this series. Oh well.

First Encounter With a Fake Game

Looks legit right? Nope

Exhibit A) The case is clear, not the standard black. I checked an unboxing video to see if this game in particular came in a special case or not. Nope.

Exhibit B) The case is a bit thicker than the standard case.

Exhibit C) No product registration code. I want points dammit.

Exhibit D) No advertisements. We all know Nintendo loves to add a paper showing off some games with every game.

Exhibit E) It will not work on the DSi. It will, however, work on my original DS. But I don't want to play it because the screen is so inferior.

19 dollars for a 35 dollar game isn't always a good deal, kids. Do not buy this on ebay like I did. I'll just add that this was a sealed game.

Tell Me About it - Rayman 2: The Great Escape

So every once in a while I buy an older game. Most of which I never played before. So I want to ask your opinions on them before I decide.

What are your thought on this game? How does it hold up today? I'm excited to get my hands on it. I found a copy for 6.99 on Ebay (free shipping).

Gaming Summer Round-Up (June 21st - September 20th 2009)

This was probably my greatest summer gaming wise. I have bought so many games and a few systems thanks to the fact that I finally got a job with decent hours. Anyway, I wanted to do this blog to remind myself of how awesome this summer has been. Some games were great, some were decent, some blow. I also bought 4 systems so that's also pretty cool. I'll just give a rundown and my opinions on each in the order of which I got them.

The Conduit

I was so hyped up for this game but after playing it I was disappointed with the results. The single player has many problems and it has terrible art direction. But I enjoyed the multiplayer even with the occasional glitch. 7.5 for me.

Overlord: Dark Legends

It was getting decent reviews and looked very charming. It's very linear for an Action-Adventure game and the puzzles are about as clever as any joke I could come up for them. But it's very charming and the graphics are very good even with some frame rate problems. But it can freeze so be aware. 7.0 for me.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Downright impressive and hilarious. It can get very frustrating at times but it's very enjoyable and you'll smile most of the way though. 9.0 for me.

Little King's Story

My personal Game of the Year so far. While it may be freakisly hard, it is pretty maginifcent and a breath of fresh air being one of the few good Wii RPG's. The repeating side quests can get annoying and the frame rate can take some dips when more people are in your Royal Guard. But it's a long and satisfying adventure and should not be overlooked. 9.0 from me.

Wii Sports Resort

A fun collection of mini games. The Wii Motion Plus is great attachment and truly make it what the original game should have been. My personal favorites are Frisbee Golf, Basketball, and Archery. Don't let its simple presentation fool you, this game can really kick your butt with the higher you make your scores. My main complaints are some games like Cycling completely suck and there aren't enough 4 player simultaneous games. But it's great fun even on your own and is definitely worth owning. 8.0 for me.

Yoshi Touch & Go

This quirky DS title has unique controls that are very simple and very fun. Basically just draw a path and gudie Yoshi as he moves himself. Touch where you want to throw your eggs, and circle enemies and coins and drag them to you. However, there are no levels to speak of. Just a few game modes that are mainly just "Play till you die" or "Get the high score before you die". It's worth a rent but a game like Kirby Canvas Curse ha smuch similar gameplay but is a lot more worth it. 7.0 for me.

Big Bang Mini

A very cool shoot em up that will dazzle you with it's fancy fireworks effects. But don't get too mezmerized as you will get you ass handed to you. I haven't played this too much because I can't beat a certain level. It doesn't seem like a 9 like Gamespot says but maybe I'll play it more sometime and see. No score yet.

Kameo: Elements of Power

My first 360 game and a great one at that. It has beautiful environments and some beautiful sound. I like the form switching as it makes the game pretty complex and I just adore that. But it hasn't been holding my interest too much for some reason but it's a great and fun game. 8.5 for me.


This game is really addicting and I find myself picking it up just to play a few rounds. Simple and fun puzzling. The little critters and planets are fun to blow up and the gravity changes are unexepected but fun. There's stuff like sound and planet mixing and the game never really tells you what they're for but it's no biggy. 8.5 for me.

Xbox 360

I finally bought one of these since I was a fan of Rare and wanted to play Kameo. i found a good deal on ebay for 160 bucks and it came in fine and working order. My major gripe is there's no built in WiFi and I ahve to shell out a bunch of money for an adapter and some more for Xbox Live Gold. I might get around to that eventually. It's a great console and I'm looking forward to some games for it.


I bought one of these for one reason. Flipnote Studio. But what turns out that I liked a lot more than what I justt wanted. I have been DS gaming on a DS phat for almost 5 years and as soon as I got my hands on this I never wanted to go back. It was so much lighter and the screens were so much brighter. It really brought my games a whole lot more vibrant colors. I was so impressed. And now that it's light it's a lot easier on my hand when I hold it with one hand and use the stylus with the other. It's a shame that it doesn't play GBA games but I never really liked carrying around an extra screen just for that. Great system right here.

Mario vs Donkey Kong: The Minis March Again

This is a game that was downloaded from the previous DSi owner. I played it a few times and it seems interesting but it's something that isn't holding my attention and I can't get into it. No score.

Flipnote Studio

This game is so much fun and unique. Basically lets you create little animations and add sounds to them. The problem is that you're extremely limited on color and amount of sounds you can put in. But it's free and damn fun. 9.0 for me.

Game Boy Advance

I bought one of these since my SP's battery wasn't charging and I never owned the original before. It's more comfortable to hold than the SP but there's no built in rechargeable battery or backlit screen. But it's cool to be old school. I like this.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Now here's something I don't understand. Why did this get such high scores? Yeah, the puzzles are pretty good but I don't see how it ran with the story and most of the game seemed like an overglorified math test. But at least I had some fun. 8.0 for me.

Game Boy Micro

These things looked so cool so I bought one and let me tell you, it's worth it. For me, at least. It's a shame there's no backwards compatibility but I love the sleek design and customization.

Namco Museum

This came with my Game Boy Micro. It's pretty much garbage except for Ms. Pac-Man. 5.0 for me.

Sega Smash Pack

The other thing that came with the Micro. The whole game is trash. 4.0 for me.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

This is a great RPG. I haven't gotten too far since I kept getting my butt kicked from mistiming my commands but this is so good and wort it. 9.0 for me.


My most hyped games of the year left me with some disappointment. Some words spawn the exact same object and te controls are just poor. But it's a blast to solve puzzles virtually anyway you want. It will last me a very long time. 8.5 for me.

So that was my summer of 2009 in gaming. Maybe I'll do this for every season. We'll see. How was your gaming summer? :)

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